Deck Construction: 3 Things You Need to Know

Plenty of people in Sarasota enjoy spending time outdoors, basking in the sunshine, partaking in water activities, and more. Residents often look to deck construction in order to enhance their outdoor living spaces. What says ‘summer’ more than stepping out onto your beautiful wood deck with a pitcher of lemonade, hosting a barbecue with the neighbors and relishing in the gorgeous weather? Before you jump right into building a new construction, consider the following.

1. Materials Matter in Deck Construction

In Sarasota, we see a diverse array of weather. In one day, it can be blisteringly hot with sunshine and no clouds, pour down rain, and storm with lightning and thunder. Sometimes, you just never know what’s going to happen! Because we have such varied weather, it is important that your deck construction reflects that. You want your materials to be able to withstand storms and hours of direct sunlight, so making sure that you have a sturdy, durable option is essential. Most companies offer either wood, composite, or cellular PVC.

2. Plan for Deck Construction

Your environment matters when it comes to deck construction. Sarasota residents must take their property into consideration before planning their project. Measure out the space you have to build on and from there, determine what land is usable. If your property is not perfectly level, there are ways to accommodate the structure to make it level. Many people live right on the water, and often, the land right against the shore is susceptible to erosion. This means that any constructing has to be planned for and the property needs to be prepped accordingly (seawalls, concrete barriers, etc.).

3. Consult the Professionals — Call Priority Marine

There’s a reason the professionals are pros. Professionals have the necessary experience and education, and have the tools and connections to finish the job correctly. At Priority Marine, we help Tampa Bay area clients with their residential and commercial marine deck construction and more. Check out the different materials, including wood, composite, and cellular PVC on our website to help you decide which one is the best choice for your Sarasota home. When you are ready to get started on your project to improve your home, give us a call at (727) 447-1373 or contact us today.


Wood Decking: When You Want the Real Deal

In marine construction, there are numerous types of synthetic and composite materials used in the creation of boat docks and waterfront decks. However, many people prefer the classic look of wood decking. Real grains and the appearance of knots simply can’t be duplicated in a laboratory. Priority Marine builds all kinds of structures in Sarasota, with the materials you choose. Although composites reduce deck maintenance — they don’t rot or decay with time, bugs, or weather — they simply don’t have the same appeal of real wood. It all depends on what you’re after.

What Materials Do You Want For Your Wood Decking?

Ipe is a strong and durable South American hardwood. With more than three decades in the marine construction business, Priority Marine recommends Brazilian Ipe for wood decking. It’s been an industry standard for decades. In fact, the boardwalk at New York’s famed Coney Island — an extremely high-traffic area — was originally constructed with Ipe and other Amazonian hardwoods. New York continues to use Ipe in repairs and replacements when they become necessary. It’s weight-bearing, insect-resistant, and gives the boardwalk that classic, wooden-plank look.

Redwood and cedar are two softwoods some prefer for their wood decking. They are known to be resistant to insect activity, decay, and the harsh Florida weather. Cedar heartwood is also moisture-resistant. Since moisture getting into the boards is the cause of eventual splits, twists, and cracks, cedar is popular as a deck lumber. You’ll find cedar wood decking all over Sarasota and the entire Bay area. It’s beautiful wood with an appealing natural look. And it smells nice!

Pressure-treated lumber is certainly the most durable choice for wood decking. Although it’s not as durable as the South American hardwoods and not as beautiful, it is less expensive. In the long run, pressure-treated pine lumber is something of an industry standard. Technically, here’s how it happens: chemical preservatives are driven deep into the fibers of the wood. These render the decking boards virtually impenetrable by insects such as termites, fungus, and other organisms of decay.

Seek Out Priority Marine in Sarasota

Whatever material you choose for your deck needs to be maintained, periodically treated, and – over time – replaced. That’s the way nature works. The experts at Priority Marine help create the exact deck you see in your mind’s eye. Whether it’s adjacent to a boat dock, or a free-standing backyard patio, we consult, advise, and recommend. Then we build, using the materials that you’ve decided are ideal for your Sarasota deck.

For decks, docks, boardwalks, boat lifts, and more in Sarasota, call Priority Marine at (727) 447-1373 or contact us today.

Don’t Delay These 5 Dock Repairs

You might choose to conduct dock repairs independently or consult with a professional service like Priority Marine. Whatever the case, we encourage boat and waterfront property owners to conduct them sooner rather than later in Sarasota. Mostly because it promotes safety, but we also know how easy it can be to notice something that needs attention without following through. Many problems you might be facing are often the result of environmental conditions. Between the corrosive saltwater and tenuous storms along the Gulf, it’s crucial that you protect your marine structure.

