Composite or Wood Decking?

If you are a St. Petersburg resident lucky enough to have a large backyard, or even a waterfront yard, you might be considering adding a deck or dock. This new addition is a great place to enjoy our wonderful, yard-round warm weather, and a perfect place to host some neighborhood get-togethers. Before you begin construction, an important factor to consider is what material to use—composite or wood decking.

As both offer numerous advantages and disadvantages, there is no clear cut winner when people ask which is best, since it all depends on your needs and budget. Once you look at what both materials have to offer, and you consider price, style, and upkeep, the choice will get easier.


When deciding between composite and wood decking for your St. Petersburg yard, the first thing you should consider is cost. You don’t want to fall in love with something that is way over budget! While composite will typically have one flat price, lumber will have a wide range, depending on the type and if it is treated to untreated. Cost will also depend on how large your deck is, so make sure you have mapped out the area and measured it first. Once you have chosen a budget, you will be able to see what materials are available to you, and narrow it down from there.


Regardless of which material, a deck is a large investment, so make sure you choose a look that you love. When it comes to wood decking, you will get a much more natural, rustic, beachy look, depending on if you go for a lighter or darker colored wood. As composite is manufactured, it will have a cleaner, more modern look. When choosing, you should also consider which will match best with your home’s exterior.


When it comes to keeping your St. Petersburg deck looking brand new, both composite and wood decking will require some upkeep. Composite will simply need to be cleaned with a pressure washer, while lumber requires a bit more. However, how much more will depend on the quality; more economical choices like pine will chip easier than mahogany or Ipe. Regardless of the type, wood should be stained and sealed every 1-3 years to keep it healthy and looking great.

Priority Marine

You can do all of the research in the world on the pros and cons of each material, but when it comes down to it, having a professional’s opinion is always helpful. Priority Marine will easily be able to help you choose which material will be the best choice for you.

For more information, or to get started on your project in St. Petersburg, call them today at 727-477-1373.


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