Properly Planning for Your Boat Dock

Boat docks are popular amongst homeowners of the St. Pete area living on the waterfront. While designing your dock may be enjoyable, it is important to properly plan for your dock to avoid trouble later on.

Start With a Written Plan

The most important part of planning boat docks is writing down your plans before executing them. Starting without any written plans will almost always lead to bigger problems on your St. Pete dock. Instead of going in blind, create and organize set plans to help you create a practical design that will fit your home and budget. Your written plans should include:

  1. The basics– You need to determine where your boat slip and dock cleats will be. Also think about shape of your amenity. Would you like a simple rectangular dock or one with many boat slips? The possibilities are endless.
  2. Measurements– Be sure layout detailed measurements of the frame as well as height from the water.
  3. Detailed instructions– Step-by-step instructions on how to build your dock will help you keep track what needs to be done. These instructions should also include any permits you may need to complete the construction.

Plan What Materials You’re Going To Use

Boat docks are made with all different types of materials. Planning out what material you’d like to use in constructing your dock will help you steer clear of problems such as mold and rot. Do you want to use material that requires little maintenance and saves you money? Which material will last longer? There are three types of materials adapted to marine construction that you can use:

  • Wood must be treated for water use. It’s the least expensive option and the most heat resistant.
  • Composite material resists rot and mold, which can save you on maintenance cost.
  • PVC is resistant to rot, mold, insects, UV rays, and scratches. Although this option has the most benefits, it tends to squeak and is not earth-friendly.

Let Us Help You Plan Your Dock

To ensure you plan create a boat dock that fits right into your St. Pete waterfront home, contact the Priority Marine experts. They’ll help you from start to finish and help you achieve exactly what you imagined. Call today at 727-447-1373 to discuss plans and get started on your project.


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