When Boat Lift Construction Becomes a Necessity

St. Petersburg residents love to spend their free time out on the water where they can enjoy the sunshine, the open sea, and some great company. Boating is a pastime, and you want to be able to enjoy it to the fullest. However, casting off and wrapping up can be troublesome experiences without the convenience of a boat lift. Boat lift construction is a necessity for many reasons, and we’re here to help you figure out the best solution for you!

You Need a Boat Lift If…

If you are wondering if you need boat lift construction services, it is almost a guarantee that you are the owner or operator of a watercraft vehicle. You should consider investing in a structure of your own in St. Petersburg if:

  • You don’t want to expose your vessel to harsh water damage. Salt and fresh water both cause extensive erosion and damage to hulls. By removing it from the water, you will save time and money on maintenance and cleaning.
  • You want easy access in and out of your watercraft. Getting in and out will be much easier and safer if your yacht is transferred out of the water.
  • You have ever struggled with cleaning, maintenance, or repairs. When not left in the water, cleaning is hardly necessary, and it’ll be easier to work on your ship if it is elevated and dry.
  • You want to raise the value of your property. Installations like these increase property value and lure in potential buyers if you are in the market to sell.

Don’t trust your boat lift construction projects with just anyone. Make sure you consult with a licensed marine contractor in St. Petersburg who has the experience and skills to build your lift to last.

Trust Priority Marine with Your Boat Lift Construction Needs

At Priority Marine, we work hard to make sure that St. Petersburg residents have the best boat lift construction services available to them. With Hi-Tide’s structures, we know how much of a difference they make in the enjoyment of your time out on the water, and we want to help others enjoy the benefits. With our expertise, we can make sure that your commercial or residential property is completely equipped with the very best and latest technology in the boating industry. For more information, give us a call at 727-447-1373.


Top 3 Beautiful Deck Construction Projects

Is your outdoor paradise turning into perdition, and the thought of deck construction giving you the heebie-jeebies?  Don’t worry!  There are plenty of projects you can do to revitalize that old exterior space, and should the worst come to pass; you can always replace.  Let the experts at Priority Marine help you get back into that beautiful Tampa Sunshine!

Restaining Can Revitalize Your Outdoor Space

Imagine you are sitting there, in your outdoor recreation area, while trying to bask in that golden Tampa Bay sunshine.  You notice your deck boards starting to splinter, and maybe the railing is a different shade than the floor beams.  You then take a closer look and notice the stain is starting to fade.  Fortunately, there’s an easy, and cost effective solution: restaining.  There are thousands of quality stains on the market right now, and at least one shade that will please your palate.  It is cheaper than full-blown deck construction but requires a little elbow grease.  For the price of some sandpaper, and a weekend you could be sitting on a freshly finished and restained backyard patio area for you and your friends to sip cold beverages.

Replacing Planks Can Save You Some Green (And Face)

The only thing worse than splintering, waterlogged wood planks are ones rotting away to dust.  Your outside space should be the pride of your home!  Imagine trying to throw a party and inviting people out to your Tampa Bay dockside and you didn’t tend to those creaky planks.  Or worse, imagine you didn’t attend to ones that were cracking or rotting away.  Suddenly the outdoor party turns into party to a lawsuit, not to imagine the embarrassment.  Replacing broken, or rotten wood planks is not a difficult process, but it is tedious.  It requires you to measure (and purchase) new boards, and then cut, glue, and screw them onto joists.  If this makes you uncomfortable, or seems like a lot of work you can always talk to the professionals at Priority Marine!  They have thirty years of experience in deck construction and are respectful of the economic times we are in.

Priority Marine: When You Want Your Deck Construction Right The First Time

Replacing an entire dockside or patio area can be very expensive, but you know what’s more expensive?  Having to tear down a hastily built or unsafe recreation zone.  A deck can last a lifetime if it is built correctly the first time, and that also depends on the materials used.  Wood has an unmistakable natural feel but can rot with time or exposure to a saline environment.  Priority Marine makes use of:

  • Composite materials (they never rot or splinter)
  • Cellular PVC (for stain resistance)
  • Dozens of different types of wood (for look, customer choice, and pricing)

In Tampa, there are a dozen different deck construction companies to go with, so it’s more important to now do the research if you are looking at fabrication services for an outdoor area.  Look for the businesses with a history of success and experience.

For the best in Deck Construction, give Priority Marine a call today at 727-447-1373 if you want the best in Tampa.

Save the Stress of Dock Building with Priority Marine

Have you been saving for a marine structure to place on the water in your backyard? With your own deck, you have immediate access to your water vessel, and you save on renting space at Harborage or Tampa Bay Marina. Imagine finishing your cup of morning joe and stepping outside onto your sailboat. Some homeowners debate between dock building DIY and choosing to hire professionals. Our team of builders at Priority Marine has some input.

DIY vs. Hiring Professionals

You may want to store your watercraft on your property. A boat lift might be on your wishlist. Or perhaps, you’d like a beautiful deck where you can relax and take in the seaside scenery. Some individuals in the Bay area believe that they can keep their budget intact by tackling the project themselves. Others don’t feel equipped for the task, so they reach out to dock building experts in Tampa. One isn’t better than the other, per se; but there is a right fit for you.

DIY: Dream or Disaster?

If you have carpentry or contracting experience, this can be a great way to design a unique structure to house your speedboat. When you’re in charge, you select the sizes and features that match your ideas, so you create the outcome you desire. DIY is certainly resourceful, but it comes with a slew of drawbacks. You’ll have to pull permits for dock building on your Tampa property, and since this installation will hold your water vessel, it needs to be built properly. If you don’t have experience or training, this could lead to all kinds of safety concerns.

Along with compromised structural integrity, you miss out on access to the best materials, set completion dates, and input on how to optimize your new deck.

For Dock Building, Choose Priority Marine!

The benefits are countless when you hire the pros at Priority Marine. Experts have experience, training, and insight, so your marine structure is sure to turn out well! With us, you can expect clear communication without any surprise charges. You will have an idea of when the project will be finished, and unless we communicate otherwise, you can count on using your new boat lift or deck that day! Along with dock building, we offer:

As seafaring folks in Tampa Bay, we know how important this installation can be. Don’t leave it to chance with a botched DIY. Instead, call 727-447-1373 to learn about our services!