Is a Wood Deck a Good Idea for My Home?

Wood decking remains the most common decking material choice because when it is compared to composite or artificial materials, it often ends up giving you the most bang for your buck.

Variety in Style

If you’ve chosen to build a deck for your Sarasota home, wood is an option to seriously consider, as it is the least expensive choice with many different options to choose from.

Pressure treated material is the least expensive and most common option for decking. Most of the time, this building material is made from southern yellow pine and has a lifespan of approximately 15 years. It will easily accept stain, but upkeep will be required, they often crack, splinter, and warp, which can be nerve-wracking for those who like to go barefoot.

Tropical Hardwoods are the most dense and durable of the wood decking options available for your Sarasota home. Many people choose this imported option because of the beautiful, naturally rich color variations available. An additional benefit is that they are naturally insect and decay resistant with a lifespan of 25 years. However, because they are heavier than other types, they can take longer to assemble, which means a more expensive project. They are also much more difficult to apply stain to.

Redwood and Cedar are naturally rich in color and resistant to rot and insects but are softer and easier to manage because they are lightweight. However, this means that choosing this wood decking for your Sarasota home could make your deck more susceptible to nicks and chips, which can diminish its appearance over time. These types are also more accommodating to stain than other, but not as easy as the southern yellow pine used for pressure treated materials. They have a 20 year lifespan.


It’s important to know that all wood decking will require maintenance. The harsh summer sun in Sarasota will fade your surface over time no matter which option you choose, so it’s important to apply UV protectants to slow this process. You’ll also need to reapply stain every three years or so if you want to maintain a rich finish.

Choosing this material over other options does come with a few drawbacks, such as potential rotting issues, splinters, and color fade due to weathering. However, this is often the best value for homeowners looking to add a deck to their property. If you’re looking to build a custom deck to your Sarasota home, call the professionals at Priority Marine at (727) 447-1373. We can help you choose the right material and design for a beautiful addition to your home.


Is Composite Decking the Right Choice for You?

Now that winter is coming to an end in Tampa, homeowners will start to daydream about the warm summer days and backyard barbeques ahead. If your outdoor deck is not at its best, you may be considering your options for a makeover. Composite decking has grown in popularity recently because of its low maintenance and durability, but is it right for your Tampa home?


Composite decking is a synthetic composed of a mix of wood and plastics and can be designed in a variety of colors and looks. Some can even be designed to look similar to real wood. Planks are made with recyclable materials and because it is not real wood, it does not fade or stain and is more resistant to insect, rot, and mold than wood decks. Splintering is not something a homeowner has to worry about with this material either. It is also much lighter, making it easier to work with. Finishing and sealers are also not necessary upkeep. Maintenance of composite decks is low and their durability means they will last longer than wood. Some companies also offer lifetime guarantees.


There are some drawbacks to composite decking however. Composite decks don’t have the same look as real wood and planks tend to be more expensive than wood options. The planks of plastic can also be slippery when wet and could pose a risk to young ones running around a pool area. If you’ve spent a summer in the Tampa area, you know that heat is a factor in any remodeling decision. This decking material is often be made of materials that expand and contract in certain climates which risks the board joints loosening and making the decks unstable.

It is important to get the opinion of a professional before deciding on the decking materials that are right for your Tampa home. Contact Priority Marine at (727) 447-1373 to talk to a professional about your composite decking needs.

What to Consider When Building a Boat Dock

Having your own boat dock in Clearwater can provide you with a number of advantages—no monthly marina cost, easy access to your boat, and the security of knowing it is close by.

Priority Marine understands that making the decision to build your own boat dock can open the door to many benefits, but it can also be a confusing process if you don’t know where to start.

Here are some things to consider before you begin to build:

Should I get a fixed or floating dock?

Fixed docks

One dock option for your Clearwater home is a fixed or stationary dock, which is installed using heavy machinery in order to secure the fixture deep beneath the water. These can be favorable if the area you’re living in has rough waters, as fixed docks can withstand most environments. Fixed boat docks also provide you with the option of adding a boat lift for out-of-water storage.

Stationary docks can also increase the value of your home, as the deck can be constructed to accommodate a bar, boat house, or gazebo for entertaining.

Floating docks

If your property is situated in an area of Clearwater where the sea floor is uneven or water is particularly deep, a floating dock can often be a more cost efficient choice. The structure of a floating boat dock is supported on floats instead of pylons, which can become costly when built in deep waters. These docks can be installed much faster than the fixed docks and for a much smaller budget. The floating docks also come in three different shapes—“L,” “T,” and “U”—to accommodate your docking needs.

What type of decking material should I choose?


Choosing a natural wood deck is often the most budget-friendly option for your Clearwater Bay boat dock. There are a variety of wood types to choose from, and you always have the option of sealing your wood deck to prevent weathering, which is great for protecting against hurricane season. Wood can also be refinished if it dulls or fades from being subjected to the Florida sun year-round. Though the maintenance of refinishing and sealing wood decks regularly can be a lot of work, wood also offers the benefit of being less heat retentive, so you can walk outside barefoot without getting scorched, as opposed to artificial materials.


Composite decking can offer more resilient boat docks than wood because it is made from recycled plastics, so mold, rot, and insects won’t cause problems over time. You can choose a variety of finishes for your Clearwater oasis, many of which can mimic real-wood almost indistinguishably. Because recycled materials are more resistant to being worn-down, this option can save time and money when it comes to upkeep.

Cellular PVC

This option offers many of the same benefits as composite decking, such as being resistant to mold, pest, and rot, but it goes even further and resists scratches and stains, which means you can host as many parties as you want knowing your deck won’t wear down. This material also comes in a variety of colors and finishes that won’t fade in the Florida sun.

The best way to decide which structure and material will work best for your Clearwater home is to call the professionals at Priority Marine at 727-447-1373. They can help with the planning and designing processes to ensure that your boat dock is everything you’re dreaming of.