Boat Docks in Sarasota

Are you looking to build a boat dock in Sarasota? If so you have come to the right place! We are Priority Marine and we are ready to serve all of your marine construction needs. Our company has had over 30 years of experience and we have the dedication and determination to provide you the marine construction and customer service that is as concrete as the boat docks that we build. When shopping around for your boating needs keep in mind that we have screened all the materials that we have in our warehouse to carefully build your custom port, whether it is a freshwater lake dock, boat lift, seawall, or a home deck.

A great piece of information to know when working with our company is that we meet all the local building codes for Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice, Port Charlotte, Anna Maria Island, Longboat Key, and Siesta Key. We guarantee that your port will be constructed to last for decades and will be friendly to the Florida marine environment life. Once your new boat dock in Sarasota is built, it will be a place for you, your family and friends to enjoy daily. For further questions and information call 727-447-1373.


Dock Builders in Sarasota

There are some Floridians who look out onto their driveway and see two things: their car and possibly their boat. Now, maybe their boat is located in a facility that houses others; however, both situations all come to the same conclusion of getting it into the water. What if that person is tried of paying a place or carting it down to a boat ramp just to either have it take it out the same day? If you find yourself in any of these situations, maybe it’s time to hire dock builders in Sarasota. The associates at Priority Marine specialize in creating top quality boat docks that suit the requests of many of their clients, displaying pure professionalism and trustworthiness of a company that is willing to construct your next step in taking pride of owning a watercraft.

Having honing their business for over 30 years, Priority Marine are made of avid and experienced boaters that know exactly what their clientele seeks in a dock, but don’t let the fact that they are boaters fool you about their services. They staff highly skilled and trained professionals, able to take on any job pertaining to a top notch dock. Priority Marine knows that having a boat is more than just a lifestyle; it about keeping it respectful to what their clients are looking for, as well as designed and equipped to the latest standards of a boater should have. Don’t be left in the dark the next time you see your neighbor parking his boat on a dock you dreamed of having. Contact Priority Marine at 727.447.1373 to insure that you have the qualified dock builders in Sarasota.

Custom Boat Decks in Sarasota

In Sarasota, as well as all of Florida, folks enjoy the beautiful bays, estuaries, and beaches. Folks want to get close to their glorious natural surroundings which are often enough right in their own backyards. Custom boat decks in Sarasota give folks a place from which to soak up the beauty of nature, entertain friends and family, launch their boats, or just plain chill.

The familiar fixed T, fisherman, or harbor shapes instantly spring to mind when we envision our new custom boat deck; the port patio, and sun patio shapes are popular because of their versatility. Floridians want to get the most out of their waterfront space. A custom boat deck in Sarasota can combine a boat dock with a recreational deck space for entertaining and relaxing.

What’s wanted in a custom boat deck is durability. Exposure to the elements can cause deterioration. The latest composite materials can ward off the effects of the sun, saltwater, mildew, and other corrosive agents. High quality, pressure treated wood, with a wax, water repellent additive is an option for decking. Using stainless screws and galvanized bolts also goes a long way to preserving custom boat decks in Sarasota.

There are many factors to consider when installing a custom boat deck in Sarasota. The type of boat, currents and tidal flow, wind and wave exposure, water level, stability of the shoreline, and environmental regulations are just some of these considerations. Aesthetic, recreational, and functional design factors are also important.

Priority Marine based in Clearwater Beach, Florida specializes in custom marine construction. Contact Priority Marine at 727 447 1373.

Boat Lifts in Clearwater

The Bay Area has been known to be great for fishermen, sailors, and even the recreational boater. Many people are used to getting their boat into the water via boat ramp or even utilizing a professional facility that houses other boats; however, many of these places are either busy or requiring the use of a high horse powered vehicle to transport the boat back and forth. Even if one were able to get it into the water, there are still risks out there of damaging the boat as well as other complications accompanied with getting it into the water. One of the best solutions offered locally are boat lifts.  While one can ask where in Pinellas to find the best, there is one business that offers the finest boat lifts in Clearwater: Priority Marine.

Having over 30 years of experience, Priority Marine prides themselves in not only serving Clearwater, but other cities such as Sarasota, Saint Pete, and as far as Fort Myers. Being avid, experienced boaters, they promise to provide some of the unsurpassed boat lifts in Clearwater alone. They understand what endeavors most people undertake in order to enjoy their time out on the water. By actively listening to their client’s need, they will come out to any house, business, or dock to install the highest quality boat lift desired. With their ecofriendly standards, Priority Marine recognizes all wildlife and coastal conservation essentials. They back up their principles with active involvement at many boat expos and stay up-to-date with all the current trends in the industry. With accreditations ranging as far as Clearwater Fire and Rescue, Priority Marine gives many of its consumers the reason to find them having the most sought out boat lifts in Clearwater.