What to Look for in Clearwater Seawall Building Services

An important part of coastal properties is their marine barriers. If you are lucky, natural formations may help. Even still, seawall building provides a more efficient barrier without relying on unstable natural rock formations. Clearwater residents can invest in a longer lasting and safer structure by employing professional marine construction services. At Priority Marine, clients receive the best in quality and design. If you are wasting money on constant repairs, then it is time for a replacement. A proper wall should not easily deteriorate and should last for decades. If builders are using low-quality materials or an ineffective design, you face dangerous erosion and will not have the easy ocean access that seawalls provide.

Professional Designers and Engineers

The main benefit of relying on professional seawall building services is expert design and engineers with extensive experience. If you build a small barrier yourself with wooden pilings, it will not last or work correctly. Your property may require specific design and materials. With the right construction, your wall should:

  • Be resistant to waves
  • Block overflow and tides
  • Last decades
  • Reduce salt water damage and erosion

Locations that do not experience significant amounts of flooding can usually safely rely on simple vertical panels. However, more massive shorelines can require seawall building services that use more durable aluminum or vinyl. The designers and engineers at Priority Marine can help Clearwater property owners with land of all sizes and terrains. Instead of trying to make a cookie cutter design fit for your needs, you will receive a unique structure ideally suited for your property.

Long-Lasting Materials

When it comes to marine construction, it is essential that the builder uses the right materials. Wooden pilings have a pleasing natural look but are often too thin and quickly deteriorate in the Florida environment. Saltwater carries tons of microorganisms and is corrosive. Instead of weaker materials, Priority Marine uses marine-grade aluminum or vinyl pilings. Aluminum and vinyl are more useful in seawall building than a material like steel because they are corrosion-resistant. Different alloys of aluminum provide varying levels of protection. The CMI Shoreguard sheet pilings Priority Marine uses for Clearwater projects offer the most resistance and durability of its alloy type.

Work with Priority Marine for Seawall Building Services and More

Clearwater clients of Priority Marine can also benefit from boat dock and boat lift building services. You can prevent issues with mismatching designs by working with a single contractor. Do not hesitate to take measure to protect your boats or coastal property. Contact Priority Marine today at (727) 447-1373 or by going online.


FAQs for a Seawall Construction Company

Every seawall construction company in Clearwater receives questions about seawalls. Whether along the Gulf, the Bay, or another body of water, a strong wall is essential for protecting your land. Here are a few frequently asked questions that can bolster your water barrier and promote the health of your shoreline.

Does My Seawall Need to Be Repaired or Replaced?

Signs that a seawall construction company may need to make repairs on your wall is if it’s eroding. How do you know if your wall is eroding? If your wall was built decades ago, it’s likely made of concrete with rebar and anchors. This style of wall typically lasts for about 30 years and often needs repairs. Erosion and deterioration show up as sinkholes near the wall, rust-colored cracks in caps and sheeting, and cracking. Cracking indicates corrosion of rebar since it expands and cracks the wall. These cracks are dangerous because they threaten the integrity of the wall. A simple summer storm could destroy the wall.

If you have signs your wall needs repairs, consider what material it’s made of. Is it concrete or wood? If so, consider replacing your wall with the help of a seawall construction company in Clearwater. Modern options like composites and vinyl last longer against.

Why Are Modern Materials Like Vinyl and Composite Better Than Wood and Concrete?

Most traditional walls are built of wood or concrete. However, both materials are porous, allowing water to seep in, weakening the structure. Modern materials rely on new manufacturing technology to provide sturdy, durable, corrosion-resistant products that stand up to harsh marine environments. Because you don’t have to worry about corrosion, you can use lighter materials that are easier to maintain and take less time and effort to install.

Vinyl walls also stand up to harsh UV rays that areas like Clearwater, Florida see on a regular basis. Shoreguard vinyl sheet piling offers corrosion- and UV-resistant walls at an affordable price that outlasts other materials in the industry.

What Other Things Do I Need for My Seawall?

Some walls require accessories. Work with a professional seawall construction company in Clearwater to determine which accessories your wall needs. Accessories may include:

  • Caps are an essential part of the structure of a seawall and help support the sheet piling.
  • Tie-rods add protection and stability to the structure
  • Wales are the basis for structural support for sheet piling and reduce tidal impact, corrosion, and UV rays. These are usually the first line of defense against the water, so they are one of the most important aspects of a wall to be sure to get the highest-quality products available.

Choose Priority Marine for a Top-Notch Seawall Construction Company in Clearwater

When you are looking for a licensed and insured seawall construction company in Clearwater to evaluate your seawall or waterfront property, trust Priority Marine. Their engineers analyze and plan for the elements when it comes to marine construction. Call them at (727) 447-1373 to schedule a consultation or contact them online to learn more about their services.

