Need Seawall Repair? You’ve Got Options

Seawall Repair | Clearwater | Priority MarineThe only thing between your waterfront home and the Gulf of Mexico is a seawall. Whether you live directly on the Gulf, alongside Clearwater Harbor, or somewhere nearby, the salt water is trying to get in. Erosion is a natural process of tide and time. The ceaseless repetition of waves beating against a sea barrier can weaken its foundation and ultimately threaten your property. Therefore, periodic inspection and maintenance are important. And when you need expert seawall repair, count on the professionals at Priority Marine.

Erosion, Exposure, and Hurricanes in Clearwater

A traditional seawall constructed of steel-reinforced concrete has a life expectancy of approximately 30 years. Three decades of constant exposure to the corrosive effects of salt water will test even the most durable of substances. Also, Clearwater and the other Gulf Coast cities are at the mercy of hurricane season every June through November. Consequently, seawall repair along our coast is a year-round business. Hurricane winds and tides erode and decay walls from the inside out. Seawall failure doesn’t necessarily happen over a long period. A particularly violent storm can exacerbate an existing weakness, causing the wall to buckle or collapse.

Priority Marine uses synthetic construction materials from Crane Material International (CMI). The company’s Shoreguard barriers are corrosion resistant; they’re also flexible and install much more quickly than traditional materials. They leave a smaller footprint on the environment. CMI Shoreguard composite barriers are now protecting homeowners in all 50 states; consequently, you’ll find them all over Clearwater — the proud work of the Priority Marine team.

Is Seawall Repair In Your Immediate Future?

How do you know if you need seawall repair? Let’s say you have a traditional wall, made of concrete reinforced with steel rebar. Behind the wall, you might notice small sinkholes places where the soil is eroding inward and down through the structure. Again, this is a natural process working against an unnatural barrier. If you can see rust-colored cracks anywhere along the cap and down into the concrete, saltwater has seeped in and is corroding the structural rebar. Cracks, obviously, are a bad sign, indicating a compromise of the wall itself. The next storm may exert enough force to bring the entire thing down.

Materials including stone, treated wood, and coquina rock are used to build sea barriers in Clearwater. We use CMI composites in our construction, and recommend this advanced technology for seawall repair.

Let Priority Marine take a look at your seawall — we’ll help you keep the water out! Call (727) 447-1373 or contact us today.


Signs You Need Seawall Repair

Seawall Repair | Priority Marine
Depending on the type of wall you originally had installed and the method of installation, you may need to seek out a seawall repair service sooner, rather than later. The water in Ellenton —whether the ocean, a lake, or a canal— is powerful and manmade structures will not last forever. Unforgiving tides, wave forces, and water composition eat away at concrete and steel and ruin them after many years. Although most professionally crafted seawalls will last many decades (anywhere from thirty to fifty years), without the proper maintenance and upkeep, their life span will be reduced considerably. Be on the lookout for signs of decay before the structure is beyond repair.


Perhaps one of the most visible signs that a seawall repair is in order is cracks or fractures in the material. Whether your wall is constructed of concrete, vinyl, aluminum, rocks, boulders, steel, or any other conventional materials, you should examine it regularly for any cracks or crevices. Depending on the material and the size of the crack, it may or may not be cause for concern. However, it is always best to have a seawall repair professional in Ellenton examine it to be on the safe side.


Just as you would not want your house in Ellenton to crumble, you do not want the structure preventing the water from eating away at the shore from crumbling away. If you walk out on the wall and hear tumbling, follow the source of the noise. If some rocks or stones are falling from the wall into the water, the foundation may be unsound. You need to have the base examined for adhesion because, odds are, the base of the wall (the part underwater) is wearing away.


The whole point of building a marine barrier is to prevent the strong tides and weather from eroding the shoreline. Whether you have a house near the water, your business sits by the oceanfront, or you want to protect a natural shorefront, you need this barrier to reduce wave damage. If you see eroding banks, it is time to call in a seawall repair specialist in Ellenton.

Call Priority Marine for Seawall Repair

When you notice the telltale signs of the need for seawall repair, do not wait. Call Priority Marine right away! We will examine the wall to determine what the best course of action is. For more information, contact us today to learn more about our commercial and residential work in Ellenton.

