Make the Most Out of Your Custom Boat Dock

If you are one of the lucky Bradenton residents to have a waterfront property, you are probably wondering how you can take full advantage of this access. With Priority Marine’s custom boat docks, you can create a place of relaxation that fits all of your needs.

Way before construction begins for your new addition, you need to be thinking about design. Not only will you have to consider the main use of the dock, but you will need to think about any extras you may want to add. To make the most out of one of Priority Marine’s custom boat docks, consider these first:

  • Use. Beyond a place to store your watercraft, what other uses will it serve? If you are an avid fisher, maybe consider adding a fish cleaning station. If you love to kayak or paddleboard through the Bradenton waterways, make sure you have a place to store everything.
  • Lighting. We all love a sunset cruise, but coming back to land after dark can be tricky without proper lighting. Consider adding light to the edge of your dock, as well as a few along the walk way. Not only will these serve a safety purpose, but they can look great as well.
  • More than one slip. If you love to entertain, inviting some of your friends to dock at your backyard and enjoy some dinner and drinks can be a great way to spend the evening. Make sure your custom boat dock has enough room for more than one vessel.
  • Protecting your boat. During design, think about if you will want to add a lift to protect your hull, or if you want to add some shade to keep your deck away from harsh UV rays. Consider installing a water tank with a hose too, so cleaning will be quick and easy after a day at sea.

Priority Marine’s custom boat docks can simply be a place to store your vessel, or they can be your next spot to relax and watch the sunset along the Bradenton waterways. No matter how you will use it, call the very best construction team in the area to make sure you get the very best design. Call Priority Marine today at 727-447-1373.


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