What You Need to Know About Concrete Seawalls

Seawalls are the perfect solution to protect waterfront property in Clearwater from land erosion. Walls offer stabilization of the shoreline and allow for the maximum use of property. Many people in Central and South Florida rely on concrete seawalls because they are sturdy, long-lasting, and reliable.

When constructed properly, concrete seawalls provide a long life for property owners in Clearwater. A highly-experienced marine contractor can build a wall that lasts more than 30 years, so long as they use the proper mix of aggregate and utilize the proper marine structural design. Most configurations in Florida are pile/panel and sheet piling.

Why Seawalls Matter

Before building a seawall, it is important to properly evaluate the land and waterfront that the wall is being built on. Some coastlines are not able to withstand the intense currents that they face and require a physical barrier to dispel the wave forces. Without something to reduce the waves, the shore will erode away until the water eats away at your property line. Shoreline erosion can be dangerous for the stability of buildings and other structures.

Concrete seawalls need sturdy steel rebar throughout the structure for support. For the strongest, longest-lasting wall, choose continuous rebar for unbeatable protection. Concrete requires caps as well to finish the structure. Caps last a while, but if you are concerned about the longevity, be on the lookout for signs that the caps are failing. Signs such as outward movement of the wall, wall misalignment, cracks, and missing pieces are indicators. Contact a marine contractor in Clearwater right away if you notice these signs of failure. The whole wall may be at risk.

Choose Priority Marine in Clearwater for Concrete Seawalls that Last

When you need a reliable marine contractor to help you build concrete seawalls that outlast others, choose Priority Marine in Clearwater. They themselves are avid boaters and water sports enthusiasts, so they spend a lot of time on the water, even outside of work. Therefore, they know what clients want and need in a project. They have been providing the Tampa Bay area with premier marine construction services for many years and can help you improve your property. To contact them for an estimate, call Priority Marine today at (727) 447-1373 or contact them online.

Which Seawall Material is Best for Clearwater Properties?

When dealing with marine construction, specific materials last longer than others. Concrete seawalls are strong and provide a natural rocky look. The only benefit of cheaper materials is often that they are easy to put in place. Long-lasting materials are more cost-effective in the long run and require less care. While some walls are made of vinyl, they sometimes do not offer a natural aesthetic. Clearwater properties occasionally feature wood walls. However, combating the degradation of wood will take a toll on your wallet. Unlike the large logs that may hold up a dock, DIY marine construction usually calls for sheets to hold back waves. Thin wood sheet pilings are not as durable. Also, as the wood deteriorates, other structures and property can be at risk. Relying on a professional marine construction company like Priority Marine is your best option for an effective barrier.

Rock and Debris Seawalls

A common type of barrier is rock rip-rap walls. While they are affordable, they are usually not as long-lasting. They can also be made from porous rock that allows some water to absorb through force. They do provide a very natural look; the stones seem as if they naturally compiled due to tidal action. Clearwater residential properties sometimes use rip-rap walls for areas less prone to intense waves.

Concrete Seawalls

Concrete seawalls offer more security than rip-rap walls. With a larger concrete structure, a marine construction company can better design a barrier to fit your property. The material is part of many large marine construction projects throughout Clearwater. It not only lasts years with little to no damage, but it absorbs and reflects waves more easily. Designs using concrete can also come in different styles of barriers. Curved options reflect the shape the waves come in, making them easier to deflect. These barriers should also be substantial and able to withstand large amounts of force. Concrete seawalls are very dense and are resistant to salt-water deterioration.

Other Marine Construction Options at Priority Marine

Clearwater property owners can also benefit from a variety of other marine construction services. At Priority Marine, clients can choose boat lift construction or dock construction services to upgrade their property. Whether you need a hi-tide lift or a sturdy dock, clients can have an aesthetically pleasing structure in place. For concrete seawalls and more, contact Priority Marine today at (727) 447-1373 or by going online.

How Can Commercial Seawalls Benefit Clearwater Waterfront Properties?

When you think about going to the beach or relaxing near the coast, one of the things you may not notice are large commercial seawalls. On most beaches and properties throughout Clearwater, they protect an owner’s investments and often go unnoticed as a natural part of the area. Natural seawalls are present in many areas, but not everyone can be so fortunate. Researchers have been studying the effect of these natural barriers on surrounding landmasses and property. Many studies conclude that natural seawalls do play an active role in reducing damage from natural disasters and storms.

For coastal homeowners and commercial properties in Clearwater, construction of commercial seawalls can be a necessity. Without it, erosion can damage concrete, plants, and critical supports. The constant barrage of saltwater is particularly effective at eroding metals that are not fit for ocean environments. Relying on a professional marine construction company for your additions can save you time and money. Also, it will be much safer to let the experienced builders install your boat lifts. Not only can you potentially hurt yourself, but you can damage your property or break an expensive lift.

