Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid in your Deck Construction

Whether your property is waterfront or not, a sundeck can provide a perfect space for your family to enjoy or for you to entertain guests. A custom addition could be a great for Sarasota home, but before you start on deck construction, make sure to avoid these common mistakes:

Mistake 1: Picking the Wrong Materials

While wood is the most common material choice, it is not the only material choice to consider. Wood, composite, and PVC are all viable options, but only one is right for your home.

  • Wood is the least expensive, most popular option for deck construction, with a variety styles and textures to choose from. It is also the most heat resistant, so your bare feet won’t suffer terribly in the hot Sarasota summer sun.
  • Composite is a more expensive material investment upfront, but it resists insects, rot, and mold, which can save you on expensive maintenance over time. However, it also tend to be slippery when wet, which is dangerous if you have children in and out of a pool area.
  • PVC is not only rot, mold, and insect resistant like composite, but this material is also scratch and UV resistant. While this option comes in a variety of colors and offers multiple benefits, it also tends to squeak and get chalky over time and is not earth-friendly.

Mistake 2: Not Thinking Long Term

Deck construction can be an exciting process, but getting caught up in the instant gratification of it all is a mistake. Building this type of constructions means building a long-term addition to your Sarasota home, so you need to think in long term.


Would you prefer to go with wood, which needs regular treatment and updating over time, or artificial materials that are more expensive upfront but require little to no maintenance? If you’re just starting a family now, how will you feel about maintenance costs when the kids are in college? Which materials and manufacturers have the best reputations and warranties?

Mistake 3: Forgetting to Seal

Not all materials require this type of maintenance, so make sure to talk with professionals to understand what types of protection you’ll need. Wood planks need sealants to protect from rot, insects, mold, and UV rays. The strength of the sun in Sarasota can cause rapid fading. If you’re going to invest money into this type of project, you want to properly maintain it and get the most value or your money.

Mistake 4: Being Unrealistic

Keep all possible restrictions in mind. Local governments often have strict building codes, as do homeowners associations, so make sure you read up on what is allowed before starting your deck construction.

Also keep in mind what you’ll be using the area for, and don’t go overboard. You might want a lot of space for entertaining, or maybe you want just enough space to sit and sip your coffee in the morning.

Mistake 5: Hiring the Wrong Contractor

Before you hire a builder, make sure to check references and get multiple estimates. You have a budget and a vision in mind, so find the right team to work with you, not against you. Having a team of professionals guide you into making the best choice is essential.


Call Priority Marine of Sarasota at (727) 447-1373 if you’re interested in finding quality contractors to build great outdoor space for you and your family. We do deck construction right!


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