Wood Deck Building Company in Clearwater

Construction on your new Clearwater waterfront home is complete.  Life is good. Now you can focus on that custom deck you’ve been dreaming about.  A spacious patio with a canopy on the water is how you imagine it.  You want an open space where you can drink your morning coffee and think during the sunrise.  Where you can have family meals and relax in the evening, with the beautiful sunsets on the bay as your eternal backdrop.  To realize your dream spot you’re going to need the services of the best wood deck building company in Clearwater.  And no cutting corners, the deck design will be distinct, and compliment the house. You’ve decided it has to be wood, and you want the best, maybe even authentic Redwood or Cedar.

Using wood that doesn’t have chemical treatments for your deck means construction won’t be as easy as with treated wood or some fabricated material, but the look and feel of the deck will be classic and timeless.  Especially since the natural wood is more durable and resilient to ailments and persistent wear from the elements.

You will need to work with a wood deck building company in Clearwater with people who love life on the water as much as you do, and who will understand how to ultimately incorporate your aesthetic ideas into a practical, safe structure.

Since the deck will be a reflection of you and your values, you welcome the responsibility of additional maintenance that a natural wood deck will require.  Therefore, you need to work with a company you can trust as you would a business partner regarding every aspect of your deck building project; the deck design, the right stains, the proper wood treatments, and guidelines on maintaining the deck after its built.

For all your dock and deck building needs, call Priority Marine at 727-447-1373 or give us a call to learn more about wood decks in Clearwater!


Wood Decking in Tampa

Wood decking in Tampa can give your home the luxurious quality you want it to have. There is more than one way that a deck can accomplish this. See, it doesn’t just have to be out in the Bay, securely holding onto your boat. It can be right in your backyard, looking out at that beautiful boat and Bay. Don’t have a boat? Then you can put a nice, splinter free wooden dock out there for when you take a relaxing dip in the water. No one wants to pull themselves onto a deck and get a splinter shoved underneath their fingernail, but the good thing is that there are ways to avoid this. How? By getting the right dock.

There are many things to consider when looking into wood decking in Tampa. With the correct material and the right wood, your dock can be splinter free. Another thing to consider would be the amount of wear and tear that a boat will do, bouncing off the dock from time to time. This can also be taken care of with the right wood. The treatment of the wood is just as important. It needs to be kept from rotting and fading. Well, when properly stained and treated this is no longer a problem. All of these ‘problems’ can be avoided if the right company is chosen to install and maintain your dock.

If you don’t live by the water then you are probably thinking that this blog has nothing to do with you and you’ve wasted your time reading the previous two paragraphs. Well, you’re wrong! You don’t need to be by water to have nice wood decking in Tampa. You can simply have one installed right out your back door! It can be used for parties, to watch sunsets, or just to relax after a long day at work. Priority Marine can install a deck that will provide a grand touch to any house and/or backyard. To discover your options, call them today at (727)-447-1373. They will give you all the information you need so that you indulge in a deck that is worth it.


Custom Decks in Tampa

custom decks tampaI like Florida because you can hang out outside all year around. In Tampa, there are no real “seasons;” the temperature goes from mild to warm to hot to pleasant. Some people may think it gets too hot, but I think that soaking up the summer sun with an ice cold glass of lemonade in my hand is just about as good as it gets. In November, I can replace the glass of lemonade with a hot chocolate, but the rejuvenating effect is the same. Relaxing on a custom deck in Tampa is something that every homeowner should experience. Spending time outdoors greatly increases my quality of life, and I think it would help a lot of people to pause for a moment and appreciate their backyards.

Having a custom deck in Tampa with comfortable seating can also provide a classy outdoor party area. Children love playing outside on the patio, and it is a great place for a family barbecue. It is easy to create a personal area specifically suited to your needs through additional customization, such as adding a fireplace or a trellis. Roasting marshmallows late at night with friends is always a treat. Creating a tranquil garden on the trellis can be a peaceful retreat. The possibilities are endless!

Priority Marine can build a custom deck that meets your exact taste and design. Priority Marine has a variety of options for the material of your custom deck. All of their quality materials are constructed with expert care to ensure a sound and sturdy structure that is aesthetically pleasing. Hiring Priority Marine to create your perfect patio makes the process easy because of their sterling customer service and extensive experience in the marine construction industry.

Having a custom deck in Tampa is a great way to enjoy the pleasant Florida weather all year long. Call Priority Marine at 727-447-1373 today.

Custom Decks in Bradenton

If you live in Bradenton, then you know how lucky you are to live near a body of water. When I grew up, my father owned property right off the shore of a lake, and my absolute favorite part of his house was the beautiful deck in the backyard. It created so many memories that I still recall to this day. Custom decks in Bradenton are not seen quite as often as they should be. Everyone should have the luxury of having one, and each one should be customized so that it is yours. No one will have one quite like it.

You may not understand how a ledge off the side of your house can create so many wonderful memories, but that is probably because you haven’t had one that could make yours, so I’ll give you an idea of what I mean. Every Fourth of July, I think of that deck in my dad’s backyard. The Fourth of July is, not only a national holiday, but my father’s birthday. One year, we celebrated the holiday and birthday on that deck. My sister and I surprised my dad by inviting his whole side of the family over, and he has a big family, eight sisters and three brothers to be exact. Not to mention that each of those siblings has two or more children. My father started to tear up when he saw the surprise waiting for him on the back porch. It had been a couple years since he had even seen some of his siblings, and he couldn’t believe that they had all come to celebrate his birthday with him that year. We had an amazing day with fireworks, volleyball, grilling, and cake. To this day, it is my favorite memory of the Fourth of July. So, you can see why I think having custom decks in Bradenton is something that every family should have the luxury of enjoying.

A deck can be used to unite the family, to take a break from reality, to watch a sunrise or a sunset, to gaze at the stars, to grill a steak, to watch boats in the distance, and many, many other things. If you want to add decoration to your backyard, call Priority Marine at (727) 447-1373. They make custom decks in Bradenton that will help you create your own memories.