Why Your Dock’s Foundation is So Important

If you’re a waterfront property owner in St. Pete, you probably know a dock’s foundation is important, but do you really know how important? Investing in an impressive dock is a surefire way to boost your property value, but proper dock construction takes real skill. Did you know that the most consequential aspect of your dock, by far, is its foundation pilings? The importance of a dock’s foundation pilings cannot be underestimated.


Foundation Pilings: How Will Your Dock Be Used?


In St. Pete, the load requirements for docks are similar to those of decks, but there are some differences related to the pilings and footers because docks are submerged in the water. When you’re planning your dock’s construction in St. Pete, consider whether or not you want to include any accessories, such as:


  • Railings
  • Benches
  • Lighting
  • Ladder
  • Fish cleaning station
  • Boat docking area


Any of the above will influence your choices for your dock’s foundation pilings.


Function and Importance of a Strong Foundation


A foundation is intended to provide structural support for all types of construction projects. A foundation’s function is to transfer some of the structure’s full load down into the soil and rock layers underground. Factors that affect the load-bearing capacity of a structure’s foundation include:


  • Ground condition
  • Characteristics of the structure
  • Quality of materials used to set the foundation
  • The proximity of nearby structures
  • Noise level and vibration in the area
  • Presence of water or other elements
  • Overall construction budget


Piled foundations—also known as deep-set foundations—are made of concrete, steel, or timber formed into long columns and driven deep into the ground. A piled foundation is typically driven to a depth of three times its breadth. This type of foundation is vital for a St. Pete dock because its foundation sits in water; the surrounding soil will not be able to prevent excessive settlement without deep-set driven foundation pilings.


Create a Strong Foundation


Foundation pilings are considered one of the best engineering solutions available in St. Pete. Advantages include:


  • Cost-effective
  • Exceptionally strong and reliable
  • The wide range of materials available allows for various specifications for structural strength
  • The relative ease of installation as the soil surrounding them is displaced (unlike other driven foundations that require manual removal of the soil before installation)


To ensure you get many years of enjoyment out of your St. Pete dock, the integrity of its foundation pilings is crucial. Three critical steps will help protect your investment:


  • Prevent rot: If you choose timber pilings, have them coated with wood rot prevention chemicals before installation.


  • Create a water barrier: A protective barrier should be applied to your foundation pilings to prevent gradual water damage. Pile sleeves are available for this purpose.


  • Protect the above-water portion of your foundation pilings: Piling caps will prevent undue exposure to inclement weather and the sun’s UV light.


St. Pete Dock Foundation Pilings Specialists


The Florida dock foundation pilings specialists at Priority Marine will help you make the most out of your St. Pete dock investment. Call today at 727-447-1373.



Do I Need a Professional Seawall Contractor?

Your love of marine activities, such as boating and fishing, has led you to obtain your own piece of the St. Petersburg shoreline. Your investment in a lifestyle along the coastline should be protected from the damaging effects of soil erosion and flooding with the help of a professionally constructed and installed seawall. Before taking the plunge into finding a seawall contractor in St. Petersburg that will implement the right marine structure for your needs, here’s a little information to ensure you are confident in your decision to hire a professional.


What is a Seawall and Why Do I Need It?

Seawalls can take on various physical forms, such as vertical or sloped walls, and are made of various materials. Despite these varying forms, every seawall performs the same function: protect the shoreline from erosion, thereby protecting your property and acting as a defense against flooding.


A seawall contractor implements marine structures that fix and solidify the boundary between sea and land, providing increased security to your St. Petersburg shoreline and the assets that rest upon it, such as your vacation home or commercial property.


What Purpose Does a Seawall Contractor Serve?

Professionals implement the engineered structures that prevent further erosion to the delicate shoreline. Though there are instances where amateur walls have been constructed, a professional contractor in St. Petersburg will have much more effective techniques, tools, and strategies to prevent shoreline erosion and flood damage.


The reason why a seawall contractor is more effective than a DIY approach is that makeshift seawalls are often not strong enough to withstand the force of extreme events that are common in the St. Petersburg area. With heavy storms or even a hurricane, these walls end up washed away, and your property is vulnerable.

Professional builders provide technical guidance that adds to the strength and integrity of your shoreline structure, leading to the long-lasting preservation of your St. Petersburg investment.


Though there are many materials to choose from, not all materials are right for your particular property. A seawall contractor can also ensure that your structure meets and exceeds the codes specific to the laws within St. Petersburg. If selected, installed, and maintained properly, a seawall can last from 30 to 50 years,


Finding the Right Seawall Contractor

A seawall can increase the waterside curb appeal of your home, both aesthetically and structurally, especially if the seawall is selected with your exact needs in mind. Priority Marine offers custom seawall design without exceeding your budget and ensuring an unmatched level of satisfaction.


High-quality seawall construction is valuable for both commercial and residential shoreline protection. Priority Marine is a professional seawall contractor that serves the St. Petersburg area, offering top-notch shoreline protection that will preserve your marine properties and waterside lifestyle for years to come. Learn more about protecting your home and property by contacting the professional seawall contractors in St. Petersburg at Priority Marine at 727-447-1373 or online.


