Dock Builders Sarasota

A lot of the culture in the Tampa Bay revolves around the water, whether you’re going to the beach, paddle boarding, or a nice boat trip out on the bay. But a lot of the relaxation and utilization of the Bay area depends on your accessibility. A lot of my friends love going to the beach, but it’s an expensive habit to maintain. Between burning gas waiting in traffic, parking, and other expenses, enjoying the water can become a hassle. This is why I began looking for professional dock builders in Sarasota. A boat dock in my back yard would allow me, my friends, and my family to easily access the water; a boat dock would allow us to circumvent all the hassles and expenses of traveling to the beach or renting a spot at a marina.  

This is when I contacted Priority Marine’s professional dock builders in Sarasota. After visiting their website, I was assured that Priority Marine was the perfect contractor to hire. Between their 30 plus years of experience and the careful selection of their materials used, I knew that I would be guaranteed an affordable, high quality dock that we could all enjoy. After I gave Priority Marine’s experience dock builders in Sarasota a call, they sent a professional over to give me a free estimate on my new dock. The customer service was unbelievable! I was able to talk to Priority Marine’s professional and discuss the finer points of the dock such as what materials would be best and the projected longevity of the dock. Priority Marine’s professional was even able to take into consideration a few of my own design ideas. With every question I asked, I received an honest, straightforward answer. In short, with Priority Marine’s professional Dock builders in Sarasota, I was able to receive the advice and quality that I desired.

If you are like me and are looking to build a dock in the Tampa Bay area, I strongly suggest you give Priority Marine’s dock builders in Sarasota, Tampa, St. Pete or Clearwater a call at (727)447-1373. You will get the best customer service and the highest quality dock possible.    


Boat Lifts Ft. Myers

My father always told me the happiest days of a boat owners life is the day he buys the boat, and they day he sells it. While I don’t agree with that, I understand where he is coming from. Owning a boat is a lot of work! Keeping a boat properly maintained takes a lot of time, effort and money. Without a boat lift, trying to keep it clean can be extremely difficult. Priority Marine offers the best boat lifts in Ft. Myers. No other company can compete with their quality boat lifts at the same reasonable prices.

By using a boat lift you keep your vessel looking brand new longer. Keeping it out of the water protects your toy protected from harsh salt water and adding an overhead cover protects it from weather, sun, and bird droppings. Another one of the many advantages to utilizing a boat lift is easy maintenance! You can quickly see the underside of your boat and keep it clean at all times. All of these things prevent wear and tear that can damage your boat!

A boat lift also guarantees that your boat will never sink at the dock. Any owner knows that sometimes the bilge pump can go bad and fail, resulting in a downed vessel. Avoid a potential disaster and keep your boat better protected by adding in a lift. The professionals at Priority Marine are the experts for boat lifts. They offer both Hi-Tide, and low profile lifts depending on what you’re needs are. If you are in need of a high quality boat lift in Ft. Myers, then give Priority Marine a call today! (727) 447-1373

Custom Boat Docks in Sarasota

Do you have dreams of rebuilding your boat dock? I know a company that can make those dreams come true… Priority Marine builds custom boat docks in Sarasota that will suit your family’s lifestyle. They work closely with their customers to design a boat dock and sun dock that will fulfill your wants and needs.

Priority Marine specializes in customized construction that will allow you to hop in your boat and cruise right into the ocean. In Florida, the water ways are environmentally sensitive to change, it is imperative for a home owner to obtain the proper documentation from the city to build a boat dock. An application must be submitted and approved to build or extend the length of the dock. After the documentation is approved, Priority Marine can get started on your estimate for building your perfect dock.

If you want to purchase a new home that does not already have an existing dock, you must get an approved an application before the purchase of the home if you want to build a new dock. Custom boats lifts in Sarasota can also be built to increase accessibility to the water. Each lift will be installed to allow you to maximize the use of your watercraft. Each dock will fit the proper specifications that with meet the safety requirements of the county.

Seawalls are also very important to your property. A seawall can prevent your land form eroding away from the seawater. Priority Marine can also customize railings for the safety of the people walking down the dock. Each dock can be customized to fit all your expectations. It will allow you to take out your boat on the hot summer day.


For any of your boat dock needs call 727-447-1373.