How to Maintenance Boat Lifts | Sarasota

As the hot Florida weather begins to be a part of people’s daily lives once again, many boat owners will be wondering how to maintenance their boat lifts in Sarasota. Taking care of equipment and moorings is just as important as taking care of the craft itself. Priority Marine will help you to make a list of what to look for throughout the season, and before your craft touches the water.

Cable Maintenance

By far the most important components to check on your Sarasota boat lift are the steel cables. Cables need to be replaced every few years, and you can tell it is time when small threads begin to fray. If a large thread is fraying, the cable needs to be replaced immediately. This is especially true for the sections that are near pulleys and areas of great tension.

Cables can also become tangled and may need to be weighted down to operate. You would then hoist the cable with a pair of thick gloves, and will require a step ladder to reach, untangle the knots, and wrap it properly. One should never do this alone, and if the task seems too demanding or dangerous, don’t hesitate to call Priority Marine to do this for you.

Calibration is important as well. When a Sarasota boat lift is installed, the cables are calibrated so that they are in line with each other. Sometimes one can become more tight or slack than the others, so it’s important that the cables are correctly aligned to prevent undue strain, damage, and unsafe conditions.

Grease All Inserts

Greasing your Sarasota boat lift twice a year is important to ensure its stability, performance, and a long lifetime. At least two people may be needed to do this as one will have to pump grease into the inserts while the other works the switch. Apply only enough grease to cover the pipes and wipe excess grease off where needed. Make sure to also grease the three fittings in the gear plate.

Weight Distribution and Rinsing

Proper weight distribution is always needed, and depends on what type of craft you own. Sometimes the frame may not be level and will need professional adjusting in order to adequately fulfill its purpose.

Lastly, if you travel on salt water, you will have to rinse the hoist off, as well as your craft after every run. The salt in the water can deteriorate materials over time and can cause mineral buildups. This is an easy part of the end-of-the-day routine.

Priority Marine will help install, repair, or maintenance your Sarasota boat lift and make sure you’re ready to sail. Call 727-447-1373 for a free consultation.