Hi-Tide Boat Lifts: When You Want Top of The Line

For all your marine construction needs in Clearwater, look no further than Priority Marine. With over 40 years’ marine business experience in this area, we professionally take your project from concept to completion. At Priority, we’re particularly proud of our customized Hi-Tide boat lifts. Florida-based Hi Tide is a longstanding industry leader in lifting technology. Depending on your dockage, along with the dimensions and weight of your boat, Hi-Tide boat lifts can be designed to fit your needs.

Hi-Tide Boat Lifts, Small to Super-Size

Made of durable, lightweight aluminum, Hi-Tide boat lifts are non-corrosive and easy to maintain. Priority installs a wide variety of designs, with weight limits that are off the charts – up to 180,000 pounds. Therefore, these lifts can safely handle the smallest personal watercraft or the weightiest mega-yacht! The topless, open-access design offers easy access to your boat. The aluminum elevator model is perfect for narrow waterways or limited dock access. No dock at all? It’s a side-mounted design that even works on pilings or seawalls. We have a specific design for your boathouse, too.

One of the many innovations of Hi-Tide boat lifts is the sealed aluminum Gear Box, for the ultimate protection against the harsh marine environment. It’s quiet, efficient – and fast! The corrosive properties of salt water, humdity and constant, harsh Clearwater sun can be seriously damaging. Housed inside Hi-Tide’s patented Gear Box, the lift’s drives and controls don’t risk corrosion or damage. Rather than adapt existing systems, Hi-Tide is the only boat lift manufacturer that designs and builds its marine grade motor controls.

Why Are Boat Lifts Important in Clearwater?

While the mechanics of boat lifts are complicated, the reasons for having one installed are simple. By raising your vessel completely out of the water when you’re through adventuring, you eliminate barnacles and algae. Marine growths attach themselves to the hull, and the results can be devastating if not treated. And treatment is not only laborious, but it’s also time-consuming. You’d rather be cruising the Clearwater bays and estuaries.

Of course, every boat owner knows that periodic maintenance is going to be part of the package. However, since Hi-Tide boat lifts bring your watercraft’s underside to eye level, access to the hull – for cleaning, scraping or painting – is a breeze. Dry storage not only prolongs the life of your boat, it also increases its resale value considerably. In Clearwater and the Bay Area, we love the water; boaters can get the most out of the experience with Hi-Tide.

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Benefits of Hi-Tide Boat Lifts – There Are Many!

Hi-Tide boat lifts can make all the difference when it comes to happy, hassle-free navigation of the emerald-green waters around Tampa and other sections of our beautiful bay and coastal Gulf. It’s important, of course, to keep our unparalleled waterways clean, clear and free of impediments to safe and adventurous boating; it’s likewise true that employing Priority Marine’s Hi-Tide boat lifts ensure that your prized vessel is in tip-top condition. That means it’s stored out of the water and its corrosive qualities. And, most importantly, ready to roar at a moment’s notice.

In Tampa, Priority Marine has been the source for Hi-Tide boat lifts, and boaters’ other marine construction needs, for more than 30 years. Because we’re also avid boaters and fishermen, we know every inch of the waters around the area.  We’re a longtime member of the Florida Marine Contractors Association. As such, we are always on top of the latest trends and innovations in the industry. Subsequently, whether your boat is a 20-footer or a yacht ten times that length, we’ll work with you on just the right dock, boathouse or boat lift for you.

Enjoying the water is a unique perk of living in the Tampa Bay area. Just like you, we understand how lucky we all are to have this opportunity. At Priority Marine, our goal is to make sure your on-the-water recreational experience is the best it can be.

Why Hi-Tide Boat Lifts in Tampa?

Why are Hi-Tide boat lifts important for your watercraft? Simply put, keeping your boat hoisted high out of salt water means barnacles and other marine growth never get a chance to attach. The result – less frequent cleaning, scraping, and painting of the hull. Keeping the hull clean and streamlined increases fuel economy, too, because there’s less drag and stress while it’s moving on the water.

Wet storage often results in hull blisters, prop and shaft damage and other forms of wear and tear you shouldn’t have to deal with. Buying and maintaining a boat isn’t cheap – it’s an investment – so why add to the cost when you have options? Dry storage with Hi-Tide boat lifts can increase your boat’s resale value up to 20 percent. They pay for themselves in no time.

Hit the Waves With Ease and Confidence

There are additional benefits to using Hi-Tide boat lifts in Tampa. When you need to do some routine maintenance, your vessel is easily accessible and stationary. It’s not bobbing around in the water, making your work more difficult. Also, the ease of access means that you and your party can climb aboard and get going in the blink of an eye.

The experts at Priority Marine will work closely with you, calculating your vessel’s size and make, location and budget. That way, they’ll custom-design what you need to make your lift an essential part of your ideal boating experience. Anchors aweigh!

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4 Kinds of Custom Boat Lifts That Make Boating a Blast

Hi-Tide custom boat lifts are the perfect choice for boaters in Tampa who want to make the most of their time on the water. Priority Marine specializes in four styles, and each has unique features that make your boating experience an absolute blast!

1. Cuda Gear

The Cuda Gear is the most economical choice that’s simple to use and effective. Just like all of our custom boat lifts, the Cuda Gear runs with a high-quality, patented Gear Drive gearbox. This gearbox powers the mechanism with precision and force that allows for quick and quiet lifting every time. Each Cuda Gear comes with a 10-year structural warranty because we have no doubt that it’ll last you for many decades to come in Tampa.

