Preparing for Dock Construction Success in Tampa

When considering dock construction, you have to decide on many factors before installation. First, think about the primary purpose and desired function of your dock. You will also want to consider the location, the materials, and how you can make sure your new fixture lasts a long time. When you take these factors into consideration, you can increase the usefulness and longevity of your investment. If you need help, the professionals at Priority Marine in Tampa are a reliable source for marine construction.

Boat Dock: Primary Use and Function

How do you plan to use your pier? Do you have a boat that you want to anchor to your structure? Do you want to install a boat lift? Or is it a simple way to enjoy the waterfront life in Tampa? Regardless, the purpose and function will alter the dock construction process. There are many styles you can choose from, including fixed and floating.

  • Fixed structures rely on underwater supports called pylons for stability. They do not move with the currents and are a better option for those who want to use a boat.
  • Floating structures don’t use pylons or any other anchoring support beneath the water. This means they sway and bob with the waves, although they are anchored at the shoreline so they don’t float away.


When choosing the location for your dock construction project in Tampa, you should consult with professional marine contractors. You’ll need a permit for a new dock, and a professional can ensure that you get everything you need so that you don’t encounter any problems. DIY may be tempting, but the pros have the experience, tools, and connections necessary.

Location is critical because you need to be able to access land and water while making sure it can be used for its intended purpose, such as a boat launch. You’ll need to consider tidal patterns, property lines, and water content.


There are many materials you can use in dock construction, but the best options include stainless steel and vinyl. Wood tends to rot, splinter, and stain, especially when submerged in water 24/7. Vinyl and steel, on the other hand, are resistant materials that outlast and outperform others. Consider the changing water levels, the weather, and the possibility of rot and infestation when planning. The material you choose can ensure the durability and lifespan of your structure.

Consult the Professional Dock Construction Company in Tampa – Priority Marine

In Tampa Bay, Priority Marine is a professional marine contractor that offers clients peace of mind for their projects. Whether residential or commercial, Priority Marine’s skilled team helps you plan and implement your new marine structure. To learn more, call them today at (727) 447-1373 or contact them online.


4 Ways Seawall Construction Protects Your Home

In a coastal city like Tampa, unsafe waters can cause damage to waterfront houses as well as the environment around them. Seawall construction provides the perfect solution to keep your land, home, and family safe.

1. Seawall Construction Protects your Home from Erosion

With rough tides, waterfront homes in Tampa can face foundational issues due to erosion. Tides pull soil and solid natural materials away into the Gulf, causing unstable ground. In addition, this erosion causes homeowners to lose valuable property. With a stable wall, you will not have to worry about losing property or the stability of your house. Companies like Priority Marine take all factors, from the land to the sea, into consideration to provide the perfect barrier for you.

2. Hurricane Season Will Not Flood Your Tampa Home

Hurricane Season can hit Tampa hard. Choppy waters and heavy rains can lead to flooding and even a storm surge. Seawall construction gives your living space an extra level of protection against water damage. These embankments absorb and deflect energy from turbulent waves that could otherwise cause damage to your house. For more security, stack sandbags around your house, especially in front of doors. These sandbags, along with your reinforced shoreline, mean you are less likely to experience flooding.

3. They Buffer Large Waves

Many businesses that offer seawall construction use tested, durable materials that can stand up against raging seas. At Priority Marine, walls are constructed with CMI Shoreguard sheet piling. This material is patented and manufactured to uphold against UV rays, harsh climates, and corrosive pH levels. Not only does this material protect against rough tides, but it also comes in many varieties to ensure the best fit for each building. CMI Shoreguard has been tested and verified by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and is the only solution with this verification. Stormy currents do not stand a chance against embankments created from this material.

4. Seawalls Keep Your Family Safe

Seawall construction minimizes most dangers caused by living on the water. By adding this support to your home’s safety features, you provide safety and comfort to your family. During severe weather and flooding risks, many people who own coastal property in Tampa look for temporary solutions to keep property damage to a minimum. In contrast, your house’s protective barrier lets you focus on the wellbeing and safety of your family.

Choose Priority Marine for Marine Construction Services

Priority Marine offers nothing but the best to clients in Tampa. For over 30 years, they have been providing seawall construction that stands up to the rough tides of the Gulf. They belong to the Florida Marine Contractors Association, allowing their team to stay up-to-date on changes in the industry. At Priority Marine, they also specialize in other services like boat docks and lifts. Their team uses their knowledge, skill, and experience to provide clients with quality solutions. For more information on how they can assist you, find them online or call them at (727) 447-1373.

The Best Time of Year for Seawall Construction in Tampa

In the Tampa area, the weather permits people to enjoy the outdoors all year long. The sunshine, warmth, and clear skies give us plenty of time to spend outside doing the things we love, like boating or enjoying the ocean. However, there are good and bad times for certain construction projects, including seawall construction. Read on to discover when is a good time and when you should avoid building a wall to protect your waterfront property from shoreline erosion.

