4 Popular Styles of Boat Docks

Throughout modern time, the evolution of boat docks has led to tremendous strides in regards to aesthetics and functionality. Modern engineering feats have displayed the possibilities of imagination when it comes to residential and commercial piers, and here are some of Tampa’s most popular maritime moorings.

Traditional Wooden Boat Docks

Traditional wooden boat docks have been the go-to choice in marine construction as far back as can be historically recorded. Wood was easy to work with and was readily abundant at the time. Most docks in Tampa are of this traditional design. Typically, a piling or post would be vertically driven into the substrate as the primary foundation for most dock construction. 

Floating Docks and Piers

Advances in technology and versatility have led to some truly amazing contraptions. Floating boat docks are primarily the selection of waterfront owners where the tide plays a daily role, this allows the platform surface to maintain the same height off of the water. These are equipped with select types of flotation systems along with various anchor systems to keep the platform from moving about.

Versatile Boat Docks With Lifts

These types of platforms which include lifts would prove ideal for the marine enthusiast who likes to personally maintain their watercraft. Keeping it above the water when not in use is a wise decision that protects the hull from accumulating barnacles or algae. But why stop at a simple lift? Imagine a boat house where you could store your equipment and your vessel out of the elements, complete with a pressure washer and marine tools for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Contemporary/Modern Style

The infusion of modern design has enveloped nearly every facet of architecture and engineering, and this is also evident with boat docks of the contemporary style. Incorporating all of the luxurious amenities one could imagine, producing boat houses built with pure comfort, glamour, and aesthetics in mind. A simple platform with a horn-cleat is a thing of the past in comparison to the modern style with their prominent geometric architecture, lavish bathhouses with saunas, leisure rooms, sun decks and pool tables.

Priority Marine in Tampa can help bring your seafaring dreams to life. Call us at (727) 447-1373 for an initial consultation.


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