Do I Need Seawall Repair? St. Petersburg Storm Damage

The condition of your seawall is something you should monitor, and if you spot any weakness or defect, you should consider seawall repair for your St. Pete property. The purpose of aquatic fortification is to protect the land from eroding, but once serious erosion or faults become apparent in the wall itself, it’s time to repair or replace it. Unless your embankment is physically crumbling and being washed away, it can be difficult to tell when you need seawall repair in St. Pete. Here are Priority Marine’s advice and tell-tale signs you need maintenance and how they can be serviced:


Cracks are signs that the wall, seafloor, or dry land has shifted. This can happen over time as the features of nature change or take a toll on certain areas. Water penetrates cracks and gets in between the material, eroding it from the inside out. Left unattended, cracks can eventually grow and collapse the fortification altogether. Cracks occur in concrete most often. Crevices can be filled or reinforced with a variety of materials depending on what the barrier is made of. Priority Marine’s seawall repair in St. Pete can service any material surface.

If the boundary is cracked shortly after construction, contact your builder immediately, as this can be a sign of defective work.

Sea and Plant Life

Your wall will often border grass, plants, or possibly even trees. Although beautiful, some plant life can threaten stability if it grows out of control. Tree roots can cause some shifting and cracking quickly, but even some smaller rooted life can test the limits. Sea life is far less threatening, although some plants do root themselves below the water. Barnacles are not much of a threat, although they can ruin the aesthetic appeal and can damage boats and rafts in the water.

How Priority Marine Can Help

Priority Marine will tell you if there are any concerning features of your barrier that need maintenance. If you have cracks, or are fearful that you do, Priority Marine will inspect your entire wall for faults. Using knowledge of Florida weather, the surrounding environment of the embankment, and the patterns of nature throughout the year, Priority Marine makes sure your erosion protection is stable without flaw. As an experienced company for St. Pete seawall repair, Priority Marine is equipped with concrete, boulders, steel, gabions, vinyl, wood, aluminum, and fiberglass to make repairs specific to your property.

If your barrier is beyond repair and you need a replacement, Priority Marine can build a new fortress against erosion. To learn more about repairs and replacements, call 727-447-1373.


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