1. Rotting Boards

Due to the excessive amount of moisture in central Florida, you might have some rotten boards. In some cases, you can replace a single piece, but severe damage may require rebuilding or dock repairs for the entire platform. Not only can we help Sarasota residents with design and construction, but we can also provide input on lengthening your platform’s life. We suggest that you build with treated lumber, complete seasonal staining, and conduct periodic pressure washing.

2. Ropes

Saltwater, algae, and humidity can lead to frayed or rotting ropes. Since these strings keep your boat attached to the marine structure, you will want them to be up to the job! You might need to replace the entire rope or complete some basic soldering to manage frayed edges in Sarasota.

3. Barrels

Some units incorporate barrels to keep the platform afloat. If this is the case, pressure washing is essential for keeping the barrels clean and free of algae and barnacles. The longer these organisms have to grow, the more difficult it will be to remove them. We also encourage boat owners to treat their chains using rust-resistant lubricants.

4. Posts

For structures that have raised platforms, keep an eye on the posts. Regular pressure washing will keep them clean, and if you notice rotting, contact a dock repairs professional to conduct an inspection. These posts hold precious cargo like:

  • Boats
  • Kayaks
  • Benches
  • Family members
  • Maintenance tools
  • And more

Don’t take a risk by putting off this project in Sarasota.

5. Electric System Problems

Prevent fatalities by completing dock repairs on your electric system. If something goes awry, it can be fatal to those in the water or in contact with the dock. When electric currents are discharged into the water or metal components of a marine structure, everyone is in danger. Not only should your system be inspected by a licensed electrician regularly, but the electrical disconnect needs to be well above the high water mark.

Dock Repairs by Priority Marine

Keep your structure in ship-shape by consulting with Priority Marine for dock repairs in Sarasota. We love to be on the sea, ourselves, and we know how the condition of your marine unit can keep you off the water. Instead of spending valuable time on these projects, hire our team for:

  • Seawalls
  • Deck construction
  • PWC, No-profile, and Hi-Tide boat lifts

Call 727-447-1373 to discuss the condition of your structure and create a plan to improve it.

Design Ideas for Deck Construction

If your Sarasota home doesn’t have a gorgeous patio area for you to relax and entertain under the Florida sun, it may be time for you to start thinking about starting a deck construction project. Although building a new structure may seem like a tedious and stressful task, it can also be a lot of fun when you are in the designing stages.


Wood, composite, and cellular PVC are the three materials used to build outdoor structures. Wood is the only natural option and costs the least upfront. However, maintenance will be required to prevent pests and weathering, which is an important consideration in lieu of Sarasota’s summer sunshine and hurricane season. This can lead to more expenses over time.

Composite and cellular PVC are more expensive deck construction options, but are rot, pest, and UV ray resistant naturally, which means you won’t have to pour money into maintenance over time.

All materials are offered in a variety of gorgeous finishes, so no matter what your taste preferences may be, you are sure to find the right style to suit you.


Choosing your layout is very important and will depend on the shape of your Sarasota property. A high-quality design will highlight the beauty of your home and yard, while a poor design will draw attention to flaws. The deck construction layout will also depend on landscape or appliances that may be in the way of building. However, this shouldn’t stop you, as it can be easy to have things removed or moved around.

Raised decks can showcase a beautiful view of the sunset, while ground-level ones can offer seamless transition from the indoor to the outdoor space. Some homeowners choose a wrap-around design, while others prefer a more traditional, simple rectangular layout.


Choosing your customized features is one of the most exciting aspects of deck construction. This is what makes your new space feel like your own personal oasis, rather than just a cookie-cutter design.

Many Sarasota homeowners choose to add features that complement their lifestyles; those with green thumbs may add planter boxes, while those who love to entertain may add a grill or built-in seating. Those with more lavish tastes can also incorporate a hot tub into the design plan in order to turn the area into a backyard spa retreat. Others add a fire pit for summertime s’mores.

There are also a number of deck construction options to reduce the intensity of Sarasota’s summer sun using arbors and pergolas for shade, and lighting can be installed for night-time use and ambiance.

Priority Marine Deck Construction

Priority Marine specializes in turning your property into a dream space by honoring your design ideas and recommending the best tactics for implementing them. If you are ready to turn your backyard into a fun, relaxing, and stylish oasis call them today at (727)-447-1373.

What to Consider When Designing Your Custom Deck

Are you getting nervous because there is chipped wood on your patio, and you have a housewarming party coming up? How are you going to be able to fix it? Priority Marine in Sarasota has all the necessary tools to design your custom deck for reasonable prices.

