Sarasota Seawall Repair

Hurricane season is almost here and if you live on the water in Sarasota, then you understand how critical your seawall is for protecting your property. However, maintaining the structural integrity of your seawall isn’t exactly a do-it-yourself kind of job. Between tool costs and proper knowledge, Sarasota Seawall repair can become an extremely difficult task. Priority Marine, as one of the premiere aquatic construction companies in the Tampa Bay area, has the knowledge, man-power, and experience to professionally maintain your seawall and keep your property protected against the elements.

Why is Your Seawall important?

Priority Marine’s professional Sarasota seawall repair is a lot like the Night’s Watch from George R. R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones; we protect your land from all the evil and destruction beyond your wall. Essentially, your seawall is your property’s the first and usually last line of defense against the elements. Without a properly maintained seawall, your property is susceptible to numerous pitfalls:

Erosion – When it rains in Sarasota (which is does often) the soil underneath your grasses and other plants becomes loose and shifts around. If your seawall has cracks and flaws in its structure, then there will be more movement of the ground beneath your house. This can cause serious problems in the future for your property. Because the ground underneath your house shifts with every storm, the integrity of your foundation can come into question as well. Without a properly maintained seawall, your risk of a sinkhole is greatly increased.

The Tides – First and foremost, Priority Marine’s Sarasota seawall repair protects you against the raising and lowering of the tides. We’ve all seen the water in Sarasota rise to alarming levels when a tropical storm or hurricane hits, which they do every year without fail. If your seawall isn’t properly reinforced, these extreme conditions can destroy your yard in a matter of minutes. If the ground beneath your property is already loose from erosion, the trees and other plants in your yard can become uprooted and cause even more damage.

Without comprehensive Sarasota seawall repair, you put your property, yourself, and your family at risk. With hurricane season close at hand, it is important to have a structurally sound seawall. So today, go out to your wall and inspect it for any cracks, deterioration, or any other structural flaws. If you are concerned about the integrity of your seawall, contact Priority Marine at (727) 447-1373 and inquire about their professional Sarasota seawall repair services.