Seawall Construction in Tampa Bay

One of the best parts about living in the Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg area is the easy access to beaches and oceans. If you are lucky enough to own a home on the water, you want to make sure you have invested in a seawall that is up to par. The purpose of a seawall is to keep the soil from eroding into the water. At Priority Marine, they specialize in custom seawall construction.

Florida is known for its unpredictable weather—between unexpected hurricanes and seasonal storms, making sure you have a sturdy seawall that can withstand these kind of nature pressures is imperative. In order to have a properly installed wall, you must hire a professional and experienced company that is local who will take the time to understand and analyze the slopes and elements of your property. Each person has a different idea of how they want their seawall constructed and how they are going to use it; Priority Marine makes these visions become a tangible reality.

If you need professional seawall construction in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Florida call Priority Marine today 727-447-1373. They also specialize in custom boat lifts and boat decks, as well as seawall repair.


Custom Decks in Bradenton, FL

With the many benefits of owning a home around the water, those who are looking to get more out of their residence should consider the installation of a rather small enhancement to their backyard. Floridian homeowners that seek to gain more entertainment and relaxation out of their backyard, consider having a deck made for their leisure, whether it’s for easy access to their boat or just relaxing along the water. Over at Priority Marine, they specialize in fulfilling this desire by building custom decks in Bradenton, as well as other areas around the Tampa Bay Area.

To go into detail, Priority Marine strives for complete client satisfaction, only using the highest quality of materials to ensure that your future desk is crafted to your liking. Being cost effective as well, the various options that they lay out to their clients work for all types of environments. They know that having this type of extension allows an inviting area for your guests and appeases the eye when looking out onto it. At Priority Marine, having some of the most experienced craftsmen and boaters on staff, they understand how important it is to enjoy an area that fits around your residence and matches your personality. Let them be construct your custom deck in Bradenton or bordering area today by calling 727.447.1373

Sarasota decking materials

Are you looking for Sarasota decking materials? Most people think that there are only two options when it comes to choosing a deck material, those options being wood and composite decking. There is in fact another option; it is a type of decking that is more suitable for your specific decking requirements in Sarasota. It is known as cellular PVC, a new type of material that is gaining popularity fast.

The breakdown of these main types of decking materials should provide some helpful tips when choosing one to use for the construction of your new deck.

Wood Decking requires some maintenance (susceptible to decay, mildew and insect damage) and is no substitution for the real thing; you can’t imitate the look and feel of wood. It does, however, have many variations to choose from.

Composite Decking is moderately low maintenance (composite decking new rots, warps or splinters), highly durable, flexible, and resistant, and has unique composition; it is made out of reclaimed wood and plastic which helps protect against UV damage and moisture (which is especially important with Florida weather!). It is also stylish and offers the widest range of finishes and styles.

Cellular PVC Decking requires minimum upkeep; it preserves its beauty with a very low amount of effort because it is stain resistant (both man-made and natural stains), scratch resistant, and has a lasting beauty.

Once you have decided which material if best suited to be your Sarasota decking material, give the professionals at Priority Marine a call for further assistance and installation! 727-447-1373

Sarasota Boat Docks

The simple pleasure of being on a dock in Florida is a pastime that any one of any age can enjoy. Given the open space to view the coastal waters is something that could relax even the most stressed person. With Sarasota boat docks, Priority Marine knows how just enjoyable this feeling is. Being in the business for over 30 years, they constructed docks in this area as well as other Tampa Bay Area locations for residents to enjoy, whether it’s parking their boat or kicking back while fishing.

While understanding these lush pleasures, they take pride in all docks built for their clients. Their professional staff endeavors to obtain completeness to one’s home when given the task to construct or maintain their docks. These extensions to a home or business allow accessibility to the open waters of Florida for boating and entertainment purposes. Some of the Sarasota boat docks are only an example of what Priority Marine can accomplish for some of their clients. They want to prove that obtaining a dock isn’t such an expense that some choose to believe. As Priority Marine explains it, it’s an investment that will enliven areas thought to be bland and justify its value in the long run.

Let Priority Marine offer their services and see how they can make a boat dock that right for you by calling them at 727.447.1373 today.