Deck Options

There are several options to choose from, depending on your personal preference. The best one would be the Cellular PVC deck. The Cellular PVC’s maintenance is very low and is preserved with a thorough soap and water routine that it will make your patio look brand new. Additionally, it is resistant against stains and man-made messes. This deck provides the best chances for any serious damages and unwanted scratches.

Other materials for custom decks that are useful are wood and composite. The wood deck will need regular maintenance, and it needs to be preserved to avoid any damage from weather and other life events, especially living in the Sarasota region. One good thing about wood is that you can enjoy the real, natural look, instead of imitated, fake wood. On the other hand, the composite has a low maintenance level. This deck never rots and will never need any cosmetic work, in terms of painting and sanding. The longer you can preserve your deck, the more that people will be amazed by your wonderful property.

Special Occasions

Are you planning that special wedding party for one of your best friends or having the guys over for a football tailgating party? After choosing the material for your custom deck, you can use it for whatever you want. There are many options to choose from. It can just be relaxing on a cool afternoon by the waters of Sarasota, or even host a birthday party for your best friend. Our company prides itself on working on your dream patio area outside for any occasion or just for your total benefit of taking a break from life.

Priority Marine Custom Decks

At Priority Marine, we always make sure that your custom deck is our number one priority at all times. As one of the best in the Sarasota area, we strive to make every job the best one for each customer. We use top quality materials and have a variety of deck options for your choosing.

If you’re ready to get on the boat of excellence, contact us at 727-447-1373.

Do You Need Seawall Services?

Anyone with waterfront property in Sarasota knows how important a seawall can be. Not only does it create a great property line, but it protects your yard from erosion and damaging waves. However, many homeowners forget that this addition needs regular maintenance and repairs to stay strong and effective. The experts at Priority Marine offer the highest quality of seawall services in the area, and they can keep yours looking great!

Since the majority of the structure faces away from you, it can be easy to forget that it is getting worn down more and more each day with each passing wave. And while it is easy to take a peak over the edge to inspect, most people don’t. If you think you may need seawall services for your Sarasota yard, consider these questions:

  1. Have you noticed any loss of soil around the wall?
  2. Can you see signs of rust?
  3. Are any of the slabs leaning or obviously deteriorating?
  4. Does the stress beam seem to be failing?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, call a marine construction company as soon as possible for an inspection and to perform any necessary repairs. Priority Marine suggests having your wall inspected by professionals at least once a year, so you can stay aware of any small necessary repairs before they cause lasting damage.

Call Priority for All Seawall Services

If you need a trusted marine construction company in Sarasota to take care of your seawall services, call the experts at Priority Marine today! For everything from installation to repairs to maintenance, they have got you covered.

And if you have a dock, boat house, or deck that needs any repairs or maintenance, Priority is your one-stop-shop. You can trust that their qualified and trained contractors will be able to help you design the look you want, and install and maintain it, all while staying within your budget!

If your Sarasota home needs any marine construction services, call Priority Marine today at 727-447-1373 to see how they can help you!

Signs You Need Seawall Repair

If you are one of the Sarasota residents lucky enough to live on the water, you are probably already aware of how vital your seawall is. It provides a barrier between the land and water, keeps your yard from eroding, and provides a stable place to anchor a dock. However, many homeowners forget that this barrier can begin to deteriorate over time, and unfortunately end up waiting until it is too late to call for repairs.

Do You Need Seawall Repair?

Even though your seawall seems steady, strong, and secure, it undergoes thousands of waves each day, all of which are breaking it down, little by little. While this is good because it protects you from erosion, after a while, you may start thinking you need repairs. Consider these questions:

  • Are the slabs leaning?
  • Are the slabs starting to rust?
  • Have you noticed the loss of soil behind the wall?
  • Does the stress beam seem to be leaning?
  • Does the cap have any broken parts?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, don’t wait any longer to call your Sarasota marine construction company for repairs. This barrier is invaluable for its protection, and yet, many homeowners are likely to completely forget about it until there are large, obvious signs of deterioration. Don’t let that be you!

Priority Marine

Don’t wait until it is too late; call Priority Marine today for the best marine construction services in Sarasota and the surrounding areas. With their help, you will be confident that your seawall is in great shape and will last for years to come.

Priority Marine offers a variety of marine construction services, including seawall installation, maintenance, and repairs, dock installation and repairs, and boat lift installation. Their contractors are boaters too, so you can be sure that they will never build anything that they wouldn’t use themselves! With a variety of designs and materials to choose from, Priority is always the best choice in Sarasota.

For more information, or to see how they can help you, call Priority Marine today at 727-447-1373. To get some design ideas, check out their gallery!