Save Thousands of Dollars with Expert Seawall Repair

Expert Seawall RepairSeawall repair is vital to those living in Tampa because of the constant erosion from severe weather. If you have had one installed in the last two years or prior to that time, it is highly recommended that you have a skilled professional examine it for any weak points. Remember, though, it is important to select someone whose work you can trust. Make sure you get only the highest quality assistance with Priority Marine.

Why get Seawall Repair?

Once the structure has been built, it is easy to forget about upkeep and maintenance. In fact, many find themselves completely aloof to their state until they find something seriously wrong. Do not wait until the costs become too high, or until something severe happens, such as the structure collapsing. Intervene early with seawall repair.

When you take initiative earlier on, you give yourself a substantially larger chance to protect your investments in Tampa. Whether it is a watercraft, boat lift, or dock, you are protected when they are secured to a sturdy foundation. If this foundation is compromised, you may find yourself requiring thousands of dollars to get all of them fixed. Do not fall into this dilemma. Take preventative measures to prevent extra, unnecessary costs.

Priority Marine – Premium Construction and Repair

Getting seawall repair for your waterfront property in Tampa will mean all of your other investments are locked in and secured. You will not have to worry about the soil eroding and ruining your backyard. Priority Marine has three styles of walls:

  • Vertical
  • Curved
  • Mound

They are used for different reasons because each has its own distinct advantages. No matter what type of wall you already have, they know how to make it better.

The dedicated specialists at Priority Marine are proud of the services they provide because they know all of their structures of exceptionally well made. With over 30 years of experience in marine construction, these skilled builders continue to regard customer satisfaction as one their most important values. When you choose them for your seawall repair in Tampa, you know that you are going to receive the most dependable service. That is why they have won numerous awards for superior customer satisfaction and top-notch professionals.

So what are you waiting for? There is no better time than now to get the maintenance your home desperately needs. Call 727-447-1373 and speak with a representative today.

Do I Need Seawall Repair?

The seawall that divides your Bradenton home from the waterfront is one the most important property features to keep well maintained and repaired. When a hurricane comes into town, that little structure plays a big role in keeping you and your residence safe. Not convinced? Below you will find some good information on this important part of your waterfront home and how seawall repair can help.

The Importance of a Seawall

A seawall’s primary purpose is to contain the soil in your yard from deteriorating into the water adjacent to your Bradenton home. This structure is crucial to keeping your yard in good condition, as well as guarding against the saltwater from zapping all the nutrients out of your soil. An edifice of this sort is also extremely important in protecting your yard from flooding, and your home from water damage.

When Do I need to Repair?

Waves can deliver a constant beating, especially with the unpredictable weather in Bradenton. As in life, a small mistake can cause a lot of damage. The same principle applies to cracks in your yards bulwark. In order to ensure that this construction works to its full capacity, you should have a local company inspect it for cracks and other damage. And then have your seawall repaired accordingly.

Is This a Good DIY Project?

If you’re considering making a DIY project out of this repair, don’t do it. The quality of your seawall repair can greatly influence how well it functions in the future to protect your Bradenton home from water. Hiring a good marine construction company to do this project for you is one of the wisest decisions you can make. A company that has been in business for decades, such as Priority Marine, is an expert at finding damage, and effectively repairing it. Not only that, but Priority Marine will inspect your entire structure, not just the easily identifiable cracks, in order to ensure that every possible problem is taken care of.

Do you need seawall repair in Bradenton, or do you need one installed? Call Priority Marine at 727-447-1373.

Do I Need Seawall Repair? St. Petersburg Storm Damage

The condition of your seawall is something you should monitor, and if you spot any weakness or defect, you should consider seawall repair for your St. Pete property. The purpose of aquatic fortification is to protect the land from eroding, but once serious erosion or faults become apparent in the wall itself, it’s time to repair or replace it. Unless your embankment is physically crumbling and being washed away, it can be difficult to tell when you need seawall repair in St. Pete. Here are Priority Marine’s advice and tell-tale signs you need maintenance and how they can be serviced:


Cracks are signs that the wall, seafloor, or dry land has shifted. This can happen over time as the features of nature change or take a toll on certain areas. Water penetrates cracks and gets in between the material, eroding it from the inside out. Left unattended, cracks can eventually grow and collapse the fortification altogether. Cracks occur in concrete most often. Crevices can be filled or reinforced with a variety of materials depending on what the barrier is made of. Priority Marine’s seawall repair in St. Pete can service any material surface.

If the boundary is cracked shortly after construction, contact your builder immediately, as this can be a sign of defective work.