Avoid the Rainy Season

While rain will not prevent the successful building of a wall, it can slow down the process and create complications along the way. In Tampa, summers are known for being very humid and rainy, with an average rainfall of seven to eight inches. With frequent, almost daily afternoon thunderstorms, this can get in the way of construction projects. From June through September in Florida, you can expect upwards of more than 28 inches of rain, with lots of standing water and even flooding in some areas. This makes finishing projects like building a wall along the shoreline, complicated.

Avoid Hurricane Season

Ideally, you’ll have completed your seawall construction before hurricane season arrives to protect your property from the extreme waves and winds that storms bring to Tampa. Hurricane season in the Eastern Pacific Ocean begins on May 15th and lasts through November 30th. This is a long season, but most of the storms that occur hit between the months of August and October, with September being the peak month.

Choose Winter and Spring

The best time of year to complete a seawall construction project in Tampa is in the winter or spring. Schedule the project for December through early May, and you will have the best conditions for building. The weather will be at its mildest, which can prevent any delays from rain, storms, wind, or heat.

Consult the Professionals at Priority Marine for Seawall Construction in Tampa

When you want to build a wall to prevent the water from eroding your shoreline and eating away at your land, rely on the professionals at Priority Marine. They can help you schedule the perfect time for seawall construction so the process goes smoothly, on time, and on budget. Call them today at (727) 447-1373 or contact them online to discuss your project.

Are Vinyl Seawalls Better Than Other Materials?

The safety of your coastal Tampa home requires attention to potential overflow and storm damage. With vinyl seawalls, clients can invest in a long-lasting structure that provides benefits like easy access to water. Common issues when building a wall include ineffective designs and hazardous materials. Using the wrong paint can result in harmful volatile chemicals leaving a greasy film on top of the water. Vinyl is not only lighter and easier to install, but it comes in dozens of colors, custom shapes, and sizes.

Steel Seawalls

While steel is durable, many individuals are unaware that it isn’t as resistant to corrosive salt water. While erosion can very slowly remove concrete, steel can rapidly decay due to damage. Often, there’s a thin protective layer over the steel. If that’s scratched deeply enough, salt water can sink into the metal, weakening it.

Concrete Seawalls

Concrete is often used for constructing vertical walls because of its strength and affordability. But, it still sometimes requires steel reinforcements. Concrete can also be part of gravity barriers. While effective at absorbing energy, massive waves can sometimes push blocks out of place. There’s also the issue of cracks. Sometimes the best alternative is to construct vinyl seawalls instead. In some cases, concrete barriers use plastic sheet pilings to increase effectiveness and longevity.

Vinyl Seawalls

Vinyl materials offer the best of concrete and steel without the negatives. Using the right materials can mean longer lasting barriers. Plastic like vinyl is not always fit for marine construction. Specific types like CMI ShoreGuard Sheet Pilings are made for long-term contact with corrosive salt water. Also, they are by far the most cost-effective option. Compared to heavy steel and dense concrete, plastics are easy to produce. Since they’re also extremely non-reactive, you don’t have to worry about chemicals leeching into the water. Tampa properties who rely on a marine construction company like Priority Marine can benefit from durable materials with a cost-effective structure.

Contact Priority Marine for More Marine Construction Services

Tampa residents should never wait before building protective vinyl seawalls. Storms can be unpredictable and leave coastal properties in ruin. At Priority Marine, homeowners can also benefit from marine construction services relating to:

  • Docks
  • Boardwalks
  • Boat Lifts
  • Boat Houses

For vinyl seawalls and more, you can contact Priority Marine in Tampa at (727) 447-1373 or by going online.

Choose an Expert for Long-Lasting Seawall Construction Services

Seawall construction services are a great way to enhance the appearance and value of your property in Tampa. Priority Marine specializes in providing quality marine construction and maintenance for you. Your waterfront property in Florida can be exposed to severe weather conditions, and having a seawall is one of the best ways to protect against erosion. Salt water can also be damaging to structures on your property; this can be prevented by having a barrier in place.

What Can Seawall Construction Services Do for Your Property?

The first and most important purpose of having a seawall in place is protection. It protects your property from weather and the elements such as high tides and strong currents. Having a wall can also increase the value of your property for insurance and re-selling purposes. When you hire the professionals at Priority Marine for seawall construction services, they consider all aspects of what you might need from a marine contractor in Tampa. They consider things like water levels, wave activity, and the elevation of your property before construction begins. They also make sure to abide by your wishes on matters such as appearance, function, and most importantly, budget.

Seawall Construction

As a part of Priority Marine’s seawall construction services, they offer high-quality seawall installation. Their experts make sure to use the highest-quality products during construction, such as patented CMI Shoreguard sheet piling. It has been tested to withstand corrosion, harsh weather, and damage. Shoreguard sheet piling comes in a variety of colors and textures to best fit your vision.

