Question to Ask Your Dock Builder

Dock construction can carry certain ramifications that can make it more than just a place to keep your boat. Sometimes you may need one or more permits depending on where the dock is built and its size. You want to make sure everything is accounted for when building a dock, so here’s a list of questions you can ask dock builders of Sarasota:

Do I need a permit?

Whether you are building a new dock, an addition, or rebuilding, you may need a permit. It’s wise to ask Priority Marine about this when detailing the project, as some areas have restrictions that require permits.

Are there any environmental concerns that I should be aware of?

The environment can be an issue with dock building in a couple ways. One, there may be certain aspects of the ecosystem that you cannot disturb or endanger when building a dock. Two, once the dock is built, there may be characteristics of the environment that require attention to the dock itself. Just be sure your dock is a safe place for both you and the environment.

What experience do you have as dock builders in Sarasota?

Experience and knowledge of working in an area such as Sarasota are important when choosing materials and accessories. There are different materials dock builders should use for different bodies of water. Priority Marine knows what’s best for your dock and will be able to give expert suggestions on what your dock needs for full enjoyment and ease.

What maintenance will my dock require?

As mentioned above, some environmental issues may arise that can threaten the lifespan and safety of a dock. Termites and fungi can virtually destroy a dock. Placing an emphasis on the proper dock building material can prevent many of these problems. Priority Marine offers premium lumber and Trex that are resistant to many issues and will minimize maintenance. However, still consult your dock builders in Sarasota for what you should look out for.

There are plenty of rules, regulations, and safety measures dock builders in Sarasota need to follow, but they should also be able to make your dock comfortable for your purposes. Call Priority Marine at 727-447-1373 for dock builders who stay current and dependable in the marine construction business.


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