Do You Need Boat Lift Services?

If your vessel is sitting in a Clearwater marina, you may be wondering if you need boat lift services. This construction helps to protect your watercraft like a garage protects your car. They are a good investment that can help save you time and money on cleaning and repairing your sea vehicle. Just like any other construction project, they will eventually need repair.

These are some tips for helping you decide if this construct is right for you, or, if you already have one, if it is in need of repair.

New Construction

The benefits of obtaining boat lift services for new constructions are numerous. Here are just a few to help you if you are on the sea wall about this addition to your vessel’s Clearwater home.

  • Prevented Staining and Bubbling of Paint
  • Reduced Rust
  • Decreased Storm Damage

These benefits are due to the fact you are limiting the exposure to water, and are keeping it more secure in the housing unit.


It can be difficult to discern whether or not these structures need repair since some of it can be under water. Here is what you should be on the lookout for both above and below the water.

  • Warping: Regardless of the material, warping is a sign that you are in need of boat lift services.
  • Height Differential: If your Clearwater structure or vessel is lower than normal or uneven, this can be a sign of sinking or damage to underwater support beams.

It is important to take a closer look especially after a storm. Strong winds, heavy rains, and lightning can cause obvious damage above the water, but stronger currents can cause unseen damage as well. An experienced professional should do an inspection if you suspect there is any damage.

Priority Marine’s Boat Lift Services

Whether you are looking to build, repair, or install, the Priority Marine staff is here to help with all of your boat lift services. They have been helping Clearwater sailors protect their vessels for over 30 years. Their skilled staff has the experience necessary to ensure the process will be smooth sailing, and you will have a high-quality structure to store your craft.

For more information or to raise the sails on a project, call Priority Marine today at 727-447-1373.


Design Ideas for Deck Construction

If your Sarasota home doesn’t have a gorgeous patio area for you to relax and entertain under the Florida sun, it may be time for you to start thinking about starting a deck construction project. Although building a new structure may seem like a tedious and stressful task, it can also be a lot of fun when you are in the designing stages.


Wood, composite, and cellular PVC are the three materials used to build outdoor structures. Wood is the only natural option and costs the least upfront. However, maintenance will be required to prevent pests and weathering, which is an important consideration in lieu of Sarasota’s summer sunshine and hurricane season. This can lead to more expenses over time.

Composite and cellular PVC are more expensive deck construction options, but are rot, pest, and UV ray resistant naturally, which means you won’t have to pour money into maintenance over time.

All materials are offered in a variety of gorgeous finishes, so no matter what your taste preferences may be, you are sure to find the right style to suit you.


Choosing your layout is very important and will depend on the shape of your Sarasota property. A high-quality design will highlight the beauty of your home and yard, while a poor design will draw attention to flaws. The deck construction layout will also depend on landscape or appliances that may be in the way of building. However, this shouldn’t stop you, as it can be easy to have things removed or moved around.

Raised decks can showcase a beautiful view of the sunset, while ground-level ones can offer seamless transition from the indoor to the outdoor space. Some homeowners choose a wrap-around design, while others prefer a more traditional, simple rectangular layout.


Choosing your customized features is one of the most exciting aspects of deck construction. This is what makes your new space feel like your own personal oasis, rather than just a cookie-cutter design.

Many Sarasota homeowners choose to add features that complement their lifestyles; those with green thumbs may add planter boxes, while those who love to entertain may add a grill or built-in seating. Those with more lavish tastes can also incorporate a hot tub into the design plan in order to turn the area into a backyard spa retreat. Others add a fire pit for summertime s’mores.

There are also a number of deck construction options to reduce the intensity of Sarasota’s summer sun using arbors and pergolas for shade, and lighting can be installed for night-time use and ambiance.

Priority Marine Deck Construction

Priority Marine specializes in turning your property into a dream space by honoring your design ideas and recommending the best tactics for implementing them. If you are ready to turn your backyard into a fun, relaxing, and stylish oasis call them today at (727)-447-1373.

Common Dock Repairs

Adding your own personal marina to your home on the water can add value and give you the ability to boat, fish, or relax in the comfort of your Bradenton backyard. But with all of the benefits that come along with having a dock also comes a lot of upkeep responsibility. Just like any addition to a home it there will be a need for dock repairs, fixes, and upgrades, these are just a few of the maintenance projects and causes for waterfront mending:

  • Treat and Repair Platforms- Sometimes holes and cracks can form on the surfaces made of wood. These can easily be filled but should be filled before they get larger and cause more problems. Metal surfaces need a lot of lubrication in order to avoid rust.
  • Removal- Large quantities of barnacles and small sea animals may inhabit underwater platforms. Although they make it their home, those living there can cause damage that will make it difficult to properly treat and repair.
  • Water and Weather– It doesn’t matter the material, whether it is wood, metal, or concrete, continuous exposure to water is eventually going to cause the need for dock repairs that are unavoidable. Harsh weather can accelerate the negative effect that water can have. Living in Bradenton homeowners along the waterfront are subject to bad storms and hurricane damage as well.
  • Hardware and Accessories- Your marina isn’t the only element you need to pay attention too. Make sure to also keep up with and replace hardware and accessories as the years go by.

Dock Repairs by Priority Marine

Our company knows the ins and outs of providing our customers with the very best of materials in order to prevent the need for restoration as well as many other services to help you utilize the amenities of life on the coast.

At Priority Marine we can help you with dock repairs as well has help you maintain it to keep it looking new. For the best service and experience on the west coast regardless of lifestyle or budget give us a call today at (727)-447-1373. No matter what it is you use your dock for whether its recreation or relaxation on the waters of Bradenton, Priority Marine can ensure you keep using it throughout the years to come.