Boat Dock Trends: Docking and Dining

Waterfront communities in Tampa are among the most exciting places to live.  With plenty of things to do and people to meet, living on the water can be a relaxing and fulfilling experience.   Boat docks provide homeowners with the opportunity to fully utilize a beautiful property on the water.  One great aspect of having a professionally done dock is that it opens up your access to the water.  Take a ride on your boat whenever you want, or jump in for a nice sunset swim.  Docking and dining has been popular for years amongst the restaurant crowd and is becoming more popular with owners of private docks.  If you are in need of a new addition and can see yourself hosting some waterside cookouts, read on.

Designing Boat Docks

There are a few things you need to consider when deciding on a design.  Most importantly, you want there to be enough room to fit any tables, chairs, fire pits, grills, bars, or coolers that you plan on implementing, all while providing enough space to walk and move around comfortably.  Many Tampa boat docks implement a canopy to provide guests with an option for sun or shade.

Boat docks in Tampa will also need to be made of sturdy material to withstand the tropical climate.  Wood is the most common material used in construction.  A dock building professional will be able to guide you through the different types of wood that you can use for your project.  You want something that will be hearty and last for years to come no matter what the elements throw at it.  If you want something extremely resilient, ask your contractor about composite or PVC building materials; these materials provide even more protection from the sun, moisture, and insects.

A marine construction company will be able to take the design elements you have highlighted and create a space that is safe and versatile in order to accommodate your needs.

Contact Priority Marine

Priority Marine has been building boat docks in the Tampa area for over 30 years.  They provide superb craftsmanship alongside quality materials and premier service.  In addition to construction, the craftsmen at Priority Marine are avid boaters.  They are very familiar with the waterways in Tampa and the surrounding areas, meaning they can easily provide the perfect design for your waterside space.  Give them a call at 727-447-1373 or visit their website to schedule a consultation today!


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