Deck Building: What To Look Out For

With summer quickly approaching, deck building contractors are being snatched up in St. Petersburg. People want to prepare to celebrate Florida’s beautiful weather with their friends and family outdoors. They’re ready to have fun enjoying a succulent BBQ, sharing a sunset with their significant other, and relaxing in the sun. They’re excited to fish any time of the year and at their convenience because everything is right in the backyard. All of this is accomplished because they took the time to install something that increases their property’s value faster than ever, and that they can enjoy for years to come.

The Most Important Factors

Custom Deck BuildingWhen searching for deck building services in St. Petersburg there are some significant things to be on the lookout for. Has the company or business you’re looking at won awards for their service, products, or expertise? Have they been a staple of this industry for some time? These are important questions to ask because they will determine the quality of your dock. We don’t want you to be stuck staring at a poor investment day after day.

So, if you’re hoping to start a new project, we recommend Priority Marine for all of your marine construction needs. They have over 30 years of experience working in the industry and have won an Angie’s List Super Service Award. They have top quality deck building experts ready to improve your St. Petersburg home.


Aside from years of experience in marine construction, it’s important that your contractors be knowledgeable about the area they’re working in. Priority Marine goes above and beyond by having their professionals go on site to check the location’s climate, wind speeds, varying water levels, and typical year-round weather. This guarantees your dock will last through anything Florida’s habitat has to offer. They make sure their construction caters to your home’s particular environment. They work with you to accomplish your goals by providing some of the best professional deck building contractors in St. Petersburg.


While checking the site location, their highly trained technicians will also take record of the water levels and wave pressure. This information will better allow them to construct a dock that is extremely resistant to your water level’s relative stability and the force of impending tidal pressure.

Priority Marine – Premiere Deck Building Services

If you’re looking for some of the best deck building services in St. Petersburg, give Priority Marine a call at 727-447-1373. They have professionals who have over 30 years of experience waiting to help you build the best dock for your home. Let them ensure quality and long-lasting enjoyment with their outstanding attitude towards customer satisfaction.


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