Questions To Ask Your Dock Builder

If you are considering adding on to your Sarasota backyard, you may not know which questions to ask your dock builder. Priority Marine has been servicing many different areas when it comes to building backyard marina additions. When considering a construction company for your new addition, here are some questions to ask:

What experience do you have?

When it comes to boat docks, experience and knowledge are important factors to consider when choosing a Sarasota dock builder. Knowledge comes from years of experience, not only with the actual building, but with boating as well. Priority Marine not only has 30 years of building experience, but boating experience as well. Having experience on the water can provide insight to which design would best suit your needs.

Which dock is best for my environment?

Different environments can affect the type of dock that will best suit your needs. Be sure to speak with your Sarasota dock builder about where you will be building your backyard marina to make the best decision about how it should be designed. Some different types include:

  • Stationary vs. floating- A stationary one will be permanently attached to your yard, and the ground; it will not move. A floating one not only adjusts with the tide changes, but can also be removed after the summer season.
  • Rough water areas- If your backyard is on a main channel with high traffic, or is in an area with rough water, the construction methods can differ than if it were in calmer waters.
  • Multiple slips- If you have more than one boat or other water crafts, you may want to consider adding on multiple slips, this way each boat can have its own space to avoid damage.

What materials should be used?

It is important to ask your contractor what materials they will be using for your dock because different environments also have different material needs. Many times, it will be made out of regular hardwood, but that is susceptible to termites, rot, warping and splintering. Priority Marine uses Trex products, a decking made from carefully processed recycled materials that are built to stand the test of time. Trex will never splinter or rot, and will last for years with very little maintenance needs. While the starting cost of a product from Trex may be a bit more than traditional hardwood, the quality will save you money when it comes to maintenance in the long run.
Now that you are familiar with a few of the important questions to ask your dock builder, be sure to see the different design options that we offer here at Priority Marine in Sarasota. Call us today at 727-447-1373 today!