The 4 Benefits of Seawall Construction

Seawall construction not only makes our coastal waterways in St. Petersburg more enjoyable, but it also makes them safer. Seawalls offer four benefits including providing a recreational area, helping to defend the shoreline, protecting the surrounding environment and establishing designated beaches.

Recreational Area

Seawalls provide an excellent place to exercise, ride bikes, walk, and sightsee along the coastline all the while protecting those enjoying these activities, even when the water and waves are high. Safety is essential in these areas to protect family and friends on residential properties as well as customers and patrons on commercial properties. These ocean barriers can even provide an enhanced aesthetic look, defining your property line and making an ideal location for fishing and other recreation activities in St. Petersburg.


Seawall construction also defends against high waves, flooding, and storm surges in St. Petersburg. These barrier walls, being vertical structures, help reduce the energy of waves by deflecting it back towards the sea. This also helps reduce erosion. Different styles of walls have different benefits and effects as a defensive barrier. You can choose from vertical, curved, and mound style walls.


There may be some disruption to surrounding wildlife during the construction process. However, once finished, seawalls protect local wildlife from the effects of flooding and erosion. Marine contractors rely on materials like concrete, vinyl, boulders, aluminum, steel, and fiberglass to establish a strong barrier between the ocean and the shore. These materials have different effects on the environment, and a seawall construction professional can explore the best option for your property.

Establish Beaches

Shoreline seawalls also designate a beach that is separate from bikes, traffic, pedestrians, and more. This gives families a great place to relax along the shoreline, enjoy the water, or throw a Frisbee. Establishing a beach or coastline is beneficial for residential property owners in addition to commercial property owners.

Choose Priority Marine in St. Petersburg for Seawall Construction

Many barrier walls and shoreline structures are built along public and commercial areas. If you team up with Priority Marine in St. Petersburg, you will take your seawall construction to the next level. They provide specialized designs and materials to meet every customer’s unique needs. Call them today at (727)447-1373 or contact them online to speak to a professional regarding updating or constructing a residential seawall.


How Commercial Seawall Contractors Help Protect Your Property

Commercial Seawall Contractors | Tampa | Priority MarineInstalling and maintaining a protective barrier against the ocean or sea can be harder than you may think. In fact, there is a reason why commercial seawall contractors are so in demand in the Tampa Bay area. With storms, varying tides, different water environments, and more, read on to discover why you need to make sure you have a professional watching over your protective wall.

Commercial Seawall Contractors Protect Your Shoreline

Whether it is for a business or personal property, if you are on the waterfront, you need some sort of protective barrier to prevent erosion from eating away at your land. In Tampa, there are many businesses, homes, and public spaces lined up comfortably against the shore; which is great for the spectacular views and easy access to the water. However, as commercial seawall contractors know, you need to make sure that your land is prepared for whatever may come.

Land and sea live in harmony, but excess tidal movements, strong waves, and powerful storms lead to detrimental erosion of the land. The water washes away banks, taking the rocks, dirt, sand, and other material back out to the ocean. Then, it continues to beat against the shore, taking more and more away. What this does is compromise the structural integrity of the beach or bank that you rely on to keep your business or home out of the water. As you can imagine, you don’t want to risk letting the tides wash away your property!

Luckily, with the help of commercial seawall contractors in Tampa, you can prevent erosion. Installation is tricky because there is an art as much as a science to ocean barriers. You don’t want to risk installing it incorrectly, so seek out the help of a professional. Maintenance is much more DIY-friendly, but even if you perform your own servicing, you should have an expert examine the wall thoroughly once a year just to make sure you aren’t missing anything important.

Installing and Maintaining Seawalls in Tampa

The installation and maintenance of seawalls is simple with the help of the right commercial seawall contractors. In Tampa, Priority Marine can help you with:

  • Rip rap
  • Concrete
  • Steel
  • Vertical, curved, or mound-style
  • And more

Call (727) 447-1373 to speak with experienced commercial seawall contractors in Tampa today. We help you take into consideration your environment, your budget, and other factors that will determine your perfect erosion prevention solution.

Residential Seawalls: Pros and Cons of Different Materials

Residential Seawalls: Pros and Cons
Chances are, if you have a waterfront property, you have thought about building a seawall. Whether your property is on fresh or salt water, erosion of the land can become an issue. Never fear— residential seawalls can combat the problem.

Let’s say you have decided to install one. Now you have to choose which material you would like to use. This process can be confusing and cumbersome, as many materials are used, and all of them pose different pros and cons. The information below should help you make an informed decision when building residential seawalls in St. Petersburg.


This popular material is used most often when other materials are not strong enough to drive through the subsurface of the area around your property. Steel has many benefits, including:

  • It is robust and long lasting.
  • Creates a long, continuous wall through interlocking panels.
  • It is aesthetically pleasing.

Steel does have its downfalls, though. Since it is a metal, there is a good chance it will rust over time. This rust is not only unattractive, but it also compromises the strength of the steel. The last thing you want is for your seawall to become unsafe or unable to sustain the damage that can be caused to residential, waterfront areas by the St. Petersburg weather. Additionally, steel requires heavy machinery for installation.


Another popular material used is lightweight, versatile aluminum. Its pros are:

  • It is strong and lightweight.
  • It can be easily driven into the ground, like steel.
  • Affordability makes this material enticing.

Still, there are some factors to consider when choosing aluminum. First, consider the weight of the load behind the wall you need to create. If your property needs extra support, aluminum might not be the right choice. Additionally, aluminum makes residential seawalls susceptible to rust.


This popular alternative to metal construction has a number of benefits. First, vinyl is a durable, sturdy solution that holds up well in the St. Petersburg sun. Additionally, vinyl offers:

  • An affordable option when compared to the cost of metal.
  • The material will not corrode or rust in the salty water.
  • Vinyl is easily installed and does not require heavy machinery.

If you are dealing with rocky areas or a tough sea floor, vinyl might not be the best option as it is hard to embed into the ground area.


Sturdy and long-lasting, concrete offers a multitude of benefits, which include:

  • Durable, well-constructed material.
  • Strong and durable against marine conditions.
  • Aesthetically pleasing.

Conversely, concrete is not an option for some areas, depending on depth and whether or not the area allows the use of the material. Concrete can be expensive and time-consuming to install. It also requires heavy machinery for installation. Before choosing this material, you will want to check the regulations for residential seawalls in your St. Petersburg neighborhood.

Before Installing Residential Seawalls, Contact the Experts

With so many options, selecting the material that will combat marine erosion best can be tricky. Assessing the needs of your property, ensuring you adhere to guidelines for residential seawalls, and considering costs can be time-consuming. For assistance, contact a company with years of experience and a reputation you can trust. Priority Marine is ready to take your call at 727-447-1373.