Top 3 Beautiful Deck Construction Projects

Is your outdoor paradise turning into perdition, and the thought of deck construction giving you the heebie-jeebies?  Don’t worry!  There are plenty of projects you can do to revitalize that old exterior space, and should the worst come to pass; you can always replace.  Let the experts at Priority Marine help you get back into that beautiful Tampa Sunshine!

Restaining Can Revitalize Your Outdoor Space

Imagine you are sitting there, in your outdoor recreation area, while trying to bask in that golden Tampa Bay sunshine.  You notice your deck boards starting to splinter, and maybe the railing is a different shade than the floor beams.  You then take a closer look and notice the stain is starting to fade.  Fortunately, there’s an easy, and cost effective solution: restaining.  There are thousands of quality stains on the market right now, and at least one shade that will please your palate.  It is cheaper than full-blown deck construction but requires a little elbow grease.  For the price of some sandpaper, and a weekend you could be sitting on a freshly finished and restained backyard patio area for you and your friends to sip cold beverages.

Replacing Planks Can Save You Some Green (And Face)

The only thing worse than splintering, waterlogged wood planks are ones rotting away to dust.  Your outside space should be the pride of your home!  Imagine trying to throw a party and inviting people out to your Tampa Bay dockside and you didn’t tend to those creaky planks.  Or worse, imagine you didn’t attend to ones that were cracking or rotting away.  Suddenly the outdoor party turns into party to a lawsuit, not to imagine the embarrassment.  Replacing broken, or rotten wood planks is not a difficult process, but it is tedious.  It requires you to measure (and purchase) new boards, and then cut, glue, and screw them onto joists.  If this makes you uncomfortable, or seems like a lot of work you can always talk to the professionals at Priority Marine!  They have thirty years of experience in deck construction and are respectful of the economic times we are in.

Priority Marine: When You Want Your Deck Construction Right The First Time

Replacing an entire dockside or patio area can be very expensive, but you know what’s more expensive?  Having to tear down a hastily built or unsafe recreation zone.  A deck can last a lifetime if it is built correctly the first time, and that also depends on the materials used.  Wood has an unmistakable natural feel but can rot with time or exposure to a saline environment.  Priority Marine makes use of:

  • Composite materials (they never rot or splinter)
  • Cellular PVC (for stain resistance)
  • Dozens of different types of wood (for look, customer choice, and pricing)

In Tampa, there are a dozen different deck construction companies to go with, so it’s more important to now do the research if you are looking at fabrication services for an outdoor area.  Look for the businesses with a history of success and experience.

For the best in Deck Construction, give Priority Marine a call today at 727-447-1373 if you want the best in Tampa.


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