What Makes Seawall Services a Good Real Estate Move?

If you have property on the water, the seawall services at Priority Marine can help you increase your property value and add to the lifetime of your property. The Florida coastline is subject to harsh weather conditions and continual wear from changing tides. To protect your property and prevent frequent maintenance to the shoreline, contact them today to find out what services will work best for your property. Their trained professionals have the experience necessary to provide you with a quality seawall job that protects your property in St. Petersburg.

How Can Seawall Services Increase Property Value?

By having a new seawall put in on your property, you not only add to the protection of your home, but you also add value to it. A significant threat to most waterfront homes is the rising ocean levels; a seawall prevents land loss due to the changing tide levels. It can also define property lines between private and public spaces. St. Petersburg sees severe weather in the form of hurricanes, heavy winds, and flooding. Priority Marine’s seawall services will keep your home safe from these weather conditions.

What Other Services Does Priority Marine Offer?

In addition to seawall services, Priority Marine offers a variety of marine construction contracting services. Whether your property is private or commercial, their trained engineers can help make it safer, more aesthetically pleasing, and better in the long-term. Some of the services they offer include:

  • Boat dock construction and repair
  • Boat lift services
  • Seawall construction and repair

Priority Marine in St. Petersburg cares about helping their customers see their dreams brought to life. If you have a vision for your waterfront property, they’re the right team for you.

How Priority Marine Can Help You in St. Petersburg

If you need professionals to install or repair any current marine construction, look no further than Priority Marine. Their seawall services are some of the best in the area; they’re meant to protect your property from harsh weather conditions. No matter what your specific needs are, they have the training to handle a wide range of issues related to shoreline construction. To find out more about the services they offer in St. Petersburg, contact them today at (727) 447-1373. If you have any questions outside of business hours, feel free to leave a message on their website.


What to Look for in Clearwater Seawall Building Services

An important part of coastal properties is their marine barriers. If you are lucky, natural formations may help. Even still, seawall building provides a more efficient barrier without relying on unstable natural rock formations. Clearwater residents can invest in a longer lasting and safer structure by employing professional marine construction services. At Priority Marine, clients receive the best in quality and design. If you are wasting money on constant repairs, then it is time for a replacement. A proper wall should not easily deteriorate and should last for decades. If builders are using low-quality materials or an ineffective design, you face dangerous erosion and will not have the easy ocean access that seawalls provide.

Professional Designers and Engineers

The main benefit of relying on professional seawall building services is expert design and engineers with extensive experience. If you build a small barrier yourself with wooden pilings, it will not last or work correctly. Your property may require specific design and materials. With the right construction, your wall should:

  • Be resistant to waves
  • Block overflow and tides
  • Last decades
  • Reduce salt water damage and erosion

Locations that do not experience significant amounts of flooding can usually safely rely on simple vertical panels. However, more massive shorelines can require seawall building services that use more durable aluminum or vinyl. The designers and engineers at Priority Marine can help Clearwater property owners with land of all sizes and terrains. Instead of trying to make a cookie cutter design fit for your needs, you will receive a unique structure ideally suited for your property.

Long-Lasting Materials

When it comes to marine construction, it is essential that the builder uses the right materials. Wooden pilings have a pleasing natural look but are often too thin and quickly deteriorate in the Florida environment. Saltwater carries tons of microorganisms and is corrosive. Instead of weaker materials, Priority Marine uses marine-grade aluminum or vinyl pilings. Aluminum and vinyl are more useful in seawall building than a material like steel because they are corrosion-resistant. Different alloys of aluminum provide varying levels of protection. The CMI Shoreguard sheet pilings Priority Marine uses for Clearwater projects offer the most resistance and durability of its alloy type.

Work with Priority Marine for Seawall Building Services and More

Clearwater clients of Priority Marine can also benefit from boat dock and boat lift building services. You can prevent issues with mismatching designs by working with a single contractor. Do not hesitate to take measure to protect your boats or coastal property. Contact Priority Marine today at (727) 447-1373 or by going online.

Are Vinyl Seawalls Better Than Other Materials?

The safety of your coastal Tampa home requires attention to potential overflow and storm damage. With vinyl seawalls, clients can invest in a long-lasting structure that provides benefits like easy access to water. Common issues when building a wall include ineffective designs and hazardous materials. Using the wrong paint can result in harmful volatile chemicals leaving a greasy film on top of the water. Vinyl is not only lighter and easier to install, but it comes in dozens of colors, custom shapes, and sizes.

Steel Seawalls

While steel is durable, many individuals are unaware that it isn’t as resistant to corrosive salt water. While erosion can very slowly remove concrete, steel can rapidly decay due to damage. Often, there’s a thin protective layer over the steel. If that’s scratched deeply enough, salt water can sink into the metal, weakening it.

Concrete Seawalls

Concrete is often used for constructing vertical walls because of its strength and affordability. But, it still sometimes requires steel reinforcements. Concrete can also be part of gravity barriers. While effective at absorbing energy, massive waves can sometimes push blocks out of place. There’s also the issue of cracks. Sometimes the best alternative is to construct vinyl seawalls instead. In some cases, concrete barriers use plastic sheet pilings to increase effectiveness and longevity.

Vinyl Seawalls

Vinyl materials offer the best of concrete and steel without the negatives. Using the right materials can mean longer lasting barriers. Plastic like vinyl is not always fit for marine construction. Specific types like CMI ShoreGuard Sheet Pilings are made for long-term contact with corrosive salt water. Also, they are by far the most cost-effective option. Compared to heavy steel and dense concrete, plastics are easy to produce. Since they’re also extremely non-reactive, you don’t have to worry about chemicals leeching into the water. Tampa properties who rely on a marine construction company like Priority Marine can benefit from durable materials with a cost-effective structure.

Contact Priority Marine for More Marine Construction Services

Tampa residents should never wait before building protective vinyl seawalls. Storms can be unpredictable and leave coastal properties in ruin. At Priority Marine, homeowners can also benefit from marine construction services relating to:

  • Docks
  • Boardwalks
  • Boat Lifts
  • Boat Houses

For vinyl seawalls and more, you can contact Priority Marine in Tampa at (727) 447-1373 or by going online.