Benefits of Adding a Boat Lift

If you enjoy the luxury of living on the water in St. Petersburg, you have probably been dreaming of storing your boat right in your yard. This way, you can skip the wait at the marina, not have to deal with parking at a public ramp, and take a ride on the water whenever you want! Finding the best boat lift installation company is crucial to knowing you have the right design for your watercraft that will last for years to come.

If you are still unsure, check out some of these benefits you can enjoy:

  • No stressing over your boat. If you normally keep it tied up at your dock, one dead battery or faulty bilge pump and you have a sunken boat to worry about!
  • Less cleaning. Keeping your hull in the water means lots of stains and maybe even a few barnacles. Not only is this unsightly, but it can cause a lot of damages. With boat lift installation, you will just need to hose the hull down quickly after returning from the St. Petersburg waters.
  • Save money. Dry storage can increase the resale value of your watercraft up to 20%, but marinas can get pretty expensive. With a lift, your watercraft will be safe and your wallet full.
  • Ready when you are. When your boat is stored and clean in your backyard, it is ready to go whenever you are. In the mood for a sunset cruise after work on a Monday? Go for it!
  • Looks great. When you hire the right boat lift installation company, you will have access to a variety of styles and options that will all compliment your yard and pre-existing dock for a more sound, aesthetically appealing look.

If you are looking to add a lift to your St. Petersburg property, trust the professionals at Priority Marine. They are the highest quality marine construction company in the Tampa Bay, and they will be able to create the perfect design for you!

For more information, or to get started on your boat lift installation project in St. Petersburg, call Priority Marine today at 727-447-1373 to schedule a consultation or to get a quote.


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