Seawall Construction in Sarasota

It’s getting to be that time of year again.  The time of the year that all Floridians are familiar with… Hurricane season.  You have invested a large amount of time and money into your home to make it all your own.  You have a beautiful view of the ocean that will provide you with immeasurable serenity.  Unfortunately, with that comes corrosive salt water and a risk of hurricanes.  It is important to protect your home and your family by building a seawall with Priority Marine.

Seawall construction in Sarasota can come in any shape or size because every home can come in any shape or size.  Every waterfront property differs in physical characteristics, and because of that every seawall is built to accommodate your specific property.  Your focus could be on aesthetics or on the features included, and Priority Marine will consult with you to design a seawall that is both functional and tasteful.

Do you need a seawall to protect your investment, but not sure whether you can afford it?  Your budget is a big consideration while choosing seawall construction in Sarasota.  Whether you have money to spend or you are on a tighter budget, Priority Marine has a design that will give you exactly what you wish.

Now where do you go to have a seawall built?  When considering which company to hire for your seawall construction in Sarasota, you will be delighted to learn that Priority Marine was awarded the Super Service Award by Angie’s List in 2012.  With this award, you will be reassured that other consumers just like yourself have hired Priority Marine and have recognized their superb quality of craftsmanship.

Before the storms start rolling in, contact Priority Marine to have a seawall installed to protect your home and those closest to you.  You can contact Priority Marine at (727) 447-1373 to set up a meeting with one of the professionals and start protecting your investments today.


Sarasota Boat Docks

The only thing that could make owning a waterfront property better is owning a waterfront property that has a private boat dock. Avoid the hassle of towing the boat to a launching site and then waiting in a line to put your boat in the water. With a private dock, you can go boating whenever you please. No planning necessary! Priority Marine is the premier company for custom boat docks in Sarasota. We take the time to get to know our customer’s needs and concerns so that we can provide the best dock possible.

Priority Marine offers the best boat docks in Sarasota! (727) 447-1373

A dock should be a well-built structure that’s made to last. At Priority Marine, we have an assortment of materials that we use to build our boat docks in Sarasota. Recycled lumber is a great option for anyone who wants an easy to clean and won’t splinter your feet. It’s important to make sure that a dock doesn’t interfere with the marine life in the area. That’s why we only use materials that are environmentally friendly. As the experts, we understand and meet all of the local building codes. We also carry a number of accessories you can add on to your dock to make your life easier!


  • Cleats
  • Lighting
  • Fenders
  • Pilings
  • Piling Caps
  • Dock Storage
  • Dock Seating
  • Floating Docks
  • Dock Ladders
  • Fish Cleaning Stations
  • Much More

Even if you don’t own a boat, jet-ski, or kayak, having a boat dock can be useful for people who like to swim. Whether you live on a lake or the ocean Priority Marine can take care of you! A dock can be a wonderful place to hang out and enjoy the water with friends and family. Whether you enjoy jumping into the water, swimming, or fishing, a dock is a great option. Imagine sitting by the water with your feet up, enjoying a beautiful sunset. We can also design something large enough so that you can add a grill and guest seating.

At Priority Marine, we can take care all of your marine needs. We offer services for docks, lifts, seawalls and much more! We are dedicated to providing you with the best service possible. Our trained and friendly technicians will create your dream dock. Quality design and materials are the keys to a long lasting deck. Our South American wood is resistant to fungi, termites, and decay. This incredible wood is also meant to last over 25 years. No other company in the area can offer the same quality of materials while maintaining a healthy environment for the surround eco-system.