Types of Commercial Seawalls

Commercial seawalls can come in all types of designs and focus on doing a slightly different job than others. Those that are on beaches and areas of sand erosion around Clearwater are more functional and are typically seen as mounds. A mound seawall looks natural and is comprised of interlocking rocks or concrete blocks. The negatives of a mound design are that they are not particularly long-lasting or as durable as other designs. A curved design helps dissipate waves and forces more effectively. They are useful for stopping waves from reaching over the wall.

However, because of the shape, endless waves can wear away at the base of the wall. Clearwater residents may also notice vertical seawalls at different locations throughout Florida. They absorb and reflect wave energy back towards the ocean. Commercial seawalls built by Priority Marine can receive the proper construction to keep them going and protecting your home for a long time. Without the right materials, design, and repairs, a seawall will not benefit your property as much as possible. To get in touch with the marine construction professionals at Priority Marine, you can go online or call them today at (727) 447-1373.

Finding the Best Seawall Repair Company in Clearwater

Even the most well-built, quality seawalls require maintenance over time. Priority Marine has been serving the Clearwater area’s marine construction and repair needs for the past 30 years. Seawall repair is not a job to attempt on your own; you should hire a trained professional to ensure that the repairs will last. With options for both your home and business, seawalls are your best defense against the elements. To better protect your property, contact Priority Marine today and see all the ways they can meet your marine construction needs.

The Importance of Seawall Repair

If your home or business is on the water, a seawall is essential is to protect the longevity and value of your property. The Clearwater area is very susceptible to damages from hurricane season; you have to take preemptive measures to keep your property safe. Once you have a barrier in place, it is also essential to have it repaired as needed in order to maintain its value. Not attending to a small crack can lead to big problems later on, compromising the integrity of your entire wall. Seawall repair is an essential part of having a seawall on your property. It will help your wall last, continue to protect your property, and add value to your property over time.

What Priority Marine Has to Offer

In addition to seawall repair, Priority Marine offers a wide range of marine construction services. Those services include but aren’t limited to:

  • Boat dock construction
  • Boat dock repairs
  • Seawall construction
  • Boat lift installation

If you have property on the water in the Clearwater area, contact Priority Marine to get the most advanced products, materials, equipment, and services in marine construction. Their boat dock services include both fresh and saltwater, as well as boardwalk construction. They offer Hi-Tide, no profile, and also PWC boat lifts. Whatever your property needs, Priority Marine is there for you.

The Best Marine Construction Company for You in Clearwater

If you are in the Clearwater area and need seawall repair services or have any other marine construction needs, contact Priority Marine today. They have the knowledge and experience required to provide you with top-of-the-line installation and repairs. Even if you’re unsure what services would suit your property best, they can help you decide what will fit your needs. You can get in touch with them today by calling (727) 447-1373 as well as leaving a message on their website.

Getting Started with Custom Boat Lifts

If you are thinking of ways to improve your property and boating experience, custom boat lifts are great additions. Clearwater is home to many locations near the water. So, having a convenient setup at home is not only enjoyable, but beneficial. In addition, when you work with the right contractors, you can avoid much of the hassle and issues that arise. While many boat owners find it simpler to go to a marina, in the long run, this can end up being costly.

Many people are unaware that statistics show most boating accidents that result in sinking occur in a marina. Being able to raise your watercraft and keep it safe is just one of the many reasons why a custom boat lifts are beneficial. However, where does one start when it comes to finding the right company in Clearwater for their property?

What to Look for in Custom Boat Lifts and Marine Construction Services

Owning a watercraft is an investment; one that most people want to keep safe and in great condition. A lift can not only protect your property but offer specific advantages depending on type and material. At Priority Marine, you have your pick of various materials style options. Taking the time to choose the right company is critical to ensuring that you and your vessel are safe. Some of the things to look out for when looking for a marine construction company includes:

  • Materials
  • Options and services
  • Quality of work
  • Experience

Why Priority Marine?

If you need the professional services of a marine construction company with experience, choose Priority Marine. With over three decades of experience working on custom boat lifts, Priority Marine can assist you in getting the lift you want. Having done work with Clearwater Fire & Rescue, Priority Marine provides high-quality work and craftsmanship that goes into every product. In addition, repairs and other marine construction services can help improve your coastal living experience even more. Do not settle for subpar work. Instead, hire marine contractors that can provide you with lift installation services and more.

Clearwater residents in need of custom boat lifts do not need to tackle repairs alone thanks to Priority Marine. Priority Marine provides repair services and all the information you need to make the right choice.

Contact Priority Marine at (727) 447-1373 or online for all your inquiries.