The Top 6 Reasons Boat Docks Make Us Happy

Living on the water in Bradenton has its perks, but boat docks make all of them not only more attainable, but enjoyable as well.  If you’ve invested in a waterfront property, then you already understand the benefits to living there and take pleasure in the experiences and scenery that it offers.  But if you’ve yet to take the plunge, and have been putting off this addition, here are a few things that may make you as excited about them as we are:

Entertain Friends and Family

When you want to throw a party – I mean a real “take advantage of the Florida outdoors” kind of party – there’s no better place then out over the water.   Not only does it add square footage to your entertainment area, but creates an entirely different atmosphere for get-togethers.  For your Bradenton home you can choose a simple, utilitarian installation with enough room for a 4 person table, or a large gazebo with seating for 20.  Boat docks allow for almost total customization.

Simplified Boating

When you can’t launch your vessel from your backyard, taking it out on the water becomes an arduous, all day, planned-in-advance event.  You need to have an entire day off, take your boat out to one of the local boat docks, and spend the whole day in order to make it worth your while. But with the addition of a lift, you can not only keep your boat ready to drop and go at a moment’s notice, but keep it out of the water and safe from natures wrath.  Just come home after a hard day from work, take the boat for a spin for an hour or two, and come back home in time for dinner.


Anyone who likes to fish understands that it’s not just about catching fish – which boat docks actually make easier by attracting many attractive species – but the experience and relaxation it provides.  Instead of being forced to gather your supplies go somewhere else around Bradenton, even when you only want to spend a few hours fishing, it becomes so simple just to walk out back and start casting.


For the avid swimmer, being able to walk out back and take a dip is an ideal scenario.  But unfortunately, there are a lot of reasons why waterfront property isn’t always an ideal environment for it.  Seawalls are too high climb out of – typically built high enough to avoid flooding the yard during high tide – and are often covered in sharp barnacles and oysters.  Fixed stairs or a simple ladder entering the water at the end of your dock lets you enter and exit the water where it is deeper and safer to do so.

Nature Watching and Wildlife Encounters

If you are a nature lover like us, you’ll enjoy the benefits that boat docks can afford your Bradenton property.  The perfect place to sit with your camera and watch different species of wetland birds such as the roseate spoonbill, or even endangered wood storks.  Depending on where your property is located, you can also see manatees or even dolphins swimming by as they go into the shallower waters, or back out into the gulf at different times of day.

A Place For Relaxation

The intense Bradenton, FL sunshine, while swelteringly hot in the wrong circumstances, creates the perfect sunbathing environment.  And laying out in the heat just isn’t as relaxing without the sound of the water lapping against the shore, and the sea breeze blowing by to cool you off.

Hopefully after reading all of this, you now know why we love boat docks so much, and with any luck, you’ve gained some appreciation for them as well.


Dock Builders: How to Decide On the Right Dock for Your Property

So you’re considering hiring dock builders for your Tampa home, but you’ve just started researching and don’t know what you want or how to decide.  How do you know the best design, size for your property, or what materials are best for your budget?

When you first decided to buy a home on the water, it took great consideration to ensure that the house was not only the right price, but the proper size, location, and in a neighborhood that suited you as well.  Just as with home buying, it’s important to take all of your concerns into account.  Only then can you look into permits, and what you can and cannot build on your property.

So what is the first step?  Consider the needs of your future addition:

  1. Do I want to entertain friends and family?
  2. Do I want to store my boat there?
  3. What kind of water activities do you want to engage in?
  4. How long will you be at your current residence?
  5. Do you share the waterfront with other residents?

Once you have the basic list, it’s time to expand on each category.  You want to flesh out your categories as much as possible – hopefully covering all eventualities.

Do I want to entertain friends and family?

If the answer to this question is yes, you can get an idea of the minimum size that your deck will need to be.  How many people will you want to have over?  Do you prefer small get togethers or big parties?  Do you want to lounge in the sun or the shade?  This last question can help Tampa dock builders determine the width of your addition and the possibility of an added gazebo to your dock.

Do I want to store my boat there?

If you are a boating fanatic like all of our dock builders, there are many factors for you to consider here.  How large is your vessel?  Will you be storing it at your dock, on land, or at a marina?  If you are storing it at your dock, you will want a boat lift to keep it high out of the water and safe.  You also have the option for a covered lift, or even a boat house, depending on your location and the size of the craft.

How long will you be at your current residence?

The materials you choose can have varying effects on the lifetime of your dock.  While standard, pressure treated lumber is most commonly used by dock builders, if you are planning to stay at your residence for the foreseeable future, perhaps the Brazilian hardwood called Ipe would be more appropriate.  This wood is rated at 25+ years and the highest quality natural option available.  You also might consider the new TREX composite materials that look exactly like wood, but are completely resistance to rot, sun, and insect damage.

Do you share the waterfront with other residents?

The size, shape, and length of your dock are greatly dependent on your property, permit restrictions, and your neighbors, which all have to be considered when hiring dock builders in Tampa.

After gathering all of this pertinent information, you’ll feel much more prepared.  If you still feel over whelmed, your local Tampa dock builders can help you, too!

Do I Need Seawall Repair? St. Petersburg Storm Damage

The condition of your seawall is something you should monitor, and if you spot any weakness or defect, you should consider seawall repair for your St. Pete property. The purpose of aquatic fortification is to protect the land from eroding, but once serious erosion or faults become apparent in the wall itself, it’s time to repair or replace it. Unless your embankment is physically crumbling and being washed away, it can be difficult to tell when you need seawall repair in St. Pete. Here are Priority Marine’s advice and tell-tale signs you need maintenance and how they can be serviced:


Cracks are signs that the wall, seafloor, or dry land has shifted. This can happen over time as the features of nature change or take a toll on certain areas. Water penetrates cracks and gets in between the material, eroding it from the inside out. Left unattended, cracks can eventually grow and collapse the fortification altogether. Cracks occur in concrete most often. Crevices can be filled or reinforced with a variety of materials depending on what the barrier is made of. Priority Marine’s seawall repair in St. Pete can service any material surface.

If the boundary is cracked shortly after construction, contact your builder immediately, as this can be a sign of defective work.

Sea and Plant Life

Your wall will often border grass, plants, or possibly even trees. Although beautiful, some plant life can threaten stability if it grows out of control. Tree roots can cause some shifting and cracking quickly, but even some smaller rooted life can test the limits. Sea life is far less threatening, although some plants do root themselves below the water. Barnacles are not much of a threat, although they can ruin the aesthetic appeal and can damage boats and rafts in the water.

How Priority Marine Can Help

Priority Marine will tell you if there are any concerning features of your barrier that need maintenance. If you have cracks, or are fearful that you do, Priority Marine will inspect your entire wall for faults. Using knowledge of Florida weather, the surrounding environment of the embankment, and the patterns of nature throughout the year, Priority Marine makes sure your erosion protection is stable without flaw. As an experienced company for St. Pete seawall repair, Priority Marine is equipped with concrete, boulders, steel, gabions, vinyl, wood, aluminum, and fiberglass to make repairs specific to your property.

If your barrier is beyond repair and you need a replacement, Priority Marine can build a new fortress against erosion. To learn more about repairs and replacements, call 727-447-1373.