How to Plan Your Seawall Construction

If you have a waterfront property in Bradenton, odds are you already know the damage erosion can cause to your home. Most waterfront properties include protection, but what most homeowners don’t realize is that the weather and erosion is steadily causing damage to your seawall construction.

The best time to consider seawall construction in Bradenton is in the fall when water levels are the lowest. Next before your contractors start mixing up the concrete, you’ll need to research and make sure there are no necessary permits or regulations to follow. This is important for many different agencies to make sure you do not do anything that will negatively affect the environment.

Five Steps to a Great Construction

  1. Metal Pipes – By popular opinion, the easiest and most efficient way to build in Bradenton is to weld threaded rebar (bent into U-shape) to the metal rods to connect to the lumber.
  2. Digging – This step requires some heavy machinery because lodging steel beams about two feet into the seabed can be pretty challenging. Depending on what kind of bed you’re working with you may need to blast through rocks using a jackhammer or similar machinery.
  3. Pour the concrete – The key here is to pour the concrete without it getting wet. You will need a barrier that will keep the water out long enough while the concrete is being poured. Some people like to do this with a simple sump pump and a large bucket.
  4. Timber! This is the time to drill holes into the lumber and install them onto the threaded rebar. Each piece needs to be cut to the appropriate length of the wall.
  5. Final Touch – Once the basics are done, you will need to fill in the land side of the seawall with rocks, then gravel, sand and finally topsoil.

Planning Smart

Before you start planning your own seawall construction, give Priority Marine a call! A project like this is never easy. You will have to deal with material you may not be used to, and there is important planning that needs to go into this type of project. With an experienced and able team Priority Marine can guarantee a strong and sturdy protection for your home in Bradenton that’s guaranteed to last. If you have any questions call at (727) 447-1373.


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