Hi Tide Boat Lifts: What’s the Difference?

Protecting your boating equipment against the elements is probably a top priority. For this reason, installing a boat lift is something you have either already done or are considering. They protect against fluctuations in water level, which occur daily in salt-water environments. They also protect your watercraft from absorbing water, and they can make it a little easier to set sail for the day.

You’ve spent money and time acquiring your boat, and you have established you would like to take every precaution in protecting it. Now, it’s time to choose a brand and a company to help you. When it comes to protecting your marine property, you won’t want to settle for just any brand or company in St. Petersburg. With a company like Hi Tide Boat Lifts, you are choosing one of the best. Here are a few reasons why:

Years of Experience

With over 30 years of experience in the boating industry, this seasoned, professional company knows what it takes to keep water vessels safe and sound, whether it’s a personal watercraft or one that is commercial-sized. With so many years in the industry, they have proven they can adapt with the times and stay afloat no matter what obstacles come their way.  Their products withstand the test of time, and they are able to cater to the needs of their customers. St. Petersburg companies that install Hi Tide Boat Lifts are offering their customers a veteran brand and a stellar reputation that comes with it.

Quality Construction

So many factors play out when considering a quality product. For this brand, quality comes from high-grade materials coupled with personal testing. From the high-grade aluminum and long-lasting electric motors to the personally manufactured and tested controls and the welded (rather than bolted) construction for St. Petersburg watercraft owners, Hi Tide Boat Lifts does it all. They believe and trust in their product, which means you can, too. You can rely on them to provide you with the best:

  • Marine-quality aluminum construction
  • Years of field-testing experience
  • Same-day replacement parts, if needed
  • Personally designed, built, and tested controls

Hi Tide Boat Lifts Only Works with the Best

When a company esteems their product so highly, it is important to work with companies that have the same ethic. The brand only does business with companies willing to put the same effort and resources into their work, which is why Hi Tide Boat Lifts and Priority Marine make such a great team. If you are considering a lift, give Priority Marine a call at 727-447-1373. We’ve served the St. Petersburg area for decades and are committed to providing you the best service possible.


The Benefits of Vinyl Seawalls

Vinyl Seawalls | Clearwater | Priority Marine
One way to protect the beautiful area and your prized property is by installing vinyl seawalls. These strong retaining devices are meant to defend against erosion, preserving both or your property and the ocean waters. Using this particular material is a great option for the Clearwater area for many reasons, including its aesthetically pleasing look, cost effectiveness, and ability to withstand the weather and water conditions in the Tampa Bay area.

Aesthetically Pleasing

When considering investing in adding vinyl seawalls to your Clearwater property, you want to make sure you are adding something that is not going to take away from the beauty of your home or the surrounding area. Using this versatile polymer is a great choice because it looks newer for longer. You do not have to worry about rust or corrosion showing up like you would if you chose a metal option. You also do not have to worry about the material getting soggy and murky-looking, like wood might.

Cost Effectiveness

Adding a seawall of any kind should be considered a property investment, as it is meant to protect your home from the effects of erosion and weather. When looking at your options, both durability and cost will be elements to consider. Luckily, vinyl seawalls are a cost effective option. Because it takes less time to install, the project can be completed much faster than other options, which bring your installation costs down. Additionally, the sturdy plastic is resistant to wear, bringing down your repair costs.

Durability against Saltwater

Saltwater conditions are harsher than freshwater because of waves, currents, and marine life, all of which have the ability to break down your property’s protective barrier. Luckily, vinyl is a strong and capable material, and it can withstand Clearwater’s temperamental weather conditions. The material will not break down like wood, and it doesn’t corrode or rust like metal. It is more apt to retain its physical appearance and strength against the natural elements.

Choose Priority Marine — Expert Vinyl Seawalls

Once you have made the decision and have decided on a material, make sure you have the most experienced marine construction company on your side. Priority Marine offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise. We are veterans in the business in the Clearwater area, and we pride ourselves on quality. Contact us today for vinyl seawalls and all your other marine construction needs at 727-447-1373.

How to Select a Boat Lift Company

Selecting the right lift for your boat may seem like the hardest part of the process with all of the choices available. This is especially true, considering the large selection available in Tampa. However, choosing the appropriate provider will have a big impact on both your satisfaction in the product and the service you receive. Before purchasing your next boat lift, be sure to consider the different attributes of the boat lift company you are purchasing from.

Does Your Lift Come With A Warranty?

Boat lifts are not cheap. As such, you’ll want to ensure that you’ll have a course of action if any problems arise. Before buying anything, ask what warranty the company offers, if any, and what exactly it covers. Keep in mind that warranties provided by the boat lift company you are buying from are different that manufacturer’s warranties. If your lift is not working, you won’t be able to go back to the company you purchased from if it only includes a manufacturer’s warranty and you didn’t buy direct.

Contacting the Company

When the transaction is over, your relationship with your boat lift provider doesn’t end. Make sure you have a way to contact the company after all is said and done. At Priority Marine in Tampa, we stand behind our products and will remain available to customers to answer any questions and offer help long after a purchase.

Is The Boat Lift Company Reputable?

Companies who offer superior customer service and do well by their products are the companies that will stand the test of time. This is particularly true in the competitive market surrounding Tampa Bay. Simple indicators such as how long the boat lift company has been active in the marine industry and how informative their website appears to be are clues towards their reputation. Also, consider if they ever show at popular boating shows. If so, you can be confident you’re dealing with a legitimate and respectable company.

If you’re looking to buy a quality lift from a reputable boat lift company, contact Priority Marine in Tampa at 727-447-1373. We offer superior customer service and use nothing but the best materials and equipment.