Increasing Your Home Value With Marine Construction

If you own a home along any waterway in the Tampa area, marine construction is known to add value to your waterfront property. Whether you’re looking to improve the look of your old sea wall or interested in adding a dock with a boat lift, the wide range of options offer several great ways to improve the look of your backyard oasis and boost the value of your home. If you live on a lake and have an existing dock, rejuvenating the look of your dock by replacing the decking is a cost-effective way to make a great visual impact on your property. This is also a great time to have your professional contractor inspect the integrity of the dock framework and pilings for any possible structural repairs to be made.

Popular Marine Construction Options

Some of the more popular options for waterfront renovation in Tampa are:

  • Sea Walls – It is common for wood to become discolored and rotted after prolonged contact with salt or fresh water. This can negatively impact your home value if in disrepair. Brighten it up with new marine-grade wood or concrete renovations!
  • Boat Docks and Decks – If you’re interested in marine construction for a new deck or to reface your existing dock in Tampa, let us help! Add a cold water line for a hose at the end of the decking, plus an electrical line for power and lighting along the length. This will make the dock safer and more versatile, as far as function is concerned.
  • Waterfront Patios – If relaxing on land and admiring your waterside view is more your style, you might opt for an integrated dock/patio with all of the imaginable amenities. Picture you and your family fixing dinner in an outdoor kitchen with a dockside dining area. We can make your ideas a reality!

Priority Marine in Tampa has the knowledge and experience to complete the marine construction project you’ve been dreaming about. Complex knowledge in the industry is required to cover all engineering standpoints and safety regulations, so rely on our qualified professionals to complete the job. Call today for an appointment at (727) 447-1373.


4 Popular Styles of Boat Docks

Throughout modern time, the evolution of boat docks has led to tremendous strides in regards to aesthetics and functionality. Modern engineering feats have displayed the possibilities of imagination when it comes to residential and commercial piers, and here are some of Tampa’s most popular maritime moorings.

Traditional Wooden Boat Docks

Traditional wooden boat docks have been the go-to choice in marine construction as far back as can be historically recorded. Wood was easy to work with and was readily abundant at the time. Most docks in Tampa are of this traditional design. Typically, a piling or post would be vertically driven into the substrate as the primary foundation for most dock construction. 

Floating Docks and Piers

Advances in technology and versatility have led to some truly amazing contraptions. Floating boat docks are primarily the selection of waterfront owners where the tide plays a daily role, this allows the platform surface to maintain the same height off of the water. These are equipped with select types of flotation systems along with various anchor systems to keep the platform from moving about.

Versatile Boat Docks With Lifts

These types of platforms which include lifts would prove ideal for the marine enthusiast who likes to personally maintain their watercraft. Keeping it above the water when not in use is a wise decision that protects the hull from accumulating barnacles or algae. But why stop at a simple lift? Imagine a boat house where you could store your equipment and your vessel out of the elements, complete with a pressure washer and marine tools for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Contemporary/Modern Style

The infusion of modern design has enveloped nearly every facet of architecture and engineering, and this is also evident with boat docks of the contemporary style. Incorporating all of the luxurious amenities one could imagine, producing boat houses built with pure comfort, glamour, and aesthetics in mind. A simple platform with a horn-cleat is a thing of the past in comparison to the modern style with their prominent geometric architecture, lavish bathhouses with saunas, leisure rooms, sun decks and pool tables.

Priority Marine in Tampa can help bring your seafaring dreams to life. Call us at (727) 447-1373 for an initial consultation.

Things to Consider Before Building a Dock

Before you jump the gun and hire just any dock building company, you need to consider why you want to build at your St. Petersburg waterfront property.  All construction is costly and time-consuming.  Before wasting your valuable time and money, you’ll need to consider the following.

  • What are you going to use it for? Before you start construction, you should figure out what you are going to want to use your dock for. Will you only be tying up your boat to it?  Or do you also want to be able to barbecue on it or have a bench on it to watch the sunset?  These overall ideas can drastically influence the kind and final cost of your project.
  • What’s your budget? Knowing what you’re willing and able to spend before you start will help you from going over budget. A reputable St. Petersburg dock building company will work within your means to build an affordable yet useful jetty.
  • Do you want a boat lift? By installing a boat lift, you can raise your boat out of the water, which prevents barnacle growth from occurring.
  • Are there any local regulations or restrictions? Many towns and housing communities have some restrictions on what can be constructed. Make sure that your project falls within their guidelines so you don’t have to pay fines later on.

These are just a few things that you’ll need to ponder before beginning your waterfront construction.  If you decide to move forward with your project, make sure to hire a dependable dock building company in St. Petersburg like Priority Marine so that your dock will last a lifetime.

Priority Marine: St. Petersburg’s Premiere Dock Building Company

Priority Marine is your go-to dock building company for all of your marine construction needs.  They’ve been in business for over 30 years and will work hand-in-hand with you to build the jetty of your dreams.  Additionally, the professionals they employ have the knowledge and eagerness to tackle any assignment given to them.  Call them today at (727) 447-1373 with any questions that you have or to start planning your next waterfront project in St. Petersburg.