A custom built dock, created with the help of a dock building company in the Clearwater area, will not only provide you with many years of aesthetic satisfaction, it could add that final touch of perfection to your life on the waterfront.  Especially if you already own a boat and/or a home on the water, it’s the logical step.

Why spend all that time and bother with the hassles of traveling somewhere to get your boat out of storage? Why drive your boat to a dock where you have to unload and lower your boat from a trailer into the water?  With a custom dock and boatlift, by that time you could already be in your boat, gliding your way toward the endlessly beautiful waters of the Gulf.

And when you return to your dock in the late afternoon from a fishing trip or leisurely day on the water, instead of having to drive home from somewhere else with all your paraphernalia in tow, you’re already there. The sun can quickly exhaust you; the last thing you want to deal with after a day playing in the heat is loading your boat out of the water and back into a marina.

In addition to the aesthetic and personal satisfaction you will get from your custom dock, it will also provide you with plenty of practical value.  Technically, you will be adding another dimension to your home, so you will want to hire a custom dock building company in Clearwater with a lot of experience and local waterfront knowledge to help you select the right style and the right materials for your particular piece of property.

You want your boat dock and deck to be versatile, adaptable for both your water sporting activities and your social gatherings. You’ll want to make sure the customer service staff members of the dock building company you hire are as enthusiastic about the water as you are, so you can trust them for suggestions regarding the all-important decisions about materials.  Deciding on the perfect custom materials is a balancing act between durability, aesthetics, low maintenance, and longevity.

For a free quote, give us a call today at Priority Marine: 727-447-1373.



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