Wood Deck Building Company in Clearwater

Construction on your new Clearwater waterfront home is complete.  Life is good. Now you can focus on that custom deck you’ve been dreaming about.  A spacious patio with a canopy on the water is how you imagine it.  You want an open space where you can drink your morning coffee and think during the sunrise.  Where you can have family meals and relax in the evening, with the beautiful sunsets on the bay as your eternal backdrop.  To realize your dream spot you’re going to need the services of the best wood deck building company in Clearwater.  And no cutting corners, the deck design will be distinct, and compliment the house. You’ve decided it has to be wood, and you want the best, maybe even authentic Redwood or Cedar.

Using wood that doesn’t have chemical treatments for your deck means construction won’t be as easy as with treated wood or some fabricated material, but the look and feel of the deck will be classic and timeless.  Especially since the natural wood is more durable and resilient to ailments and persistent wear from the elements.

You will need to work with a wood deck building company in Clearwater with people who love life on the water as much as you do, and who will understand how to ultimately incorporate your aesthetic ideas into a practical, safe structure.

Since the deck will be a reflection of you and your values, you welcome the responsibility of additional maintenance that a natural wood deck will require.  Therefore, you need to work with a company you can trust as you would a business partner regarding every aspect of your deck building project; the deck design, the right stains, the proper wood treatments, and guidelines on maintaining the deck after its built.

For all your dock and deck building needs, call Priority Marine at 727-447-1373 or give us a call to learn more about wood decks in Clearwater!


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