Sea and Plant Life

Your wall will often border grass, plants, or possibly even trees. Although beautiful, some plant life can threaten stability if it grows out of control. Tree roots can cause some shifting and cracking quickly, but even some smaller rooted life can test the limits. Sea life is far less threatening, although some plants do root themselves below the water. Barnacles are not much of a threat, although they can ruin the aesthetic appeal and can damage boats and rafts in the water.

How Priority Marine Can Help

Priority Marine will tell you if there are any concerning features of your barrier that need maintenance. If you have cracks, or are fearful that you do, Priority Marine will inspect your entire wall for faults. Using knowledge of Florida weather, the surrounding environment of the embankment, and the patterns of nature throughout the year, Priority Marine makes sure your erosion protection is stable without flaw. As an experienced company for St. Pete seawall repair, Priority Marine is equipped with concrete, boulders, steel, gabions, vinyl, wood, aluminum, and fiberglass to make repairs specific to your property.

If your barrier is beyond repair and you need a replacement, Priority Marine can build a new fortress against erosion. To learn more about repairs and replacements, call 727-447-1373.

Sarasota Seawall Repair

Hurricane season is almost here and if you live on the water in Sarasota, then you understand how critical your seawall is for protecting your property. However, maintaining the structural integrity of your seawall isn’t exactly a do-it-yourself kind of job. Between tool costs and proper knowledge, Sarasota Seawall repair can become an extremely difficult task. Priority Marine, as one of the premiere aquatic construction companies in the Tampa Bay area, has the knowledge, man-power, and experience to professionally maintain your seawall and keep your property protected against the elements.

Why is Your Seawall important?

Priority Marine’s professional Sarasota seawall repair is a lot like the Night’s Watch from George R. R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones; we protect your land from all the evil and destruction beyond your wall. Essentially, your seawall is your property’s the first and usually last line of defense against the elements. Without a properly maintained seawall, your property is susceptible to numerous pitfalls:

Erosion – When it rains in Sarasota (which is does often) the soil underneath your grasses and other plants becomes loose and shifts around. If your seawall has cracks and flaws in its structure, then there will be more movement of the ground beneath your house. This can cause serious problems in the future for your property. Because the ground underneath your house shifts with every storm, the integrity of your foundation can come into question as well. Without a properly maintained seawall, your risk of a sinkhole is greatly increased.

The Tides – First and foremost, Priority Marine’s Sarasota seawall repair protects you against the raising and lowering of the tides. We’ve all seen the water in Sarasota rise to alarming levels when a tropical storm or hurricane hits, which they do every year without fail. If your seawall isn’t properly reinforced, these extreme conditions can destroy your yard in a matter of minutes. If the ground beneath your property is already loose from erosion, the trees and other plants in your yard can become uprooted and cause even more damage.

Without comprehensive Sarasota seawall repair, you put your property, yourself, and your family at risk. With hurricane season close at hand, it is important to have a structurally sound seawall. So today, go out to your wall and inspect it for any cracks, deterioration, or any other structural flaws. If you are concerned about the integrity of your seawall, contact Priority Marine at (727) 447-1373 and inquire about their professional Sarasota seawall repair services.           

Seawall Repair in Sarasota

Are you finding small cracks and wear around your seawall? Worried about the integrity and bounce around ideas on how to get it repaired? Prolonged damage can lead towards even costly repairs within the near future and should be handled immediately by experienced professionals. For seawall repair in Sarasota, consider on hiring the professional handymen at Priority Marine. They understand that your seawall is not only important to maintaining a pleasant looking environment, but also preventing your land of being eroded into the water. Using nothing but the best and affordable materials, they offer their services out to those who would want to reinforce, repair, or even replace their existing seawalls.

Granted that most of the coastal waters of the Tampa Bay area are considered to be the same, residents have different needs when wanting their seawall maintained. Priority Marine specializes in giving all of their clients the proper tools to plan out their concerns over the durability and longevity of their seawalls. Being proud boaters themselves, their passion behind ensuring all of their clients are being addressed to the highest standard is what makes Priority Marine a preferred service contractor around the Bay Area. Don’t procrastinate any longer to find seawall repair in Sarasota and the surrounding Bay Area. Call Priority Marine today at 727.447.1373 to see how their licensed professionals and aid you towards restoring your seawall back to a better, yet reliable foundation today.