Seawall Repair

Whether Priority Marine installed your seawall in Tampa, or the work was done by someone else and needs repair, they are here to help. Even with the highest quality of construction, materials degrading over time is inevitable, and eventually, repairs are necessary. When that time comes, contact Priority Marine to find out whether your seawall is eligible for repairs or needs to be rebuilt entirely. Their experienced professionals will give you an honest estimate and make sure to explain your options.

Choose Priority Marine in Tampa

If you are living on waterfront property in Tampa, you need seawall construction services to protect and add value to your property. The experts at Priority Marine can come out and give you a full estimate of a solution that will work best for you. To learn more, give them a call today at (727) 447-1373. You can also leave a message on their website.

Residential Seawalls: Concrete vs Vinyl

Most Tampa properties that have a seawall that was installed before the past ten years or so have one that is made of concrete. In recent years, developments in marine technology have allowed for sturdier, longer-lasting, more lightweight materials like vinyl to take center stage. However, as a property owner, there are benefits to both concrete and vinyl residential seawalls.

Choosing the Right Residential Seawalls

Property owners have many choices when it comes to residential seawalls. Do you want a vertical, curved, or mound-style wall? Do you want to be able to install a boat lift and a dock over the wall? Will there be a lot of foot traffic on or near the wall? Questions like these will affect decisions like what material you choose.

You’ll have to factor in the shoreline, the tidal patterns, your property’s elevation, your usage, budget restraints and appearance into your decision. A marine contractor can help you make these decisions so that you get the best wall for your property.


Many Tampa residents choose concrete because, for a long time, it’s been the standard choice. Concrete is hard, heavy, and lasts a decent amount of time. For the most part, it stands up to tides and waves for about 30 years, on average. However, for it to be truly strong, it needs reinforced steel to maintain its structure. However, the nature of concrete leads to cracks, holes, and erosion from saltwater, so it requires a lot of maintenance and upkeep.


Many clients in the Tampa area choose vinyl residential seawalls because of the material’s properties. Vinyl can last upwards of 50 years, on average, which is almost twice as long as concrete. In addition, vinyl is known for its durability since it stands up to saltwater. Vinyl does not crack, rust, or rot like concrete can in saltwater. Many people who have concrete walls begin to replace them with vinyl as they start to deteriorate.

CMI Shoreguard sheet piling, which Priority Marine uses in all its vinyl residential seawalls, comes in many different colors and styles, so you can find the right aesthetic that matches your home. The interlocking design also bolsters the wall and helps it last even longer against harsh weather and erosion.

Choose Priority Marine for Residential Seawalls

When you need professional marine contractors in the Tampa Bay area to install seawalls on your property, then look no further than Priority Marine. They have been serving the Bay area for decades and are known as one of the top marine builders in the area. For everything from boat lifts, dock construction, and seawall repairs, trust the experts. Give them a call today at (727) 447-1373 or contact them online to discuss your project.

Tips for Maintaining Your Seawall from a Seawall Construction Company

With the right seawall construction company in Tampa, you can ensure the longevity and health of your seawall for many years to come. Watch for the issues below and keep these maintenance tips in mind to protect your property from soil erosion and shoreline degradation.

Prevent Corrosion

Depending on the materials your wall is made from, corrosion can be a problem. Obviously, the whole point of a seawall is to prevent erosion of land, so if the wall itself is corroding away, it won’t be able to do its job. If your wall is made of concrete and has rebar structures inside for stability, you may see dark brown-red streaks that indicate corrosion. For other materials, be on the lookout for spots that look rusted or eaten away. To prevent corrosion, perform regular maintenance like repairs and routinely inspect the wall for damage.

Watch Out for Cap Failure

Cap failure is not uncommon for walls that see constant exposure to salt water and other harsh environments like in Tampa Bay. Cracks and expansion in the wall waken caps or cause them to break off completely. This is dangerous because it makes the wall vulnerable during high tides and storms. A seawall construction company can easily repair cracks for any type of wall. Liquid concrete is often used, but for walls made of vinyl, other specific materials must be used for effective maintenance.

Beware of Rusting and Stains

Rusting and rust stains are indicative of corrosion and other issues like fissures or cracks in the wall. If you see any telltale signs of rusting, such as visible streaks or stains, carefully inspect the wall to find the source. If the source is not obvious, call a seawall construction company in Tampa to diagnose the problem. Rust can indicate many potential issues, and you want to be sure to figure out the cause of the problem early on, while it’s easier to fix.

Remove Any Plant Life and Growth

While naturally-occurring plants and flowers along the shoreline can be lovely, they can pose a hazard to the foundation and structure of seawalls. If you notice weeds or other vegetation near your wall, take care to remove them. The root systems can disrupt the foundation of the wall, causing it to crack. These cracks may allow water to seep through the barrier. Remove plant growth on a regular basis. When doing so, make sure you remove vegetation by the roots so they don’t continue growing under the soil.

Choose a Seawall Construction Company Like Priority Marine

When you need a reliable seawall construction company in the Tampa area to help you with seawall maintenance and repairs, trust Priority Marine. They have been helping Bay area residents make the most of their waterfront property for decades. Call them today at (727) 447-1373 or contact them online.