Custom Docks in Sarasota

Like the young couple next door who were lucky enough to have purchased a modest, waterfront home during the recent economic downturn, you and your spouse might also be thinking about hiring a marine construction company that specializes in custom docks in Sarasota.  Since neither he nor his wife were into fishing, and they couldn’t afford the time or expense of owning a boat, they decided that a custom dock and deck for relaxing and entertaining purposes would be perfect.

In addition to adding value to their property, they knew a custom dock would allow them a sanctuary where they could relax in the late afternoon and enjoy the magnificent Florida sunsets out over the Gulf. They happened to have good friends with boats along the same waterway who encouraged them to at least build a dock so they could conveniently pick them up in their boat on the way out for a day on the water.

The young couple was definitely sold on that idea, so they started their research immediately.   With the economy still weak, it was not easy to find a marine construction company that had a successful history of building custom docks in the Sarasota area.  The research was a learning experience in itself.  Once they decided how much they could spend, they needed a lot of help deciding what they wanted the dock to look like.  And that was just the beginning.

One of the most important things to consider, they discovered, were the building materials.  Not all dock building materials are suitable for Florida.  The couple definitely wanted something that required low maintenance, but that led to many arguments (well, discussions) about whether or not to build the dock with real wood or wood substitutes like TREX or AZEK.

They did their research and located a custom dock building company in Sarasota that could objectively explain the benefits and potential maintenance drawbacks of each type of dock building material.  Being the person who would probably be responsible for maintaining the dock, and being one who believed time is money, he was more interested in a “low maintenance” material.  But she wanted real wood.  Even though they are still “discussing” which material they will use for their dock, the good news is that they have decided on which company they will trust to build their custom dock.

To learn more about Custom Docks in Sarasota, give us a call at Priority Marine today: 727-447-1373


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