Protect Your Property with Seawall Construction

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Living on the coast can be a beautiful thing. However, it can be difficult to maintain. Without the proper knowledge of design. So, what is one to do when the ocean threatens their property? Well, the best choice is to rely on a Marine Construction company to manage projects. It is not easy to do projects by yourself in in DIY style without experience. You could end up damaging your property in addition to wasting your money and time. No one wants their valuable time to go to waste. So instead, hiring professionals can ensure quality. For instance, seawall construction can help protect your outdoor areas from the water and is not an easy undertaking. When it comes to Marine Construction, Priority Marine has the expertise to handle you Bradenton project. Whether you need maintenance or something new built, we have the knowledge and experience to get the job done.

What Can Priority Marine Do for You?

Dealing with construction on land is one thing but Marine Construction requires different materials and factors. Depending on your situation, you may want a different material to be used in your seawall construction. With a professional Marine Construction company, you can learn about the different kinds that can be constructed and what is best for you. Maybe you already have a wall in place but it has fallen into disrepair. Do not wait until it deteriorates even further, contact Priority Marine instead to get the help you need with you Bradenton property. Choices such as rip rap walls can be a great addition to any location. Throughout Florida, we like to enjoy nature and the natural look of the material is an additional benefit. Also, customers do not have to go somewhere else if they have more marine contractor needs. At Priority Marine, we can help with:

  • Wood decking
  • Boat docks
  • Repairs and Construction
  • And boat lifts

Our focus is not to bleed you out with costly materials or easily deteriorating design but longevity and quality. We know that you care about your Bradenton property and want to feel safe knowing you have protection from the waters. By taking into account all the factors of your situation, seawall construction can combat erosion while also looking great. Instead of worrying about your items and home, Bradenton homeowner can hire marine contractors to handle their seawall construction. There can be many factors to account for when handling construction on waterfront property.

Ready to Start Your Bradenton Seawall Construction?

Without the right experience and knowledge of materials, you can end up doing more harm than good. With Priority Marine, you can leave the difficult work to the ones who with experience and certification. Whether you need boat docks, lifts, and repairs to ensure your waterfront property is work and avoids water and erosion. You can contact Priority Marine today at 727-447-1373 or online to begin improvements or construction on your waterfront property as soon as possible.


Wood Decking: When You Want the Real Deal

In marine construction, there are numerous types of synthetic and composite materials used in the creation of boat docks and waterfront decks. However, many people prefer the classic look of wood decking. Real grains and the appearance of knots simply can’t be duplicated in a laboratory. Priority Marine builds all kinds of structures in Sarasota, with the materials you choose. Although composites reduce deck maintenance — they don’t rot or decay with time, bugs, or weather — they simply don’t have the same appeal of real wood. It all depends on what you’re after.

What Materials Do You Want For Your Wood Decking?

Ipe is a strong and durable South American hardwood. With more than three decades in the marine construction business, Priority Marine recommends Brazilian Ipe for wood decking. It’s been an industry standard for decades. In fact, the boardwalk at New York’s famed Coney Island — an extremely high-traffic area — was originally constructed with Ipe and other Amazonian hardwoods. New York continues to use Ipe in repairs and replacements when they become necessary. It’s weight-bearing, insect-resistant, and gives the boardwalk that classic, wooden-plank look.

Redwood and cedar are two softwoods some prefer for their wood decking. They are known to be resistant to insect activity, decay, and the harsh Florida weather. Cedar heartwood is also moisture-resistant. Since moisture getting into the boards is the cause of eventual splits, twists, and cracks, cedar is popular as a deck lumber. You’ll find cedar wood decking all over Sarasota and the entire Bay area. It’s beautiful wood with an appealing natural look. And it smells nice!

Pressure-treated lumber is certainly the most durable choice for wood decking. Although it’s not as durable as the South American hardwoods and not as beautiful, it is less expensive. In the long run, pressure-treated pine lumber is something of an industry standard. Technically, here’s how it happens: chemical preservatives are driven deep into the fibers of the wood. These render the decking boards virtually impenetrable by insects such as termites, fungus, and other organisms of decay.

Seek Out Priority Marine in Sarasota

Whatever material you choose for your deck needs to be maintained, periodically treated, and – over time – replaced. That’s the way nature works. The experts at Priority Marine help create the exact deck you see in your mind’s eye. Whether it’s adjacent to a boat dock, or a free-standing backyard patio, we consult, advise, and recommend. Then we build, using the materials that you’ve decided are ideal for your Sarasota deck.

For decks, docks, boardwalks, boat lifts, and more in Sarasota, call Priority Marine at (727) 447-1373 or contact us today.

