Is a Wood Deck a Good Idea for My Home?

Wood decking remains the most common decking material choice because when it is compared to composite or artificial materials, it often ends up giving you the most bang for your buck.

Variety in Style

If you’ve chosen to build a deck for your Sarasota home, wood is an option to seriously consider, as it is the least expensive choice with many different options to choose from.

Pressure treated material is the least expensive and most common option for decking. Most of the time, this building material is made from southern yellow pine and has a lifespan of approximately 15 years. It will easily accept stain, but upkeep will be required, they often crack, splinter, and warp, which can be nerve-wracking for those who like to go barefoot.

Tropical Hardwoods are the most dense and durable of the wood decking options available for your Sarasota home. Many people choose this imported option because of the beautiful, naturally rich color variations available. An additional benefit is that they are naturally insect and decay resistant with a lifespan of 25 years. However, because they are heavier than other types, they can take longer to assemble, which means a more expensive project. They are also much more difficult to apply stain to.

Redwood and Cedar are naturally rich in color and resistant to rot and insects but are softer and easier to manage because they are lightweight. However, this means that choosing this wood decking for your Sarasota home could make your deck more susceptible to nicks and chips, which can diminish its appearance over time. These types are also more accommodating to stain than other, but not as easy as the southern yellow pine used for pressure treated materials. They have a 20 year lifespan.


It’s important to know that all wood decking will require maintenance. The harsh summer sun in Sarasota will fade your surface over time no matter which option you choose, so it’s important to apply UV protectants to slow this process. You’ll also need to reapply stain every three years or so if you want to maintain a rich finish.

Choosing this material over other options does come with a few drawbacks, such as potential rotting issues, splinters, and color fade due to weathering. However, this is often the best value for homeowners looking to add a deck to their property. If you’re looking to build a custom deck to your Sarasota home, call the professionals at Priority Marine at (727) 447-1373. We can help you choose the right material and design for a beautiful addition to your home.


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