Benefits of Seawalls

Ensuring your seawall is in good condition is a great way to show your waterfront property in Sarasota that you really care about your little piece of paradise. While the construction is a big investment to make, it is important to keep in mind how crucial it is. This structure is one of the most important features of your property and plays a major role in keeping your residence safe.

Some benefits of adding a seawall to your property include:

  • Control Erosion: With each wave and tide change, the coastline in Sarasota is harmed. Without proper protection, the process of erosion can begin and cause great damage. The soil will erode into the water, land will get weaker, and the seawater may become polluted. You will also loose land, making your yard smaller and smaller. When seawalls are correctly installed and receive regular maintenance, they absorb the shock of the waves, as well as block the winds.
  • Protection from Flooding: As water rises, it needs to be contained, or it will gain access to the land. When hurricanes come along in Florida, having a well-maintained surface will protect the coastline and your home from flooding as the structure holds back the water.
  • Space and Value: In opposition to other defensive constructions like dikes, vertical seawalls usually need less space for the construction. What’s more, the surface will add value to your home, offering an area to enjoy the view and recreation time.

Some customers are hesitant to building a well-designed and efficient seawall because of budget concerns; however, the protection that is received is unequalled. Regardless of the budget you have in mind, the professionals at Priority Marine will help you find the best solution to your home.

Priority Marine offers a variety of options to Sarasota residents to ensure their waterfront properties can stay safe from erosion and flooding. A full design book is available to pick a model that is most appealing to you and will best fit your needs.

With years of experience in marine construction, our technicians will study your situation, taking note of elevation, slope, soil composition, and more to ensure the final product will offer maximum protection and benefits.

If you are looking for ways to increase protection to your home in Sarasota, call Priority Marine today at (727) 447–1373. Our staff will be available to discuss the various options available to you.


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