2. Gear Drive

The Gear Drive is considered the “Original” or “Classic” Hi-Tide design. It has a few more performance-boosting features than the Cuda Gear and is the machine that started it all. With the high-grade, all-aluminum structure, this lift will stand up to the test of time. Marine environments in Tampa can be harsh, as saltwater and freshwater alike are corrosive. However, when you have the right custom boat lifts made from the strongest, most durable materials, you won’t have to worry about erosion. This style comes with an even longer 15-year structural warranty!

3. Gear X2

The Gear X2 has a gearbox drive that guarantees the fastest performance around. This addition to your mechanism is available for low-profile style structures. The upgrade comes with a remote control and limit switch so that you can cruise in and out of the water in style.

4. T2X2

Another lift that’s constructed entirely from marine-grade aluminum and fully welded throughout, the T2X2 upgrade is a beast. This structure, powered by a standard sealed aluminum Hi-Tide Gear Drive® gearbox, operates at high speeds of up to 4.5 feet per minute. For a machine this size, that’s nothing to sneeze at!

Features of Hi-Tide Custom Boat Lifts

Here at Priority Marine in Tampa, we choose Hi-Tide custom boat lifts for many reasons. For one, they’re one of the most consistently reliable and sturdy brands available. And trust us, as avid boaters ourselves, we’ve tested many different kinds! Each Hi-Tide product also benefits from the following:

  • 5-year gearbox warranty
  • 2-year motor warranty
  • 1-year comprehensive warranty
  • Fully-welded, incredibly powerful marine-grade 6061-T6 aluminum and stainless steel construction
  • Lifting capacity of 4,500 to 30,000 pounds (depending on model)
  • Your choice of dozens of accessories and additions

Priority Marine: Your Go-To Source for Custom Boat Lifts

Your boating experience should be as unique as you are. At Priority Marine, we have the knowledge and expertise to help design and build custom boat lifts that fit into any environment. Many commercial products don’t have the right specifications for your home or business in Tampa, but we can fix that problem with our specialized services. To learn more, give us a call today at (727) 447-1373.

3 Types of Boat Lift Construction To Consider

Boat lift construction is not a one-size-fits-all procedure. At Priority Marine, we assist Tampa Bay residents by building docks, seawalls, and lifts on their waterfront property. Consider the:

PWC – From SeaDoos to Waverunners to jet skis, our builders have you covered when it comes to personal watercrafts! Customization provides the opportunity to create a unit that matches your transport’s exact measurements.

No-profile – You could very well store your PWC in a no-profile structure, but you can raise your powerboats, fishing dinghies, and kayaks too. Attractive and unique in appearance, this style offers easy access for entry and maintenance.

Hi-Tide – To keep your vessel above the tide, consider a Hi-Tide for boat lift construction. We offer innumerable options, like Cuda Gear, Gear X2, T2X2, and more. Between these choices and the accessory selection, this option makes it possible to individualize your marine structure to meet your needs.

No matter which style you choose to install in Tampa, we will encourage you to protect your watercraft from environmental components like high tides, violent storms, and corrosive salt water. We make it easy to add features like:

  • Lighting
  • Slip covers
  • Bumpers
  • And more!

With all these accouterments, you’ll be glad you swapped your membership at the marina for an on-site lift. If you’re unsure about which unit or accessories will suit you the best, contact our staff to discuss what you’re searching for.

Select the Best Boat Lift Construction Company

When searching for a boat lift construction company in the Tampa Bay area, ask around your neighborhood. Specifically, observe the marine structures and decide which appeals to you. The owner can likely point you to the builder or, at least, recommend someone they’ve used for repairs. Once you have a few business names, read their reviews online and request references. If you wish to move forward with boat lift construction, set up a consultation.

Choose Priority Marine

At Priority Marine, we aim to upgrade your waterfront property and, subsequently, the time you spend on the Bay. Whether you’re enjoying the view from your dock in Tampa or utilizing the Cuda Gear to lower your speedboat into the water, our team can assist you. We build and repair:

  • Seawalls
  • Wooden docks
  • Boat lift construction

Contact us at 727-447-1373 to discuss your ideas!

4 Ways to Prepare for Boat Lift Installation

If you’re considering marine structures in Bradenton, we urge you to think about boat lift installation through. As seafaring folks, we understand the excitement surrounding this investment. Once you’ve decided to get one, you want to be able to put it to use as soon as possible. But we believe that preparation will serve you in the long-term as you navigate selection, and you’ll be more likely to have a safe and smooth construction process. Our builders have some suggestions!

1. Assess the Situation

Start by taking a good, long look at your waterfront property in Hillsborough County. You might have ample room for a new structure or, perhaps, you’ll need to bring in certified mangrove trimmers to create space in Bradenton. It’s possible that your old dock is beyond repair, and you need to tear it down. Beyond your boating needs, how do the seawalls look? By surveying the scene and assessing the situation, you can plan for boat lift installation and conduct any other procedures you need at the same time.

2. Clean Up, If Necessary

Seasonal happenings make it easy for piles to accumulate. You may have left your gardening supplies on the dock, and your SUP board might be leaning against a citrus tree. Whatever the case, pick up the yard to help create an open scene so you can visualize the new structure.

3. Identify Your Exact Needs

What you drive will affect what you need, so consider your watercraft before impulsively purchasing a DIY kit online. We offer the following boat lift installations:

  • PWC
  • Hi-tide
  • No-profile

If you’re unfamiliar with these individual structures, the Priority Marine staff would be happy to discuss their specifications with you. They’ll want to know what kind of vessel or vessels you own, as well as where you live in Bradenton. This information will lead to a choice that will fit your needs and last for years.

4. Choose a Boat Lift Installation Company

You won’t have to look far for the best marine construction company in the Bradenton area. Priority Marine is known for their dedication to quality, as well as their understanding and experience of life on the water. Our team can assist with building or repairing:

Whether you need a Hi-tide, PWC or no-profile structure, call 727-447-1373 to learn more!