If you’re sick and tired of not utilizing your water craft, then a boat dock in Sarasota is the perfect for you.  Add value to your waterfront property with a place to enjoy sunsets, fishing, socializing, and boating. With a private dock, you’ll never have to worry about hauling everything to launching site again. Clean, use, and enjoy your boat from your own back yard. Call Priority Marine today to get started! (727) 447-1373

St. Pete Boat Docks

Ever since I tore up my feet on barnacles climbing up the side of the sea wall outside my grandma’s house in Tampa after I jumped in to the water to cool off, I have been hesitant about jumping back into the Bay. Now I live in St. Petersburg and, thanks to my new boat dock constructed by Priority Marine based in Tampa Bay, I go swimming everyday. The barnacles are still there, but now because of my new dock, I can safely climb in and out of the water safely. I love the water, which is mostly why I’m living in St. Petersburg, but before my dock, I would only go swimming if I went to the beach.

My new boat dock in St. Petersburg has changed the way I live; it has really completed the aesthetic feel to my home as well as opened up a new range of possibilities for my friends and me. In St. Petersburg, a boat dock is the gateway to a wide range of aquatic activities. Between our two kayaks and small dinghy, my friends and I can go fishing out of the Bay whenever we choose, and then later come back to the dock and go for a swim when we get too hot. Besides a place to relax, my boat dock in St. Petersburg, provided by Priority Marine, has become a large source of daily entertainment and activity.

Priority Marine is an extremely professional and experienced dock construction company that has been catering to the St Petersburg and Tampa Bay area for several years now. In fact, several of my neighbors have also had their docks constructed by Priority Marine. I think this is mostly because the quality of the dock that Priority Marine constructs is unparalleled. Most of the other boat docks in St. Petersburg appear to be made out of low quality wood that rots and breaks apart, but with Priority Marine, you are guaranteed not only a functioning dock, but one that will become a source of entertainment that needs little maintenance and will last for years. My boat dock in St. Petersburg, with its carefully treated Ipe wood, tasteful lighting, and aesthetically pleasing design, stands out among the other docks on the waterway. Priority Marine even incorporates your vision for the dock in its construction.

Through Priority Marine, your St. Pete boat dock is guaranteed a few critical aspects of a high quality boat dock:

Longevity – Each dock constructed by Priority Marine is constructed out of the best materials so that you are protected against damaging weather and other elements of nature.

Functionality – Your dock is more than just a door to the water, it serves as a multifunctional entertainment center that allows you to fish, go boating, kayak, and other aquatic activities

Aesthetics – Other boat docks in St. Petersburg are constructed out of untreated wood of low quality that both looks bad and is unreliable. But with Priority Marine, between their professionalism and experience, plus their high grade materials, you are guaranteed a boat dock that is both functional and pleasing to the eye.

Priority Marine provides the best boat dock construction in St. Petersburg. For more information on the goods and services that Priority Marine can supply to you, contact them at 727-447-1373.


Fresh Water Boat Docks | St. Pete

Let’s face it.  People who live near the water tend to have nicer houses.  Those same people tend to compete with their neighbors for the nicest house in the neighborhood.  You have the biggest house, the prettiest garden, and the most expensive shutters.   Your neighbors all have fresh water boat docks in St. Pete.  Who wins?  Boat docks take houses to the next level.  It doesn’t matter if you have the best house and the biggest boat.  Without fresh water boat docks in St. Pete your boat and home will fall short.

Fresh water boat docks in St. Pete aren’t just for making your house look pretty.  They have many practical uses as well.  If you’re allowed to ride on the fresh water by your house, fresh water boat docks in St. Pete make it much more convenient for you to get out there.  What’s the alternative?  Take your boat out of storage, attach it to your car, and tow it to the water.  You end up putting in so much extra effort to wind up right in your backyard again.  Fresh water boat docks in St. Pete aren’t as exciting as the boats themselves, but they make all the difference in what type of boating experience you’ll have.  If you have a boat dock, going out on the boat is as convenient as turning on your television.  Without one, using your boat on a regular basis will be difficult and you won’t get out on the water as much as you imagined.


Too many people buy boats and never use them.  Having a boat should be a luxury, not a hassle.  Fresh water boat docks in St. Pete take the work out of being a boat owner.  Keep your boat in a safe, well put together boat dock provided by Priority Marine.  Fresh water boat docks in St. Pete not only make your house look better, they make your life easier.