Benefits of Seawalls

Ensuring your seawall is in good condition is a great way to show your waterfront property in Sarasota that you really care about your little piece of paradise. While the construction is a big investment to make, it is important to keep in mind how crucial it is. This structure is one of the most important features of your property and plays a major role in keeping your residence safe.

Some benefits of adding a seawall to your property include:

  • Control Erosion: With each wave and tide change, the coastline in Sarasota is harmed. Without proper protection, the process of erosion can begin and cause great damage. The soil will erode into the water, land will get weaker, and the seawater may become polluted. You will also loose land, making your yard smaller and smaller. When seawalls are correctly installed and receive regular maintenance, they absorb the shock of the waves, as well as block the winds.
  • Protection from Flooding: As water rises, it needs to be contained, or it will gain access to the land. When hurricanes come along in Florida, having a well-maintained surface will protect the coastline and your home from flooding as the structure holds back the water.
  • Space and Value: In opposition to other defensive constructions like dikes, vertical seawalls usually need less space for the construction. What’s more, the surface will add value to your home, offering an area to enjoy the view and recreation time.

Some customers are hesitant to building a well-designed and efficient seawall because of budget concerns; however, the protection that is received is unequalled. Regardless of the budget you have in mind, the professionals at Priority Marine will help you find the best solution to your home.

Priority Marine offers a variety of options to Sarasota residents to ensure their waterfront properties can stay safe from erosion and flooding. A full design book is available to pick a model that is most appealing to you and will best fit your needs.

With years of experience in marine construction, our technicians will study your situation, taking note of elevation, slope, soil composition, and more to ensure the final product will offer maximum protection and benefits.

If you are looking for ways to increase protection to your home in Sarasota, call Priority Marine today at (727) 447–1373. Our staff will be available to discuss the various options available to you.


How to Work with Your Seawall Contractor

Marine construction requires seawall contractors with experience, training, and high quality materials. When you have construction being done in your Clearwater yard, it can be difficult to be patient, especially if there are delays. Knowing how to work well with your contractor will ensure that the process of repairs or installation goes smoothly for everyone.

Priority Marine in Clearwater understands how stressful it can be to have work done on your seawall, or to have one installed, which is why they have created a list of three simple ways to work effectively with your seawall contractor:

  1. Have a communication plan. When you meet with your contractors, before the project even begins, ask them how they plan to keep you informed of the progress of the project. Make sure to ask who you will be dealing with, and who you should go to with any questions or concerns. Both of you should agree on one universal method of communication, be it telephone, email, or face to face meetings. The project will go smoothly if everyone starts off on the same page.
  2. Keep track of progress. While it is imperative that you have the initial plan and contract in writing, it is also a good idea to keep track of the progress in writing as well. You can either do this on your own, or ask your Clearwater seawall contractors for regular updates. This will help make sure everything is on schedule, and when you are getting regular updates, if something is delayed, it will not be such a shock.
  3. Be patient. Chances are that you hired this company for your seawall work because you thought they were the best compared to all of the other choices. Be sure to remember that if you start to get stressed or worried about the project. If events outside of the contractor’s control delay the project, rest assured that they will do everything in their power to get the project back on schedule.

At Priority Marine in Clearwater, their seawall contractors are all extremely courteous, fully licensed, and ready to help you with your next marine construction job. They will work hard to make sure your seawall ends up looking great!

For more information, call them today at 727-447-1373.

How to Enjoy Your New Boat Dock

So you’ve heeded the advice about boat docks, and had your very own addition installed onto your Sarasota waterfront property. Congratulations! We’re glad you made the decision to take full advantage of living in Florida. We hope you are as happy using it as Priority Marne was when they designed and built it. Maybe you’d even be willing to hear a few suggestions on how you might take even further advantage of your new addition. Yes? Great! Let’s get started.

Take Up a New Outdoor Hobby

Sometimes it’s hard to think of activities that are outside of our normal routines, which is sad, because it means we miss out on a lot of fun. Remember, you already have a boat dock! That’s the hardest part. Maybe some of these will require the addition of a specialized boat lift, but Priority Marine can handle that for you.

Think of a watercraft that you have never taken out for a spin, or things you can do on the water that you haven’t tried. Have you ever:

  • Gone kayaking through the mangroves? Sarasota is close to any number of these amazing and serene places. It’s an experience that you won’t forget.
  • Taken a jet ski out for a spin?
  • Simply fished a whole Saturday away from the comfort of your very own boat dock?
  • Tried paddle boarding?
  • Considered nature spotting? Manatees and dolphins aren’t uncommon sights in Sarasota waters. There are also countless species of sea and marsh birds that are native to Florida.

Host a Luau

Don’t just invite friends over to your Sarasota home for drinks on the water, invite them over to an over-the-top, tropical and authentic, Hawaiian luau!

Ensure that you dress the part, and provide each of your guests with flowered leis (they can be fake). Don’t forget to line the path out to your boat dock with lit up Tiki torches that can be easily obtained from your local home improvement store. At your waterside entertainment area, you can string lights from the gazebo and serve drinks in coconuts (prepare those in advance) from your bar. Tropical music is mandatory.

With the right preparations you can turn an ordinary get together into a fun memory for everyone.

These are just some of the things you should consider taking advantage of, the next time you feeling like doing something new in Sarasota. Don’t be afraid to break from the routine and have fun!

Note: If any of these suggestions don’t match the style, size, or additions you originally chose to have constructed, don’t panic. Priority Marine can modify or add onto most boat docks they have constructed!