3 Ways to Maintain Your Deck Construction

The backyard of your Clearwater home can be your personal paradise. It can provide space to kick back and relax on a sunny afternoon or to entertain friends and family at a cookout. If you’re considering deck construction or already enjoy one, it’s important to keep it well-maintained throughout the year.

Deck Construction: How to Care for It

Regular washing is one of the key methods for preserving your deck construction in Clearwater. Dust and dirt encourage mildew and fungi growth, which will damage the decking components. Before the wash-down, use a putty knife to eliminate debris from between the cracks. After removing the pieces, sweep the exterior to remove dust and dirt.


Save the washing for a day with cloud coverage to keep the sun from evaporating the cleanser. Different materials call for different supplies and alternate washing methods.

Trex Composite. This decking calls for a soft brush and a cleanser specific to composite surfaces. Tackle grease and oil stains with a commercial greaser. You’ll want to think twice before using a pressure washer; the intense force can damage composite decking.

Wood. A standard deck cleaner is the best choice. You can use a stiff-bristled push broom or a paint roller to apply the cleaner. Follow soaking procedures as described on the product’s label. Once soaking is complete, hose off with water.

Vinyl or PVC. Use a stiff broom to scrub soap and warm water in circular motions on the deck construction in Clearwater. Finish by rinsing completely.

Let it dry completely for two days before sealing it.


Unprotected surfaces are exposed to the elements and are more prone to:

  • Stains from moisture retention
  • Mold and mildew
  • Sun fading
  • Warped boards

Clearwater gets a lot of rain each year and if water pools, it invites fungal growth. The horizontal surface collects moisture, which can lead to staining or rot, which are unsafe and unattractive. Exposure to moisture and too much direct sun can cause boarding to warp, which poses the risk of tripping. In cases like these, the materials must be replaced. Save time and avoid the hassle by sealing your deck construction.

Preventative Measures

A large part of maintaining your structure is simply taking preventative measures.

  • Periodically move chairs, tables, and planters to avoid discoloring.
  • Make sure nearby gutters and downspouts are clear and in good repair.
  • Re-stain scratches to preserve even coloring.
  • Replace damaged planks.
  • Switch uprooted nails to screws.

Uprooted nails are dangerous to bare feet of children or the paws of your pet. A screw-down installation is the best choice to avoid displacement. Proper maintenance keeps your structure safe and clean.

Priority Marine

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Caring For Your Salt Water Boat Lift

Proper care of your boat lift will increase its longevity while ensuring the safety of your watercraft when it is docked. The water around St. Petersburg presents the challenge of salt, which increases the corrosive effects on boats, docks and lifts. To best care for your boat lift, seek the guidance of professional deck building services in your area and devote time to the care and keeping of your lift.

Keep the Bottom Beams Out of the Water When Not In Use

Wear and tear from salt water and marine life can corrode the beams of a dock, and deck building services know to keep the bottom beams out of the water when they are not in use. Doing this protects the beams against barnacle and marine growth common in the waters around St. Petersburg. If water is above the high tide line, raise the beams accordingly to keep them as dry as possible.

Cable Care

One aspect of maintaining your salt water boat lift in St. Petersburg is taking care of the cables. The frequency of use will affect the wear and tear of cables, so it is important to inspect them periodically. If any cable wires are frayed or broken, it is time to replace the cable completely.

Experts providing deck building services will insist that you rinse salt water off the cables every time you launch the vessel; this will help reduce the accrual of salt crystals. Don’t leave cables overboard while you’re out on the water.

Both stainless-steel and galvanized cables can benefit from a few shots of penetrating oil. Spraying the oil every so often helps preserve the coating. Avoid any type of grease, as it will act as a container for moisture within the strands. Another aspect of cable care is checking the drive pipe; this is the part that winds and unwinds the cable. The pipe shaft should be greased with bearing grease.

Check the Sheaves for Even Weight Distribution

Proper weight distribution is vital for picking the craft up. The sheaves must work without sticking, and they should be replaced if the groove where the cable moves within the sheave is not even all the way around. This is an indicator of uneven weight distribution and possible corrosion. Well maintained sheaves allow for an even distribution of weight amongst the cables and sheaves.

Priority Marine Boat Lifts

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Why Choose a Hi-Tide Boat Lift?

If you are lucky enough to live on waterfront property, you probably want to take full advantage of it; whether you want a deck over the water or a dock to keep your boat ready at all times, making sure you choose the right design and features is important. With so many different lifts available, choosing the best one can be difficult. However, once you learn a little more about the Hi-Tide boat lift, the choice will be much easier.

No matter if you have a pair of jet skis or a deep sea fishing vessel, having your watercraft always available to use is one of the best things about living on the water. So, when choosing a storage method, consider some of these great features that this system offers.

Controls and Drives

Instead of purchasing outside equipment and controls, the manufacturers for Hi-Tide boat lifts design, build, and test all of their controls in-house. No other company uses the same technology for drives, ensuring Hi-Tide is the best in the industry. Each lift is guaranteed to have the highest quality of electronic controls available.


The Hi-Tide boat lift was created from over 30 years of experience and testing, in order to create a product that stands the test of time. With components that are much heavier than anything else on the market, this mechanism promises a long lifetime, with little to no maintenance required.


Made with the highest quality grade of marine aluminum on the market, these mechanisms are constructed with specific welding techniques in order to ensure they will stand up against the harsh aquatic environment. The welding technique, compared to the traditional option of bolting, helps to prevent the corrosion of small parts, cutting out the need for necessary repairs.


When looking at the cost of any lift, you not only need to consider the initial installation cost, but you also need to look at how much maintenance will be required over the years. When comparing a Hi-Tide system with other options, it will always stand above the rest because of its durability and longevity.

Priority Marine

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