Common Dock Repairs

Adding your own personal marina to your home on the water can add value and give you the ability to boat, fish, or relax in the comfort of your Bradenton backyard. But with all of the benefits that come along with having a dock also comes a lot of upkeep responsibility. Just like any addition to a home it there will be a need for dock repairs, fixes, and upgrades, these are just a few of the maintenance projects and causes for waterfront mending:

  • Treat and Repair Platforms- Sometimes holes and cracks can form on the surfaces made of wood. These can easily be filled but should be filled before they get larger and cause more problems. Metal surfaces need a lot of lubrication in order to avoid rust.
  • Removal- Large quantities of barnacles and small sea animals may inhabit underwater platforms. Although they make it their home, those living there can cause damage that will make it difficult to properly treat and repair.
  • Water and Weather– It doesn’t matter the material, whether it is wood, metal, or concrete, continuous exposure to water is eventually going to cause the need for dock repairs that are unavoidable. Harsh weather can accelerate the negative effect that water can have. Living in Bradenton homeowners along the waterfront are subject to bad storms and hurricane damage as well.
  • Hardware and Accessories- Your marina isn’t the only element you need to pay attention too. Make sure to also keep up with and replace hardware and accessories as the years go by.

Dock Repairs by Priority Marine

Our company knows the ins and outs of providing our customers with the very best of materials in order to prevent the need for restoration as well as many other services to help you utilize the amenities of life on the coast.

At Priority Marine we can help you with dock repairs as well has help you maintain it to keep it looking new. For the best service and experience on the west coast regardless of lifestyle or budget give us a call today at (727)-447-1373. No matter what it is you use your dock for whether its recreation or relaxation on the waters of Bradenton, Priority Marine can ensure you keep using it throughout the years to come.


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