Benefits of Custom Decks

Maybe you want to sit on a deck and fish the pristine water resting in your own backyard. Perhaps you wish to build a fun gathering spot for friends and family. Or maybe you aspire merely to relax and watch the stars at night.

Whatever your needs or wishes are, Priority Marine’s custom decks in Sarasota can work to make them a reality.

What We Know

A lot more goes into creating a great custom deck in Sarasota than simply laying some wood planks together. Of course, our customers may not be very informed in the field. This is why we’re glad to inform all of those interested in our services about our products and options. We also do our best to explain the benefits and risks of all available selections.

We have three choices for deck material: wood, composite, and cellular PVC decking.

  • Wood decking is by far the most appealing to the eye as it constitutes the real thing. However, such a surface must be maintained as it can be susceptible to mildew and insect damage.
  • Composite decking is more durable with fewer maintenance issues. It comes in multiple finishes and styles, to fit the look you want. The material it is made of a mixture of plastic and wood, preventing insect and moisture damage.
  • Cellular PVC decking is kept looking new with an occasional soap and water cleaning. With no wood fibers in this option, mold and mildew are also guaranteed to not be a problem. Furthermore, this option is resistant to both scratches and stains.

What We Offer

Here at Priority Marine, we only use the best materials to build our custom decks in Sarasota and we are more than willing to share our construction features with customers.

  • We only use stainless steel screws
  • 5/8” hot-dipped galvanized bolts used throughout the structure
  • Double bolted sills, 2×10’s
  • Joists are 2×8’s, 16” on center and doubled on exterior bands
  • We offer Trex decking materials. This brand is proven to not splinter, warp, or rot.

The benefits of a custom deck in Sarasota are plentiful in nature. Imagine sitting and relaxing in an area that mimics the inside of the house, but is accompanied with nature’s beauty and fresh air. Call us at (727) 447-1373 for more information on what we can do for you!