Sarasota Seawall Repair

Although Hurricane Season starts in June, some of the most devastating hurricanes occur in September and October. This is good news for kids in Florida, because they get to miss school. But this is bad news for Sarasota waterfront and beachfront homes, which are at the mercy of the storms, tides and erosion.

One thing you can do to protect your home from erosion and higher tides this Hurricane Season is Sarasota seawall repair. If your sea wall has cracks or holes in it, this could lead to erosion issues. Those loose areas lead to more space for the soil to shift around. Trees can be uprooted and cause property damage due to the erosion during the storm. In addition, these cracks and holes can initiate movement of the soil underneath your home, which can cause foundational issues.  Tides are also an issue if your Sarasota sea wall needs repair because your yard can be destroyed from the extreme weather of hurricanes and tropical storms from high tides and flooding. Ensuring that the structural integrity of your seawall is sound and secure can make or break the safety of your property. Sarasota seawall repair is essential in order to protect your family from the torrential tides of the hurricanes.

Priority Marine has experience and expertise to ensure that your seawall can stand up to the storm. Their tools and technology can repair Sarasota sea walls of any kind for private and commercial properties. The wicked winds and waves can inflict serious damage upon your land and home if your sea wall is not properly reinforced.  Don’t wait to find out if your home will suffer from major flooding and property loss due to the tides and erosion during the next hurricane. Call Priority Marine (727) 447-1373 today and prevent risking the safety of your loved ones.


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