How to Maintain Vinyl Seawalls

Vinyl is a long-lasting, sturdy, easy-to-maintain materials for seawall construction. However, even vinyl seawalls need some maintenance so that they last as long as possible. The weather in St. Petersburg can give walls a beating, so maintenance is important for longevity.

1. Wash and Clean Vinyl Seawalls Regularly

Washing and cleaning vinyl seawalls is an easy way to keep them clear of debris and materials that can cause them to deteriorate faster. This material is affordable and durable, which makes it perfect for outdoor spaces. However, cleaning it is necessary. Simply mix a simple cleaning solution such as oxygen bleach with oxygen ions that lift and eliminate dirt and stains for a clean surface free of residues. This will add life to your structure and its finish.

2. Remove Growth Around the Seawall

Marine life in St. Petersburg tends to grow wherever it can, and vinyl seawalls are no exception. Algae, plants, and other vegetation crops up around walls because they have a physical barrier from the elements along with free access to water and sunlight. However, plants can take root that can lead to cracks or uneven surfaces, so it’s best to remove them whenever they grow too large. Pruning the plant life around your wall can help maintain its structural integrity.

3. Visually Inspect Your Wall on a Routine Basis

Perhaps one of the most important and effective ways to maintain the longevity of your wall is to regularly perform inspections. During an inspection, look out for any sign of disrepair such as cracks, holes, warping, or rusting. If you notice anything off, contact a marine contractor in St. Petersburg for repairs for vinyl seawalls. Visual inspections can help prevent any problems from becoming the downfall of your wall.

Vinyl Seawalls, Repairs, Maintenance, and Marine Construction

If you are careful to wash and clean your wall, remove the growth, and perform visual inspections regularly, your vinyl seawall should have the maintenance it needs for a long life. For a marine contractor in the St. Petersburg area who can assist if your wall needs repairs, choose Priority Marine. Call them today at (727) 447-1373 or contact them online to learn more about their services.

The Leading Name in Seawall Construction in Tampa

Priority Marine has established themselves as the leading name in seawall construction. Through years of quality work in the Tampa area, they’ve developed a fantastic reputation in the world of marine construction. Whether you’re looking to install a seawall on your private or commercial property, they can help you decide the best material and location. Their trained professionals help you make an educated decision that provides long-lasting benefits.

Things to Consider Before Seawall Construction

Before installing a seawall, there are some things you should consider. The following are some key components that affect the placement and type of seawall construction that needs to occur:

  • Accessibility of shoreline
  • Typical weather conditions
  • Water levels
  • Elevation of property
  • Budget
  • Intended use after construction
  • Desired appearance

Priority Marine’s trained construction professionals in Tampa can help you prepare for these elements. Their experience in the field gives them a trained eye when it comes to the best location and material for a seawall. In addition to offering their expertise, they can also guide you through the building process so that you remain informed.

Seawall Benefits

Seawall construction has many benefits for both you and your property. One of the most significant benefits is protection. In Tampa, shorelines are exposed to harsh weather conditions on a regular basis as well as even more severe conditions during hurricane season. Walls protect against erosion from the elements. In addition to erosion protection, a wall can also lower your insurance rates. Due to increased protection from the elements, there is less chance of damage to your property, making you less risky to insure.

Seawall Construction for You in Tampa

In addition to offering leading seawall construction services in Tampa, Priority Marine offers a wide range of marine development services. Their services include:

  • Boat dock installation and repair
  • Boat lift installation and repair
  • Seawall construction
  • Seawall repair

If you’re looking for professional guidance with marine construction, the experts at Priority Marine are ready to help. Contact them today to set up a consultation or to learn more about their services. You can call their office at (727) 447-1373 or leave a message on their website.


Finding the Best Seawall Building Contractor in St. Petersburg

If you own shorefront property in St. Petersburg, you know how important it is to have safety procedures in place. Seawall building can offer you peace of mind as well as protection from the elements. With chaotic hurricane activity and natural erosion from the waves, your property could easily be compromised. Let the experienced professionals at Priority Marine Construction help you plan and execute the best security features for your property.

How Priority Marine Can Help You with Seawall Building

Weather and human impact are the leading causes of shoreline deterioration. Hurricanes and other large storm systems have a profound effect on the coast, often causing flooding and significant property damage. Usually, people have little to no control over the elements that affect the shoreline. Human interaction with a shoreline environment, such as dock building and boating, can also deteriorate the shore. You live on the water because you want to enjoy all it has to offer. Therefore, Priority Marine in St. Petersburg, has come up with solutions to protect your property and provide environmental protection. Their seawall building services provide a long-lasting barrier between the water and your property. The best part is you still get to enjoy all the benefits of waterfront living.

