Which Boat Lift Is Right For You?

If you have decided to invest and have a boat lift added to your Bradenton property, or are looking for an update to your existing one, you are probably hoping to get the best amenity possible.

Choosing the Type

While it is almost impossible to say one is the best, you will be able to determine which type will best fit your needs. Before you even look at your options, you should ask yourself a few questions to help you pin point what it is you are really looking for.

How Heavy Is The Lifting? When shopping for a boat lift in Bradenton, the main factor you will need to take into consideration is the weight of your boat. Depending on that, you might find that aluminum, or steel may be a good option for you. You will also need to take into account whether your home is on a river or the gulf, as some materials do better in fresh or salt water.

Will You Upgrade Soon? If you are planning to get a new boat very soon, it might be a good idea to plan ahead of this purchase. Getting something with a higher weight capacity may save you money down the road since it may avoid having to change the type of lift you have.

Picking Your Options

There is always the opportunity to custom pick what features you would like you amenity to have. For this, you’ll have to do your homework and research what’s available in Bradenton and what you want to have. Some of the common options may include:

  • Electrically operated, so you don’t have to put as much effort into parking your vessel. Installing this type of boat lift will require a safe source of power nearby, and also require more frequent care and manually operated ones.
  • Safety features and warranties are not all the same. Pay close attention to this aspect and look for a good warranty. As a general rule, it should be no less than a year, but you may get a longer coverage in some cases.
  • Maintenance will be required. While this isn’t an option directly related to the amenity, companies that deal with both installation and maintenance are often a good choice. This way you know the people who handle the work are already familiar with the system.

If you are looking for the perfect boat lift for your property in Bradenton, know you can trust the staff at Priority Marine. You’ll get to speak with people who are experience din construction and share your passion for boating. Rest assured that they will be able to give you the best tips all throughout the process of getting your new amenity.

If you have any questions want to set up an appointment, call Priority Marine at 727-447-1373.


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