Priority Marine: Your Wood Decking Company Experts

Most important to someone upgrading an existing dock or purchasing a new one is the amount of decking options available to choose from. It’s a big decision! No element of any dock system connects more closely than the decking. That’s why it’s important to choose the appropriate materials suited to your needs. At Priority Marine, your wood decking company of Bradenton, we are here to inform you of the basic differences between the various materials.

Deciding Between Softwood and Hardwood Decking

Price difference is likely the first thing you’ll notice between hardwood and softwood. Hardwoods take substantially longer to grow than softwoods, hence the higher cost. Another obvious difference between the two is density. Because hardwoods spend more time in the ground, they end up being more dense, compact and heavier. Softwood, being less dense, is easier to drill and cut. As a wood decking company, we believe there are pros and cons of each.

Whatever you go with, you’ll be glad to know they both contain natural tannins and oils to help guard against decay and insects. Each type will require nearly the same level of maintenance. Generally speaking, you’ll want stain it every three to four years and pressure wash it annually to keep it looking great. Stain and finish aren’t absolutely necessary though. It’s a matter of preference.  If left untreated, both will weather to a nice silver finish. The constant beating from the harsh summer sun of Bradenton will expedite the weathering process.

The Pros and Cons of Pressure-Treated Decking

If you’ve chosen to hire a wood decking company to install the most important part of your dock, but your trying to do so on a budget, then pressure treated wood may be your best bet. It’s definitely the most popular selection due to its cost effectiveness. It’s also hard enough to resist abuse and it’s sustainable. It can easily withstand the harsh climate experienced in Bradenton.

Priority Marine: Your Industry Leading Wood Decking Company

With several different options to choose from and years of experience backing us, Priority Marine is the leading wood decking company in Bradenton and the surrounding area.  We’re dedicated to constructing quality outdoor docks and patios to fit your waterfront needs. Call us today to get your project underway at 727-447-1373.

How to Choose the Best Wood Decking Company

If you are planning to install a dock in Bradenton, you’ll need the best wood decking company in Hillsborough County. An internet search on Yelp! or Angie’s List might yield a long line of contractors, but how do you select the best one? As leading professionals in marine construction, we have some pointers.

Assess Your Needs

Before you call anybody, make sure you identify what you want or need. For some, this might be an entirely new dock with a boat lift. For others, it may look like minor repairs or replacing the existing platform. By considering what you need, you can target your search and locate a marine construction business to assist you.

Ask Around

Once you have identified several establishments in the Bradenton area, ask friends, family, and acquaintances for their input. Individuals who live on the waterfront are especially helpful because they likely know who built their dock or have a wood decking company that conducts repairs when needed. Neighbors and local relatives alike can point you toward contractors who use the best materials and communicate clearly, and they can help you steer clear of financial surprises, delayed finish dates, and more.

Schedule a Consultation

Narrow down your choices and schedule at least two consultations with area businesses. It’s best if you can conduct them in person so that you can get a better feel for the contractor, but a phone interview can be helpful if you’re unable to meet somewhere in Bradenton. During your consultation with a wood decking company, inquire about subjects like:

  • Materials used
  • Licensure of builders
  • Construction procedures
  • Anticipated completion date
  • Additional enhancements
  • Proof of insurance

No question is too menial and every idea is welcome! Our staff will identify what’s possible and utilize materials that will last, all while honoring your budget!

Reflect on Quality

The consultations may have sparked your excitement about marine construction, but we urge you to reflect on the quality of the corporations you interviewed. By giving yourself at least 3 days to revisit the notes you took and the conversations you had, as well as the pricing sheets, you are more likely to make a better wood decking company selection in Bradenton. Sure, one establishment might offer significantly lower prices, but what if you found it difficult to communicate with the lead contractor and discover that the lumber they use has multiple knots in it? Not only will Priority Marine listen to your concerns and ask for your input, but they also use top rate materials like Southern Pine lumber and Brazilian walnut hardwood to provide our clients with options to choose from.

Priority Marine— Bradenton’s #1 Wood Decking Company!

What sets Priority Marine apart? Our dedication to customer satisfaction and our commitment to high-quality materials! Beyond our work as a wood decking company, we offer marine construction and repair services like:

Whether you need a hi-tide lift or want a platform made from Brazilian walnut hardwood, we can make your designs a reality in Bradenton! Call 727-447-1373 for more information!

Should You Choose Composite or Wood Decking

Wood decking can be a great home addition to creating a picture-perfect setting for Fourth of July cookouts, pool parties in the hot Sarasota heat, or even just a relaxing evening under the stars this summer. But choosing the perfect surface for your retreat takes a lot of consideration with material, upkeep, and of course cost in mind.

Is One Material Better Than the Other?

Composite surfaces are composed of 100% plastic material and can even be constructed from recycled materials such as milk jugs or soda bottles while wood surfaces can be made from a wide range of natural lumbers. Of course as a homeowner you want to build your wood decking addition with a material that is going to create the longest lasting surface. When it comes to that concern, these two materials have about the same life span. It is more important to ask yourself other questions such as: Will my surface be in the shade or in the hot sun? What will be the purpose of this addition? How often will I be using my outside space?

