Updating Your Waterfront Utilities

When you think about investing in your waterfront, how often you think about your seawall?  It’s more important than some people realize.  It’s the first line of defense protecting your property from the water.  Below are some tips in helping you notice any damage that might lead you to contacting a seawall services company.   Making sure your barrier is in peak condition will keep your Tampa waterfront property high in value.

Noticing Damage

One important time to check your seawall would be after a large storm or hurricane has passed.  The high winds and increase in waves may have created visible structural damage.  Otherwise, an annual and thorough inspection by a marine engineer should take place about every five years.  Many seawall services companies in Tampa will be able to conduct the inspection for you.

When looking for damage, keep the following things in mind:

  • Has the water level changed? A higher or lower than normal water level will exert differing pressures on the wall that it may not have been designed to handle.
  • Did your yard change? One purpose of the seawall is to help hold shape and structure to the landscape behind it. If the grading of the yard or the components have been changed (such as from sand to soil), there may be more stress on the wall than it was initially built for.
  • Are you parking your car on the lawn nearby? The weight of the car will increase the pressure of the soil against the seawall. Overtime this can create stress fractures.

If you notice any cracks or have any nagging doubts about the structural integrity, don’t hesitate to contact a seawall services company from Tampa.  A registered professional marine engineer will give you an evaluation on what needs to be fixed.  They can also give you an estimate as to what the current lifespan of your wall is, allowing you to know how long you have before needing to replace it.

The Priority Marine Difference

If you have any questions about any seawall services, call Priority Marine in Tampa.  They have been doing marine construction for over 30 years.  Their high quality work comes from years of experience along with longstanding membership in the Florida Marine Contractors Association.  Priority Marine’s dedication to quality and perfection means you’ll receive the best possible service.  Contact them today at (727) 447-1373.


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