Years of Experience

Priority Marine has been serving the St. Petersburg area for over 30 years. They pride themselves on providing up-to-date, as well as high-quality, services for any of your marine construction needs. Over the years they’ve made an effort to stay current on the best practices and have updated repair services to suit these new developments. When it comes to seawall building, they offer many different options for construction materials to best suit your needs. Another benefit of seawall construction is that it adds value to your property, in addition to protecting it. If you have been looking for a marine construction company, contact them today to see how they can bring your plans to life.

Marine Construction Help for You in St. Petersburg

In addition to seawall building, Priority Marine offers a variety of other services to help protect your property in St. Petersburg. Some of the other construction services Priority Marine offers include:

  • Seawall repair
  • Boat dock construction
  • Boat lift installation
  • Routine maintenance

If your property could benefit from any of their services, contact them today to learn more! You can get in touch with them by calling their office at (727) 447-1373. You can also contact them online with any specific inquiries you have.


Top 3 Benefits of Commercial Seawalls

Commercial seawalls require more attention and experience to install correctly than smaller residential walls. St. Petersburg and the surrounding area have a sprawling number of coasts and properties. Larger locations need contractors with experience dealing with businesses and designing for commercial properties. As members of the Florida Marine Contractors Association, Priority Marine provides better support when it comes to ensuring you get the best results.

Depending on the location of your property, you may require specific design choices. While many think the only difference between barriers is effectiveness, it is dependent on dozens of other factors including depth and tidal scour. While not something many people think of, designs that reflect wave energy can be damaging in certain situations. The reflecting waves can cause the stripping of the sediment and gravel around crucial areas. The best way to avoid common problems in the future is to rely on experienced builders.

1. Safer Commercial Seawalls and Materials

A top concern for St. Petersburg property owners should be pollution and damage to wildlife. The mistreatment of specific wood or improperly-built commercial seawalls can destroy underwater vegetation. Professional seawall design helps ensure that both underwater vegetation and your topsoil stay healthy.

2. More Options

There are dozens of various designs for commercial seawalls. Depending on the length, shape, and location of your coastline, you may want a vertical, riprap, or revetments style. Clients at Priority Marine can work with marine construction experts to decide on the right choices that are both affordable and functional.

3. Better Design and Planning

Rather than just copying and pasting template designs, Priority Marine handles your unique situation with care. The last thing you want is to lose your shoreline after a major storm. St. Petersburg waterfront land owners can invest in a more durable result with the help of experienced contractors. Builders that consider all the factors of your property will create the best barrier possible instead of just going for the most expensive options.

Benefit from More Marine Construction Services at Priority Marine

At Priority Marine, clients can choose from other building services in addition to commercial seawalls. Large properties such as marinas can require extensive dock, lift, and deck building services. Relying on builders with years of experience in the St. Petersburg area can help keep your customers and their boats are safe. You can call (727) 447-1373 or go online to request a quote or learn more today.

Residential Seawalls: Concrete vs Vinyl

Most Tampa properties that have a seawall that was installed before the past ten years or so have one that is made of concrete. In recent years, developments in marine technology have allowed for sturdier, longer-lasting, more lightweight materials like vinyl to take center stage. However, as a property owner, there are benefits to both concrete and vinyl residential seawalls.

Choosing the Right Residential Seawalls

Property owners have many choices when it comes to residential seawalls. Do you want a vertical, curved, or mound-style wall? Do you want to be able to install a boat lift and a dock over the wall? Will there be a lot of foot traffic on or near the wall? Questions like these will affect decisions like what material you choose.

You’ll have to factor in the shoreline, the tidal patterns, your property’s elevation, your usage, budget restraints and appearance into your decision. A marine contractor can help you make these decisions so that you get the best wall for your property.


Many Tampa residents choose concrete because, for a long time, it’s been the standard choice. Concrete is hard, heavy, and lasts a decent amount of time. For the most part, it stands up to tides and waves for about 30 years, on average. However, for it to be truly strong, it needs reinforced steel to maintain its structure. However, the nature of concrete leads to cracks, holes, and erosion from saltwater, so it requires a lot of maintenance and upkeep.


Many clients in the Tampa area choose vinyl residential seawalls because of the material’s properties. Vinyl can last upwards of 50 years, on average, which is almost twice as long as concrete. In addition, vinyl is known for its durability since it stands up to saltwater. Vinyl does not crack, rust, or rot like concrete can in saltwater. Many people who have concrete walls begin to replace them with vinyl as they start to deteriorate.

CMI Shoreguard sheet piling, which Priority Marine uses in all its vinyl residential seawalls, comes in many different colors and styles, so you can find the right aesthetic that matches your home. The interlocking design also bolsters the wall and helps it last even longer against harsh weather and erosion.

Choose Priority Marine for Residential Seawalls

When you need professional marine contractors in the Tampa Bay area to install seawalls on your property, then look no further than Priority Marine. They have been serving the Bay area for decades and are known as one of the top marine builders in the area. For everything from boat lifts, dock construction, and seawall repairs, trust the experts. Give them a call today at (727) 447-1373 or contact them online to discuss your project.