Dock Builders Q & A: Differences between Fresh and Salt Water Docks

As Tampa dock builders, we all have to know the main differences between fresh and saltwater docks; especially since each have their own challenges to overcome. Here at Priority Marine, we recognize that building a backyard anchorage requires materials and components that can stand up to the elements, and can handle being in constant contact with water.  Not every type of wood can handle this; soft wood deteriorates too quickly and requires specialized pressure treatment to last in water containing high saline content.  Hardwoods such as Brazilian Walnut, commonly called Ipe, is very durable and great for resisting both termites and rot.

Many dock builders around Tampa also agree that floating docks are ideal for saltwater for two main reasons:

  • They can withstand the corrosiveness of saltwater.
  • A floating dock ensures that your boat is always at an accessible height to use regardless of the current height of the tide.

If you plan on storing your boat in high salinity for long periods of time, you’ll want to consider the installation a lift in order to keep the boat’s hull safe and dry when not in use. You may also want a freshwater hose installed so you can clean the saline off of themselves and their boat.

Tampa dock builders also take into account how you plan on using the dock. A freshwater one will probably need a place to store a john boat or kayaks, while a seawater one may need a lift or boathouse to store a larger boat or jet skis.  If you don’t have any watercrafts, but instead prefer to use your deck out over the water for entertainment purposes; installing a gazebo to protect your guests from the sun and having a big enough area for a table are important aspects to keep in mind.

For dock builders in Tampa, there are many different elements of design to take into account before even beginning construction.  While the construction methods for  fresh and saltwater docks may be similar, they do have their differences, and each can benefit from different additions. No matter if you are oceanfront or lakeside, call us at Priority Marine to begin your construction today at 727-447-1373.