Custom Decks: Are They Worth It? | Priority Marine | Sarasota

Custom decks are a great feature to have in a Sarasota home, especially in a community by the water. However, a quality deck isn’t something that can be simply constructed with some nails, slabs of wood, and a hammer; professional craftsmanship costs money because it’s so highly specialized. If you’re wondering if it’s worth it, you should weigh your options and budget, but there are many positives to having a custom deck in Sarasota that can make it well worth the cost.

Custom Decks Increase the Value of Your Property

Like any remodeling project or addition, a deck constructed by professionals will increase the value of your property. This feature is especially popular in Sarasota because of the great weather we experience year round right near the ocean. These elevated patios compliment relaxed outdoor environments, especially a pool. Most people looking for a home in Sarasota aren’t going to buy one to stay inside with the air conditioner on all summer. This is why it’s a smart investment in monetary terms.


Priority Marine constructs decks with only the best materials and offers a wide variety of styles. The material is important in a hot, humid environment that is near the ocean and can encounter severe storms. Custom decks provide you with a space to compliment your Sarasota property; you’re never limited to a plain wooden deck when you utilize the different styles of composite and cellular PVC. These materials are stain-resistant, have high durability, and require little maintenance.

Construction can take place over concrete, a bed of rocks, or even water. The need to elevate the platform is no problem with posts and proper support. Having an elevated patio designed specifically for your property will ensure safety and maximum enjoyment.


Perhaps the most important aspects of building a deck is how much you’ll use it, and what you’ll use it for. If you have a plan in mind for patio furniture, a grill, or even just to beautify the pool area in your backyard, a custom design will enhance the entertainment for both you and your guests. They are easy to clean and offer a comfortable environment to relax in outdoors.

Sometimes a yard can be an uneven surface or unfavorable terrain, but a deck can provide a level area for recreation anywhere!

For assistance with design and a reliable, experienced, and affordable company that constructs custom decks in Sarasota, call Priority Marine at 727-447-1373.