Adding a Dock: Is It Worth It?

If you are one of the lucky St. Petersburg residents that have a house on waterfront property, you have probably considered adding a dock. This area will give you a great place to store your boat, host neighborhood get-togethers, or enjoy the sunset. Maybe you chose not to go ahead with construction because you didn’t want to spend the money, or didn’t think it would be worth it. As local St. Petersburg dock builders, we can confidently say that this investment is always worth it!

Home Value

All dock builders will tell you that this new addition will not only look great, but it can greatly increase your home’s value as well. If you think you might be selling in the next few years, adding a dock can increase the value more than 15%… and that just increases if it is able to store a boat or if it has a lift. So, even if you are unsure about the installation coats, know that you will definitely make the money back, should you decide to sell.

Save Money

If you have a boat and are storing at the local marina, you could be spending a couple hundred dollars each month to keep it there. Our dock builders will regularly advise people to instead, take that money and invest in building your own personal marina on your St. Petersburg property. Not only will you save money from marina fees, but you will save time! No longer will you have to call the marina and tell them in advance when you want to be able to use your own boat; now you can hop right on and take a sunset cruise whenever you want!

Priority Marine Dock Builders

As St. Petersburg dock builders, Priority Marine can help you create the perfect backyard addition! No matter if you want it to store your boat or if you plan to use it for hosting parties, they have got you covered. From high quality boat lifts to custom designs including seating and lights, you will never wonder if it was worth the investment!

To get started, call Priority Marine today at 727-447-1373.


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