How Much Time Are You Willing to Spend on Upkeep?

Before making a final decision on which outdoor surface is best for your Sarasota home, it is necessary to evaluate how much time you are able to spend on wood decking upkeep. No matter what you decide both surfaces require maintenance to prevent fading and warping. But for instance, pressure washing, as well as household cleaners can easily clean the surface of a composite surface while it is recommended to leave lumber cleaning to a professional in order to preserve the natural color and texture.

What Does Your Budget Look Like?

Just like any addition to one’s home, keeping your project on budget is important. In regards to wood decking, price is directly related to material, quantity, and quality. In addition to the initial building cost there are finishing costs and maintenance fees to remember as well. It’s important to not only calculate the initial square footage price but the long term cost as well.

Priority Marine

There is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing the right surface for you and your outdoor addition. The decision between composite and wood decking is a personal preference that also depends on commitment and budget. Priority Marine of Sarasota is your source for marine construction. Contact us today at (727) 447-1373 and let us help you make the decision that is right for you and your backyard!

Composite or Wood Decking?

If you are a St. Petersburg resident lucky enough to have a large backyard, or even a waterfront yard, you might be considering adding a deck or dock. This new addition is a great place to enjoy our wonderful, yard-round warm weather, and a perfect place to host some neighborhood get-togethers. Before you begin construction, an important factor to consider is what material to use—composite or wood decking.

As both offer numerous advantages and disadvantages, there is no clear cut winner when people ask which is best, since it all depends on your needs and budget. Once you look at what both materials have to offer, and you consider price, style, and upkeep, the choice will get easier.


When deciding between composite and wood decking for your St. Petersburg yard, the first thing you should consider is cost. You don’t want to fall in love with something that is way over budget! While composite will typically have one flat price, lumber will have a wide range, depending on the type and if it is treated to untreated. Cost will also depend on how large your deck is, so make sure you have mapped out the area and measured it first. Once you have chosen a budget, you will be able to see what materials are available to you, and narrow it down from there.


Regardless of which material, a deck is a large investment, so make sure you choose a look that you love. When it comes to wood decking, you will get a much more natural, rustic, beachy look, depending on if you go for a lighter or darker colored wood. As composite is manufactured, it will have a cleaner, more modern look. When choosing, you should also consider which will match best with your home’s exterior.


When it comes to keeping your St. Petersburg deck looking brand new, both composite and wood decking will require some upkeep. Composite will simply need to be cleaned with a pressure washer, while lumber requires a bit more. However, how much more will depend on the quality; more economical choices like pine will chip easier than mahogany or Ipe. Regardless of the type, wood should be stained and sealed every 1-3 years to keep it healthy and looking great.

Priority Marine

You can do all of the research in the world on the pros and cons of each material, but when it comes down to it, having a professional’s opinion is always helpful. Priority Marine will easily be able to help you choose which material will be the best choice for you.

For more information, or to get started on your project in St. Petersburg, call them today at 727-477-1373.

The Benefits of Wood Decking

Installing wood decking in your Clearwater yard is an easy way to improve the appearance of your backyard and deck. Some people are intimidated by the prospect of using wood because they know maintenance is required in order to keep the material safe and aesthetically pleasing. Don’t let this throw you off! At Priority Marine, we use the finest technology and materials so you can be assured your deck will be durable and long-lasting. We can also point you to easy and efficient maintenance and care. Here are some of the benefits of our services.

Wood Decking is Versatile

If you live in Clearwater, chances are there is more than just one place where we could install wood decking for you! You may want:

  • The perfect dock for your boat
  • A place to dry off or lay out by the pool
  • A waterfront deck where you can sit and enjoy the view

These are just a few examples of services Priority Marine can do for you. We know that each home is unique. Therefore, each deck is going to be distinct and reflect on the owner’s personality and preference. The beauty of wood is that we can change it to suit your needs and ideas. Our decking services can supply you with just about any idea you may have!

A Natural and Beautiful Ambiance

People gravitate towards wood decking in Clearwater because it fits in with the attractive scenery so well. Real wood is often considered the most authentic-looking type of deck, and is usually what people think of when they imagine a dock or waterfront by the ocean. At Priority Marine, we know how to treat wood properly so it will be durable and long-lasting while still maintaining its aesthetic appeal. We have a variety of types to choose from as well, including rot resistant and an entire spectrum of colors. We will supply you with the high quality materials that will endure harsh conditions while still looking great; you don’t have to choose one or the other with us! We have been in the wood decking business for 30 years, and our customer reviews prove we have the experience and professionalism to get the job done right. If you’re in the Clearwater area, give us a call at 727-447-1373 so we can help transform your home!